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The “Waldorf at 90” Cocktail Honors The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria

An exclusive cocktail for the 90th anniversary of the icon, from the author of The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, Frank Caiafa A legendary hospitality figure from one of NYC’s most iconic cultural destinations, Frank Caiafa—author of The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, former bar manager at The Waldorf’s Peacock Alley bar and restaurant, and director of the global food and beverage consultancy Handle Bars NYC—riffs on a …

Thought Pharrell’s Richard Mille Watch Was Exclusive? Try Its Sculpture

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Back in 2019, Pharrell set off watch aficionados’ radars with an ultra-exclusive Richard Mille timepiece, the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams Sapphire.

Limited to merely 30 pieces, the timepiece was pretty special for Mille, which doesn’t often partner with its many celebrity fans to create watches for sale.

To be fair, it wasn’t Pharrell’s first Mille, either.

In fact, Mille and Pharrell’s partnership is so special that the pair have reconvened for a follow-up to the signature timepiece, of sorts.

COARSE was brought on to create “Distant Bliss,” a bespoke sculpture that only owners of the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams Sapphire can purchase.

And, even then, you aren’t guaranteed one: 30 editions of Pharrell’s Mille watches were made but only 15 iterations of “Distant Bliss” exist, so this thing is twice is exclusive (I think that math checks out).

But what is “Distant Bliss?” Handmade in LA, the 14″-tall resin sculpture channels Pharrell’s obsession with outer space (see: the Billionaire Boys Club logo and Star Trak) by way of an inverted astronaut character.

Paradoxically lifting off even as he’s weighed down by balloons, the little figure wears a backpack that matches Richard Mille’s tonneu shape. “Distant Bliss” also comes with a display stand made by Ault Studio, so the 15 owners can flex on the 15 other people who had the chance to cop but missed out.

Richard Mille watches are some of the most collectible timepieces on the market and hold their value especially well, outpacing many other luxury players.

With “Distant Bliss” in play, Pharrell’s Mille may have outpaced even the most in-demand Milles — hard not to imagine the watch and sculpture being offered as some kind of record-breaking combo pack at auction eventually.


Time’s Up for Ghost Nets: NOAH’s Reissuing Its Timex Watch

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Brand: NOAH x Timex

Release Date: November 25

Buy: NOAH’s website

Editor’s Notes: NOAH cares. The New York brand’s is rooted in founder Brendon Babenzien’s tasteful taste but NOAH’s earnest transparency and optimistic messaging are what really keep fans coming back.

Put simply, NOAH fans like to wear their heart on their sleeve. They want people to know that they’re conscious of climate change and institutional racism.

In light of the former, NOAH first partnered with Timex last year for a special 38mm Waterbury-inspired timepiece that took aim at ghost nets, an existential ecological threat wrought by giant fishing nets abandoned by commercial fishermen.

NOAH and Timex’s latest team-up is basically the same design as the one that launched last Thanksgiving with a few subtle tweaks. The brand’s knife-wielding turtle mascot is rendered pale and the strap is green instead of navy but otherwise it’s the same watch.

But, then again, why alter a winning design?

The purposeful aspect of the timepiece comes into play with the recycled polyester band again created by eco-conscious manufacturer We aRe SpinDye.

NOAH has a penchant for using at least some recycled textiles in its output, as evidenced by its most recent adidas collaboration and “Not Yet Dead” program.

To be sure, NOAH knows that though recycled textiles aren’t perfect (especially when they include some new material) but NOAH has also never pretended to be a “sustainable” brand, either — it’s just doing the best it can.

There’s another charitable angle to NOAH and Timex’s latest watch drop, one with a more marked environmental impact: 10% of the timepiece’s sales will benefit Ocean Defenders Alliance, whose volunteers remove ghost nets and other debris from the ocean by hand.


These Ferocious Blackstock & Weber Loafers Hide a Nike Reference

Brand: Blackstock & Weber

Model: The Safari Loafer

Release Date: November 26

Price: $345

Buy: Blackstock & Weber’s Instagram page

Editor’s Notes: Not yet aware with Blackstock & Weber? Now’s the time to get familiar. Chris Echevarria’s upstart Brooklyn brand has done for the loafer what social media curators did for gorpcore.

And not that the humble loafer ever needed fixing, per se, it’s just that Blackstock & Weber has stripped the laceless shoe of any swagless tendencies, parlaying partnerships with J.Crew and Throwing Fits into a proper movement that sees sneakerheads shedding their laced kicks and menswear OG’s reclaiming their love for loafing around.

“When I started this brand, my goal was to take the things I loved and combine them,” Echevarria says. “I was a child born in and of the era where drops from Nike, Supreme, BAPE, Kidrobot, etc. ruled my calendar.”

Suffice to say, Echevarria knows what guys his age like and what keeps them from adopting the loafer as a daily driver. Blackstock & Weber knocks down those barriers every time it drops another limited edition loaf and its new design, the Safari Loafer, follows in those well-heeled footsteps.

“I’m a big fan of the freedom that Nike sneaker models allow through fabric play and storytelling,” continues Echevarria. “Each week, there’s a new fabrication, story or collaborator… and it doesn’t get old because it’s always a fresh perspective. I sought to create that within menswear, starting with the loafer.” Blackstock & Weber ready-to-wear coming soon, presumably.

This open admiration for Nike plays into Echevarria’s Safari Loafer, which takes direct cues from some of his favorite legacy Swoosh drops.

“The Safari Loafer is inspired by animal packs that have existed across Nike’s flagship models and history,” says Echevarria, referencing forebears like atmos’ Nike collabs.

It’s a heartfelt riff on one of Echevarria’s inspirations, one that runs with the cues put forth by Nike rather than borrowing them outright. That’s why there are three different animal patterns all mashed up atop the pony hair upper.

Similarly, Blackstock & Weber is taking a pretty novel tact for the Safari Loafer’s launch.

Rather than simply dropping the shoe on its website, B&W is releasing the Safari Loafer as part of a tie-in with Instagram. It’ll be sold exclusively through B&W’s in-app Checkout feature as a kind of homage to the social media following that’s kept up with Echevarria’s label over the past three years.

“It’s an honor, on the third anniversary of our launch, to collaborate with the platform on which we have grown a brand and a community we cherish,” he finished.

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Equating ‘DONDA’ Vests With Birkin Bags at Christie’s

When it comes to the crème de la crème of hype sales, Christie’s basically has the market cornered. The centuries-old auction house has perfected the art of marketing everything from Supreme Bogos to unique Nike sneakers in between stalwart art market fare.

The “Handbags x HYPE” auction, part of Christie’s Luxury Week, continues to mine that audacious spirit.

Here, high-end luxury bags mingle with streetwear grails, a mélange of collectibles with one common thread: scarcity.

It’s tough to choose between the complete collection of YEEZYs (estimated to realize upwards of $50,000) and stunning “Endless Road” Gris Perle Birkin (estimated to reach $26,000) but we caught up with Caitlin Donovan, Christie’s American Head of Department VP for Handbags & Accessories, to break down some of the best bits from “Handbags x HYPE.”

Basic Birkins, begone: the “Himalaya” is a handbag like no other. Handcrafted from Nile crocodile hide painstakingly dyed to achieve a flawless gradation effect, the “Himalaya” Birkin is basically the measure by which Hermès collectors are judged.

In fact, Christie’s set a world record with the sale of a diamond-encrusted “Himalaya Birkin in 2017, achieving a head-spinning sale price of £293k (about $390k).

“There is no bag more synonymous with luxury than the ‘Himalaya’ Birkin,” Donovan says. “Craftsmanship surpassed only by it’s rarity, it is the holy grail bag for any who consider themselves a serious connoisseur or collector of the brand.”

If the “Himalaya” Birkin sets the standard for Hermès collectors, this signed DONDA vest is the gold standard for Yeezy heads, the ultimate piece of merch.

This same vest made waves when it traded hands for $20k earlier this year, expect its return to be greeted by bids equally worthy of headlines.

It all starts here. Kim Jones‘ landmark high-low crossover spawned many covetable items, but this co-branded red Keepall is arguably the most iconic.

“The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration is considered by many to be one of the most important and groundbreaking collaborations in the history of fashion,” Donovan says. “The legacy of this collaboration will live on forever, with notions of how luxury is defined transformed forever.”

Amidst all the other exotic and exclusive Birkin bags within Christie’s coffers, this ultra-rare Bleu Marine edition of the Birkin 20 Sellier Faubourg stands tall.

An even scarcer edition of an already sought-after Hermès Birkin, this cool-hued alligator leather Sellier Faubourg bag boasts a facade pieced together by the French label’s in-house artisans to recall the facade of its 150-year-old 24 Rue de Faubourg Saint Honore flagship store.

Birkins are already exclusive, but Hermès only crafts a few dozens of these Sellier Faubourg bags for special occasions, whenever it even deems to make any at all.

Released in 2006 during a pop-up at colette, barely of the Chanel [email protected] were ever officially released for sale. This one has a little bit of wear and tear but that’s not surprising considering that most of them were posed around the colette store where customers and staff occasionally toyed with them.

“Modeled after Coco Chanel and designed by Karl Lagerfeld, only 1,000 of these [email protected] were made, even fewer available to purchase,” Donovan explains. “Coveted by collectors of the brand and [email protected] alike, the secondary market prices of upwards of $80,000 have cemented this collaboration as one of the most collectible on the secondary market.”

With Michael Jordan’s game-worn jerseys and sneakers scoring record prices at auction, it’s a good time to be selling some authentic MJ gear.

These Jordan 13s, signed by the man himself, are especially meaningful for collectors. They were worn on April 18, 1998 for the last regular season game in Jordan’s final championship season, as documented in last year’s smash documentary, The Last Dance.

Honestly, this one is a steal. Before Supreme and Chrome Hearts were putting their stamp on everything from bricks to Nikes, Hermès was dishing cheeky collectibles to commemorate its store openings and special events.

This is an honest-to-goodness plastic construction hat simply printed with an Hermès logo and commemorative text to reflect that its origins. That’s all and, frankly, that’s plenty.

“A heritage brand that values craftsmanship and precision above all else, the hard hat created for the opening of the Hermes Toronto store in 2008 speaks to the brand’s underlying playful and creative spirit,” says Donovan. “Rare, the helmet has become a coveted collectors item to many fans of the brand.”

Alongside the handbags, collectibles, and curios, Christie’s is also serving up a selection of covetable skateboards that span all eras of streetwear. From KAWS’ late-’90s Zoo York decks to Supreme’s team-ups with the likes of George Condo and Damien Hirst, a spread of blue-chip art market talent appears in this auction by way of these collectible skate deck polyptychs.

“Supreme’s collaboration with some of the most important players in the current contemporary art market is one of the many reasons why the brand has evolved from a small ’90s skate shop to an iconic household name,” Donovan says.

“Forward thinking, many of the collaborations came at the start of these prolific artist’s careers, and like many of the Supreme collaborations we see, were a social or artistic commentary of pop culture and the present day art market.”


Apparently Farmers Have Earmuffs for Baby Cows to Protect Them From Frostbite


I had to share this tweet from Rob N Roll because I had no idea these cow earmuffs were a thing and now I just want to see all of them.

found out farmers often protect their young cows from frostbite by using special earmuffs and i mean just look at them

— Rob N Roll (@thegallowboob) November 7, 2021

via @thegallowboob on twitter



earmuffs for cows pics 2 Apparently Farmers Have Earmuffs for Baby Cows to Protect Them From Frostbite


earmuffs for cows pics 1 Apparently Farmers Have Earmuffs for Baby Cows to Protect Them From Frostbite


earmuffs for cows pics 3 Apparently Farmers Have Earmuffs for Baby Cows to Protect Them From Frostbite


earmuffs for cows pics 4 Apparently Farmers Have Earmuffs for Baby Cows to Protect Them From Frostbite


Fendi Men’s Winter Capsule Is Made for City Life & Everything In Between

For Fendi Men’s Winter Capsule, the maison explores the juxtaposition between natural and man-made worlds in a collection that’s made for exploring city life — and everything in between.

Dubbed the Fendi Fragment motif, the house delves further into this connection by reintroducing a print from Fendi’s archives with an updated marbling design. In a complementary palette inspired by day and night, the marble print is fused with iconic elements like the FF logo and Karligraphy monogram, resulting in an abstract design that almost resembles a one-of-a-kind Fendi camouflage pattern.

On the tailoring front, the house reimagines the Bermuda short in a stunning blue, all-over Fendi Fragment pattern featuring an embossed 3D effect. Elsewhere in the capsule, you’ll find bold iterations of the new Fendiness backpack, the perfect companion for any urban adventure. Available in small and medium sizes in four colors, the rucksack-style packs are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon with a single-buckle closure for quick access to essentials.




Of course, no fit is complete without a proper pair of kicks. The new Fendi Match sneaker has obvious callbacks from chunky skate shoes of yore, but with a sleek Italian twist that only Fendi could pull off. Each of the three earth tone colorways is wrapped in supple pebbled leather and suede complemented by a slim FF logo draped over the quarter-panel.

We took a few of our favorite pieces from the capsule on a trip through NYC’s urban landscape to show how versatile they can be. Explore the entire Fendi Winter Capsule here and take a peak at how we styled each look.

Can You Smell That? The Sweet cent.ldn of Candles Burning

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Have you ever wondered what London smells like? Well, contemplate no longer, cent.ldn’s unique perfumed candles can answer all of your questions. 

So, what does London smell like? Harry Potter? Not quite. Fish and chips? Likely. Overinflated rent prices? One hundred times yes. 

Jokes aside, cent.ldn has been layering different notes to build individual scent profiles of London’s most iconic districts. The London-themed collection consists of six perfumed candles, created in collaboration with an all-female London-based collective. 

The collective of female creators reign from across the city. Each offered their personal experiences to create a range of candles that evoke the memories and emotions of each corner of London. Through the nose, the themed collection takes you on an adventure through The Capital and on to Soho; Brixton, Notting Hill, Shoreditch, and Camden. 

Each of cent.ldn’s candles come with a level of collectibility. Sure, it’s hard to collect something that burns away with use, but each box includes bespoke artwork from East London-based artist Charlotte Archer.

The brand’s latest collection, “Guitar Icons,” looks to music to create a lineup of collectible handmade candles inspired by Nile Rodgers’ “Hitmaker” guitar and Mesa Boogie and Fender amps – blurring the line between burnable wax and sculpture, like Loro Piana‘s self-confessed “sculptures-in-progress”

You can shop the full cent.ldn collectible and perfumed candle collections online now. 

For more on candles, how about some NSFW options?

As COVID-19 Pokes Holes in Nike’s Supply Chain, Retailers Pay the Price

Though the COVID-19 pandemic irreparably altered the fashion industry, from in-person events to brick and mortar retail, it might seem like business as usual from a consumer standpoint: drops are still happening, collections are arriving in-store.

Behind the scenes, though, there’s a dire supply chain crunch that we’ve only just barely begun to face head-on.

There’s inflation across the board, for instance, as global trade continues bearing the brunt of pandemic-wrought squeezes. We haven’t even really felt the full effects of the Suez Canal fiasco that happened earlier this year.

As such, everyone from Supreme to Nike is tightening their belts for imminent shortages and shipping delays leading to declining revenues in 2022.

Nike actually revealed initial concerns about supply chain issues in an earnings call a few months ago, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there may be some abridged launches next year.

“We’ve already lost 10 weeks of production and that gap will continue,” said Chief Financial Officer Matt Friend in the call, explaining that Nike expects to stabilize its inventory by 2023.

In the meantime, though, the sportswear giant’s retail partners are apparently going to take it on the chin.

This is rough. Email sent from Nike to a sneaker store saying that all of its upcoming orders will be canceled due to supply chain issues. That’s all of Holiday ‘21, Spring ‘22, and Summer ‘22 canceled.

— brendandunne (@brendandunne) November 23, 2021

On November 23, Sole Collector General Manager Brendan Dunne tweeted a screenshot of a form letter than Nike sent out to one of its many stockists reporting cancellation of Nike Futures orders — basically, all of the forthcoming goods that the retailer ordered months ago — for Spring and Summer 2022, plus the remaining Holiday 2021 items.

Highsnobiety reached out to Nike for further clarification and Dunne, who confirmed the letter’s veracity.

It’s not clear which Nike tier this retailer belonged to — Even after it departed several mass market outlets, Nike still sells to a mix of large chain stores and exclusive boutiques — or if the product limitation will affect Nike’s own stores.

I wouldn’t expect an immediate shortage of Air Force 1s or a lack of DryFit tees but this could foretell a shortened supply of drops in coming months or perhaps even price hikes to justify a lack of supply.

Pure speculation, of course, but it’s all likely to play into Nike’s hands in the long run, even if retailers are more likely to feel the heat.

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Get a Piece of the YEEZY 500 Utility Black Restock Early Here

YEEZY 500 Utility Black

When we see sneakers resurrected, it’s normally a retro silhouette that’s been rediscovered on the heels of a collaboration or exclusive reissue. We don’t generally see recent kicks returning to popularity within a couple of years of their original release. That’s what makes the uptick in searches and purchases of the adidas YEEZY 500 so interesting. A driving force for this switch is the imminent restock of the adidas YEEZY 500 Utility Black which happens on November 26.

Seeing its original release in July 2018, the YEEZY 500 Utility Black earned a restock last November. Now, a year later, the standout colorway is hitting shelves again. Don’t mistake the multiple restocks for copping ease, though; they’ve sold out every time.

Despite its understated tonal palette, the YEEZY 500 Utility Black has been one of the most popular YEEZY colorways since the very beginning. Set atop a bulbous adiPRENE sole unit, the upper features shaggy suede inserts alongside leather layers and a mesh foundation. It’s this mixed media that adds intrigue to the tonal colorway, setting it apart from the sea of single-tone kicks on the market.

The adidas YEEZY 500 Utility Black will retail for a price of $200 but StockX market data reveals an average resale price of $344. That’s a sign of how popular this silhouette remains, despite the three restocks. Be sure to guarantee your pair at StockX today.

Release date: November 26, 2021
Price: $200
Brand: adidas
Model: YEEZY 500

Whether you’re in the market for the YEEZY 500 Utility Black or you have your eyes trained on another pair, you’ll be glad to hear that StockX Black Friday is kicking off, too. Running from November 26 to November 28, every purchase will win a prize. Yes, every purchase. From physical prizes to shipping credit, up to $10,000 site credit, free sneakers, apparel, collectibles, electronics, or trading cards for a year, this is not one to miss.

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