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Somehow, Julia Fox Found a Way to Wear Less Clothing

Julia Fox is gonna be famous on her own terms, dammit. If the best way to channel international attention is by staging paparazzi photo shoots with borderline NSFW outfits, then she’s gonna air it all out; if you can air out anything while wrapped in skintight leather scraps.

The Uncut Gems actress has made a habit of this kind of shoot since separating from former beau Kanye, getting professional shutterbugs to lens her DIY experiments and giant platform boots.

Not that Julia Fox needs to proposition anyone to pay attention to her: it feels like the pop culture world at large will do it for free. No such thing as bad press.

At this point, I think I’ve gone full 360 on Fox appreciation, from “Good for her!” when she lived “every girl’s dream” by being dressed in Diesel by Ye to cringing at her support of Marilyn Manson and ongoing friendship with problematic designer Alexander Wang to, honestly, just vibing with her DGAF outfits and insane eye makeup.

In life, you’re either the person wearing the leather loincloth or gawking at the person who is. And, I gotta admit, I admire anyone bold enough to do the former as many times as Fox has.

Back to today. On August 11, Fox responded to New York’s 87°F weather with an outfit that’s almost not even an outfit.

That is, if your definition of an outfit includes clothing that covers the human body, then Fox only barely meets that.

It’s weird, because Fox is only revealing slightly more skin than she would be if she was wearing a bikini, but the fact that it’s leather, with chunks of metal interspersed throughout, makes the entire “outfit” that much more salacious.

Fox’s ensemble really isn’t anything more than a couple straps of leather entwined around warped metal rings, which she wore with see-through stilettos and a tiny Balenciaga bag.

If you can look beyond the clothes, which isn’t hard because they barely exist, you can see that Fox is still experimenting with her makeup.

Gone are the raccoon eyes, her eponymous “Fox Eye,” and here comes a hollowed-out cat or wing eye, depending on your definition. Not quite as internet-breaking but definitely serves to heighten the intentionally costume-y feel that Fox was going for.

If anything’s more impressive than Julia Fox’s confidence, it’s that she continues finding new ways to just barely avoid full-exposure.

Let’s not forget her ultra-low-rise pants from the other week, which superhumanly defied gravity long enough to keep above Fox’s pubis.

Point being, Fox has more than proven her mettle. Staged or not, these paparazzi shoots are only escalating in outrageousness and, amidst uncertain times, it’s nice to be able to count on someone to deliver the, well, whatever Julia Fox is delivering.

Especially once the weather takes a turn for the chilly, it’ll become that much more challenging for Fox to keep up this cat-and-mouse game between her cut-out clothes and the few parts of her lower torso that’ve remained only slightly covered.

But it’ll be worth it to keep those fifteen minutes ticking. And, frankly, I’m happy to stay onboard Fox’s bandwagon in the meanwhile.


Remote-Controlled Robots Could Perform Surgeries in Space

Slated to board the International Space Station in 2024, MIRA—which stands for Miniaturized In-Vivo Robotic Assistance—is a remote-controlled surgical robot created by Virtual Incision Corporation, a Nebraska-based medical technology company that recently signed a contract with NASA. The robot is purported to perform medical surgeries by being remotely guided from Earth, a service that could provide longterm help aboard deep space missions. MIRA is uniquely …

10 of the Best Sneakers to Cop for Less than Retail Today

stockx below retail

We have a selection of categories that we check regularly, and a number of them reside on the pages of StockX. Our favorite at the moment is the StockX Below Retail category.

We’ve become so accustomed to resale sites offering sold-out releases for wildly inflated prices that we didn’t think this was possible, but the category is stacked with releases that are available on the secondary market for less than their original retail price.

We know what you’re thinking — it’ll only be the releases that nobody else wanted, the overhyped, underperforming drops that never quite made it. Not true. To prove that this is not true, we’ve put together a list of 10 sneakers from the StockX Below Retail category.

Ranging from Travis Scott collaborations through to seminal YEEZY drops and Rick Owens collaborations, the list should be your nudge to dive head first into the StockX Below Retail selection today.

Nike and Stüssy are long-time collaborators and never miss the mark. With the duo about to release the latest Air Max 2013 collaboration, we thought it was high time to revisit one of their best projects in recent years: the Air Force 1 Mid features a distinctive Fossil-hued canvas upper and we’re a sucker for an unusual Air Force 1 Mid.

On the heels of YEEZY Day, several YEEZY silhouettes are looking sparkly new. One such silhouette is the YEEZY Boost 700 V2 Static. This understated take on the chunky sneaker is one of the easiest YEEZYs to style in your everyday life. Catch it soon & you’ll secure a pair for $25 below retail.

The StockX Below Retail category isn’t only useful for bagging collaborations and limited releases. You can also find some serious general-release gems in the mix like this New Balance 530. The Steel Grey colorway isn’t over-the-top but leaves an impact with its metallic overlays.

Rick Owens has made no secret of the fact that Converse Chuck Taylors have played a major role in inspiring his luxury silhouettes. It’s only natural that the Prince of Darkness connected with Converse, then. Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW DRKSTAR Hi is a typically avant-garde remix of the classic silhouette, boasting an elongated tongue and spliced sole unit.

The Nike Air Jordan 1 continues to be one of the Swoosh’s most celebrated silhouettes. And while certain colorways fetch two or three times their retail price at resale, a quick scroll through the StockX Below Retail category reveals some highlights for much less. The Dark Marina Blue colorway has a classic varsity spin, and you can bag a pair for just $124 right now.

The word ‘timeless’ gets thrown about a lot these days, and often it’s unwarranted. The Blazer Mid 77 Vintage is a stone-cold classic in the Nike archive and a genuinely timeless design. In its black & white outfit, it’s about as versatile as it ever looks.

Inspired by Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains, the Nike Air Max 97 adopts a super-streamlined silhouette with distinctive waving lines around the upper. This Triple White version shifts the focus entirely to the silhouette. Actually, not entirely. We’re also keenly focused on that below-retail price tag.

We’re suckers for an sneaker that’s based around a base off-white color. While there have been many more hyped designs out of the YEEZY camp, we’d actually go as far as saying that the YEEZY Boost 700 Analog is a top-five colorway.

The adidas YEEZY 450 is arguably the most alien silhouette that Kanye has ever dropped. The skeletal sole unit zig-zags up the mesh, sock-like upper which takes inspirations from sandals dating back to Ancient Rome.

The fact that there are Travis Scott collaborations sitting amongst the listings in the StockX Below Retail lineup should be enough to make it a regular visit for you. Now available for as low as $110, the Nike x Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 SP is a no-brainer.

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If You Like Tiffany, You Better Put a Lock on It

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“No rules. All welcome.” No, that’s not an Outback Steakhouse ad, it’s the “spirit” behind Tiffany & Co.’s new Lock collection.

With the Lock series of jewelry, Tiffany & Co. is unlocking a new standard of beauty, one that eschews gender norms in favor of unfettered beauty, epitomizing the LVMH-owned jeweler’s contemporary take on elegance.

Though, I certainly could go for a Bloomin’ Onion®.

Available at Tiffany & Co’s website and stores from August 2022, the Tiffany Lock collection ranges in price from $6,800 to $32,000, depending on make and model.

Regardless of which style of Lock bracelet you opt for, you’re getting an 18k gold bangle fitted with a padlock-inspired clasp that lifts up and literally locks into place.

Sleeker shapes sport nothing but glistening yellow or rose gold while the pricier models load up on diamonds, which dot the clasp in a delicate contrast to the precious metal body.

“Tiffany Lock is an elegant interpretation of an archival functional design,” Alexandre Arnault, Executive VP of Product and Communication, said in a statement, emphasizing the Lock bracelets’ clean lines and “breakthrough” clasp feature.

The “No rules. All welcome,” comes into play when Tiffany describes Lock jewelry’s clasp as “an audacious symbol of togetherness and inclusivity.”

Be that as it may, the Lock series bracelets — which are literally brought together by their clasps — also have concrete design inspiration informing their shape.

Leafing through the Tiffany archives, one will see that the venerable company actually sold working padlocks up until the ’50s. Thereafter, the padlock became a core motif within Tiffany’s design language, epitomized through everything from pendants to brooches.

Modern designs like the Tiffany Love Lock necklaces and HardWear line — a favorite of house ambassador Hailey Bieber — keep the spirit of the Tiffany padlock alive.

Perhaps future Tiffany Lock collections, which will debut in January 2023, will make that connection between the new line and Tiffany’s original padlock that much more tangible.

Or, as another Tiffany ambassador might say, “If you like Tiff, you better put put a Lock on it.” Or not.


9 of the Best Bags for Under $60

bags under $60

Bags are well known as being some of the most expensive accessories you can buy. From high-end suitcases to duffle bags and leather handbags, price tags regularly exceed the five-figure mark. Not around here, though. We recently set ourselves the task of finding the best bags under $60 at Urban Outfitters.

Of course, you won’t be treated to the same Italian leathers or steel suitcase casings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t secure a functional, great-looking bag on a budget. Ranging from names like Gramicci and The North Face to Fjallraven and more, our selection of bags under $60 covers totes, crossbody bags, and pouches.

Whether you’re in need of the perfect carry-on bag or you’re planning on hitting the beach with a no-fuss tote, scroll down to shop our selection.

Gramicci is definitely one of the best labels to check when you’re in the market for highly functional goods without the highly disappointing price tag. This ripstop sacoche is the ideal size for when you’re running daily errands.

The crescent structure of this bag not only brings an eye-catching shape into your outfits but also means that it curves naturally around the chest and under the arm when worn over the shoulder.

Fjallraven’s Kanken bag is likely one of the best-selling bags of all time. But looking a little further through the Swedish brand’s selection can reveal some less well-known gems. The Vardag Bag straddles the line between being a tote bag and a shoulder bag. Depending on your load, you can adjust your carry.

We all know the struggle of taking a good tote bag to the beach only to spend the next three months brushing sand off anything that it comes into contact with. KAVU’s Alder Lake Tote Bag is the answer. The netted build means that the pesky sand just falls through while your book and water bottle stay firmly in place.

Duffle bags are one of the lowest-maintenance bags on the market. Shove everything in & hope it fits is the mantra. So, you’d think, a mini duffle bag loses quite a lot of its usefulness. Not true. The mini duffle bag is an any-occasion sort of bag: from short shopping trips to nights away.

We were also shocked to find out that Billabong was still around. But, it turns out that the ’00s sensation is still offering up bohemian, beach-ready pieces like this woven tote bag.

Crinkle nylon gives the Baggu Cloud bag a really nice texture that sets the simple design off. You’d be surprised by how much you can fit in the seemingly never-ending tote bag.

The king of small bags, the crossbody pouch is a modern-day staple, and it’s never more obvious than when The North Face is offering up perfect ripstop versions like this.

Tote bags have to be some of the hardest-wearing bags in the game simply because we use them every day. The Gramicci Shell Tote is basically indestructible.

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No More Metaverse – We’re in the Salomon Speedverse Now

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Brand: Salomon

Model: Speedverse PRG

Release Date: Available now

Price: $155

Buy: Online at Salomon

Editor’s Notes: Forget about the Metaverse; Salomon is taking us full throttle into the Speedverse. You’d be forgiven for thinking this has something to do with NFTs, but no, everything about Salomon’s latest move is totally fungible.

As much as it pains me to say it, it’s not all about the XT-4 or XT-6. Salomon has far more to offer. An extensive archive of high-performance footwear born in the Alps is what has seen the brand rise to such exciting heights while allowing it to retain its sporting legacy.

Forward motion is precisely what this type of growth requires, and that’s precisely the direction that the brand’s taken over the last couple of years.

The foundation of this growth lies in the modernization of archival styles. We’ve witnessed numerous times just how successful this strategy has been with the ACS Pro Advanced, which continues to sell out as soon as it touches shelves.

Now, it’s the turn of the Speedverse PRG to hit a stride and steal the spotlight from other front-running sport-meets-street silhouettes.

Touching down in four excellent seasonal palettes, the Speedverse PRG is the perfect balance between the brand’s sporting legacy and modern design ethos. Pulling directly from the iconic Speedcross silhouette, this reinterpretation comes with a streamlined silhouette not too indifferent to the Nike Air Max Plus, with colorways that are just as exciting.

All four of the options that are currently available make great use of the sneaker’s mixed fabrication upper, showcasing each of the unique details across its profile.


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When the Justin Bieber Vespa Hits your Eye, That’s Amore

“When I’m designing, I’m always thinking about (if) this is pushing things forward? Is this unique? Is this something that is trendsetting?”

In his own words, celebrity and pop-superstar Justin Bieber has expressed how collaborating with a brand that he has always loved is the defining factor regarding what he constitutes to be a successful joint venture. There is no denying that Bieber has been a long-time fan, going on to say that he remembers seeing a Vespa for the first time and thinking, “I want to ride one of those. It allows you to have this freedom.”

Not one to be held back from his desire to create things that he believes will inspire and seemingly limitless in his ambitions, the Drew House designer who moonlights as a musician has recently turned his hand towards industrial design. In this case, working on a collaboration with Vespa to produce three limited series models.

The Vespas in question are genuinely easy on the eyes. Decked out in a clean off-white with side flame details and “Justin Bieber” printed tastefully on the side, the design would be a worthwhile investment for a fan of the singer or anyone who is looking to spend (only a little more) on a classy way to get around town.

While the ride may not have undergone the West Coast Customs treatment, the subtle details, as well as its accessories, give Bieber’s Vespa a very unique and definitive taste. To be honest, we’re here for it.

As far as Vespas go Bieber’s collab isn’t as harsh on the wallet as one would expect. Considering the celebrity endorsement as well as the considerable gadgetry that has been invested into the model – a full-color digital display that syncs with smartphones to play music (Ghost on repeat?) and tonal controls for the LEDs – at £4000 for the entry-level, it’s modest, and we like it.

Love yourself this summer and get onto Vespa’s Collaboration with Justin Bieber while you still can.

Tessuti Opens Forward-Thinking Liverpool Flagship

Opening a store nowadays takes a little more thought than it used to. Gone are the days when simply laying your stock bare for customers to see would do the trick, for we are in a world where shopping has to be “an experience,” for better or worse.

For global retailer Tessuti, it’s certainly for the better, who have opened the doors to a new two storey flagship located on Liverpool’s Paradise Street. And to put it simply, it is an experience.

Stocking everything from Stone Island, Missoni, Moschino, and Fiorucci, to Billionaire Boys Club, Versace, Norse Projects, C.P. Company, Tessuti Liverpool is spread across two floors spanning 22,000 square feet in total.

Inside, the store itself houses pioneering digital screens, with a number of community events planned, and plenty of exclusive in-store collaborations in the works.

“At the very start of the store design, we wanted to approach it so the store can self-evolve through technology,” explains Chris Rowan, Director of Brand & Customer Connection at Tessuti.

“The attention to detail through luxurious fixtures and fittings, and a strong modern design aesthetic will keep the store relevant and future-proofed for sure.”

True to Liverpudlian style, Tessuti is also keen to champion local talent and businesses through its work. For the opening party, the retailer has teamed up with celebrity chef Simon Rimmer and Tappers to create a bespoke Tessuti Gin.

Tessuti, Unit 89 – 90 Paradise Street, Liverpool One, 8 – 12 Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1 8JF.


Fact: No One Makes Bags Like The North Face Purple Label

The North Face Purple Label might do TNF better than regular ol’ TNF. Operated by nanamica founder Eiichiro Homma, The North Face Purple Label takes everything great about the Californian company and filters it through a Japanese lens, informing the output with elements of retro aesthetics and pure style.

Peruse the seasonal TNFPL accessory offering and behold the results for yourself. Yep, even Purple Label’s bags are better than the regular stuff we get over here. Hell, they’re better than the stuff most clothing brands are doing in general.

Key to the Fall/Winter 2022 collection are these two nifty tote bags offered by The North Face Purple Label in a variety of handsome neutral tones.

Because this is TNFPL, these are no ordinary tote bags, but deeply considered examples of functional art.

TPE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) coating wraps the bags’ 1,000 denier polyester body, granting the totes stain, scuff, and moisture resistance. It also secures the retro North Face Berkeley-style logo printed on either side, a staple of The North Face Purple Label’s branding.

There’s so much more to explore beneath the surface.

You’ve got tanned leather handles that’ll age over time, generous interior that includes a zippered stash pocket, and a complementary drawstring pouch tucked inside.

This is fully inclusive design and it’s exactly what you expect from TNFPL.

Available on nanamica’s European website and soon at stockists like ARKNETS, Digital Mountain, Reggie Shop, and DEEPINSIDE — all of which ship internationally — the totes retail for ¥19,800 (large size, about $150) and ¥14,850 (smaller size, about $110)

Not keen on a tote? Dig into The North Face Purple Label’s killer daypacks, shoulder bags, pouches, duffles, and backpacks.

The packs are usually quite popular overseas but they’re all good stuff. Really makes me wanna urge anyone who appreciates the TNFPL aesthetic to dig into buying from Japan.

The North Face Purple Label isn’t the only cool facet of The North Face’s Japanese branch, of course.

Owned by Goldwin, TNF JP also creates niche clothing collections as specific as its maternity collection and indulges in collaborations with cool imprints like Hender Scheme.

It’s all good stuff and I can’t recommend getting into it any sooner than today. If these totes are your gateway drug, that’s a great place to start.


Can Man Utd’s Neon Kit Light Up Their Season? Probably Not

For me, Manchester United’s spectacular fall from grace over the last decade has been nothing short of astounding, in the sense that it’s been great to watch.

Growing up in the UK, over 50% of my 6 school friends were United fans (despite them having almost no connection to the club whatsoever other than liking David Beckham), this at a time when the Red Devils were regular trophy winners under the guise of Sir Alex Ferguson.

But, fast-forward nine years, five permanent managers, two interim caretakers, and me with five friends fewer, and United find themselves entering a Champions League-less season and losing 2-1 at home to Brighton & Hove Albion on the opening day of the 2022/23 Premier League campaign.

Now, while it remains to be seen as to whether new boss Erik ten Hag can change the club’s fortunes, there has been some recent news that’s guaranteed to brighten things up at Old Trafford: their new adidas neon green third kit.

Whilst never before seen as an all-over jersey design, the color green has strong connotations with the history of United and has been a part of some of the most prestigious moments in club’s history, evolving from a traditional goalkeeper colorway into a more prominent outfield jersey color in recent years.

Finished with a crewneck collar that features a statement graphic drawing inspiration from the fashion culture of nineties Zeitgeist, the kit – which is available online now – will be worn for the first time away at Brentford FC on August 13.

While it might not change United’s fortunes on the pitch this season (it’s gonna take more than a new jersey to do that), the kit will at least guarantee people are watching them when they ultimately fail to make the Champions League for the second season in a row, right? Hey ho.