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Feng Chen Wang’s Latest Chuck 70 Is Inspired by Air Force Boots

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Brand: Feng Chen Wang x Converse

Model: Chuck 70

Key Features: The classic Chuck ’70 is reworked by the London-based, Chinese-born designer Feng Chen Wang, taking inspiration from the A-6 Pilot Winter Flying shoe. The overall shape of the classic sneaker remains the same, albeit for extra leather panels running across the upper resulting in a bulkier silhouette.

Release Date: November 15

Price: TBC

Buy: The collaboration will be exclusively available in China and South Korea

Editor’s Notes: Feng Chen Wang and Converse’s partnership enters its second season with a SS20 collection that comprises both apparel and footwear. The range of apparel includes an inaugural 8-piece womenswear capsule, while the footwear continues to reinterpret some of Converse’s most iconic silhouettes. This time the Chuck 70 takes inspiration from the A-6 Pilot Winter Flying shoe, a boot that was previously crafted by Converse for the US Air Force.

Feng says “Converse is very similar to us in that they are also a brand filled with energy and passion, and, one that is brave enough to test new designs and forego a template. When you are unsure if you will succeed or fail, you simply create. Think about the most difficult think you can ever think and make it happen.”

Check out shots of the sneakers above and stay tuned for detailed release information ahead of November 15.

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Leaked ‘Fortnite’ Trailer Hints the Game Wasn’t Lost in a Black Hole After All

Fortnite fans went wild this weekend after the entire map was sucked into a black hole. Now it looks like Epic Games was probably just teasing the arrival of a new season after all, if a new leaked trailer titled Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass, is anything to go by. Watch above.

The new trailer shows a whole new map which seems to be set around water, and new features such as swimming, fishing, and boats. It also looks like the level cap will go from 100 to 127, and players will able to increase their ranks by fighting, looting, and collecting materials. There will be plenty of rewards too, as the trailer announces more than 100 medals.

At this time, there’s no official announcement regarding the new game’s release date. As real fans may remember, this isn’t the first time Epic Games teases a new season by wiping the map away. Season seven of Fortnite ended in an earthquake, which then became a volcano eruption that introduced season eight.

New York City Is Getting a Patchwork “What The” Air Force 1

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Brand: Nike

Model: Air Force 1 “NYC: City of Athletes”

Key Features: The inspiration for this bricolage Air Force 1 is New York City and its immense sports heritage. Just like the “What the LA” Air Force 1 before it, this colorway pays tribute to all of the sports and franchises that call NYC home. For example, Yankees pinstripes and baseball-like stitching are paired with basketball leather-style patches on the heel.

Release Date: October 17

Price: $130

Buy: Nike

Editor’s Notes: The quintessential New York shoe, the Nike Air Force 1, pays tribute to the city’s sports teams and fans with a patchwork-style design that pulls colors and textures from the various sports played in NYC. The sneaker also features a mini-Swoosh on the mudguard and graffiti-style “New York” branding on the heel and insoles. Watch for this “What the: New York” Air Force 1 to drop on October 17 for $130.

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Zoë Kravitz to Play Catwoman Alongside Robert Pattinson in ‘The Batman’

Zoe Kravitz joins Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman'

As if we weren’t all excited enough about the Robert Pattinson-starring movie The Batman, Deadline has just made a big announcement. Zoë Kravitz (Big Little Lies) is officially joining the cast and she’s set to portray Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. In other words, this is shaping up to be the hottest superhero movie of all time.

The Matt Reeves-directed film is slated to land in theaters on June 25, 2021. Alongside Kravitz and Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) is on board to play Commissioner Gordon and Jonah Hill is reportedly in talks to play a yet-unnamed villain.

While there’s no doubt that Kravitz fits the part, she’s following in some pretty big footsteps. Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry have all previously starred as The Cat, with the latter actress serving up the most unforgettable performance, which you can revisit in the trailer below.

Inside adidas’ MakerLab With Three Emerging Designers

Helen Kirkum, Alex Nash and Shun Hirose discuss their collaborative sneakers, and what it’s like to be a part of every step of the process The adidas‘ MakerLab is essentially a hub for all of the brand’s ideations—those released and those archived. Within the walls of the previously inaccessible studio space, there are endless swatches of fabrics, space for sketching and crafting, a wealth of …

Two New Kanye West Tracks Just Leaked Online Featuring A$AP Rocky & More

Two new Kanye West tracks have surfaced on Soundcloud, marking the third major Kanye leak this month.

The first track is titled “Simulation Baptize” and features A$AP Rocky and Pardison Fontaine. The second is “Last Name” featuring Ant Clemons, who you may remember from the hook on Kanye’s previous track, “All Mine.”

Being that these are leaks, there’s no information regarding whether or not the two tracks will feature on Kanye’s upcoming album Jesus Is King, which is slated to finally drop next week on October, 25. Neither were named in the previously-teased track list, but as he’s been making a lot of tweaks to the final album recently, that doesn’t really mean anything.

However, while the name “Simulation Baptize” certainly holds religious connotations, this track certainly doesn’t sound like gospel music, which is all Kanye is reportedly focusing on now. It also includes lines like “she pull the foreskin back, back like it’s edible,” which definitely don’t sound like lyrics you’d hear at Sunday Service. Most likely “Simulation Baptize” is an early Yandhi draft.

“Last Name” is more fitting with Kanye’s new musical aesthetic however, so it could be that this is the one that’ll feature on Jesus Is King.

Earlier in October, Kanye’s canceled Yandhi project surfaced via leaks uploaded to Spotify and Tidal, and, in a very weird turn of events, as ringtones on iTunes.

Skechers Takes Shots at Nike Following Latest Lawsuit & Patent Infringement Claims

Skechers has taken out a half-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times to address its latest legal battle with rival sportswear company, Nike. Skechers has come under fire recently after Nike again alleged the company had infringed on several of its sneaker designs. The two designs in question are the Nike Air VaporMax and the Nike Air Max 270.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Los Angeles earlier this month, with Nike alleging “Skechers’ business strategy includes copying its competitors’ designs to gain market share.”

In response, Skechers took out the aforementioned ad and directly addressed its competitors’ claims. In it, Skechers outlined which of its designs are targeted by the lawsuit and attempts to make clear that the lawsuit “merely contains Nike’s unproven allegations.” In addition, Skechers reiterated its support for its retail partners, whom it says it will “defend and indemnify” in the case that “Nike indeed tries to bully you too.”

Skechers continued by claiming the Swoosh “continues to use its vast resources to stifle competition in the courtroom rather than compete in the marketplace.”

This isn’t the first time Skechers and Nike have locked horns in the courtroom, nor is it the first time Skechers has taken out an ad to take shots at Nike. In April, Skechers took out a full-page ad in The New York Times’ Sunday paper after Duke’s Zion Williamson blew out his shoe in NCAA Basketball game against UNC Chapel Hill.

The ad featured a logoless sneaker that resembled the Nike PG 2.5 Zion wore in the game with the tagline “Just Blew It.”

Skechers Instagram ad takes shot at Nike & Zion Incident.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) March 1, 2019

Nike and Skechers have been engaged in lawsuits since as early as 2016, when Nike sued Skechers for the first time, claiming it had infringed on multiple Nike-owned patents.

So far, Nike has yet to respond. Read the Skechers ad in full below.

“Dear Skechers’ retail partner. We are hearing reports that Nike may be notifying some of our retail partners that styles from the following Skechers series infringe certain Nike designs: Skechers Skech-Air 92, Skechers Skech-Air Stratus, Skechers Skech-Air Blast, Skechers Skech-Air Atlas.

“As you may have heard, Nike filed a lawsuit against Skechers in Los Angeles alleging that those shoes infringe certain Nike patents. Please note that the lawsuit has been filed just recently and merely contains Nike’s unproven allegations. Skechers plans on defending the lawsuit vigorously and in response will deny that any of the listed styles infringe any of Nike’ patent.

“Skechers respects the intellectual property rights of others but our much larger competitor continues to use its vast resources to stifle competition in the courtroom rather than compete in the marketplace. Indeed, Skechers has been down this road with Nike before and Nike does not always prevail. In one case, the full United States International Trade Commission already ruled once that Skechers famous Twinkle Toes and Bob’s styles did not infringe Nike’s alleged trademark in the Converse Chuck Taylor midsole.

“More importantly, as far as our retail partners are concerned, please be assured that we stand one hundred percent behind all of our product offerings and would of course defend and indemnify your company if Nike indeed tries to bully you too.”

Stay tuned for updates regarding this developing story.

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Travis Scott Gave Fans Free Merch to Celebrate “Highest in the Room” at No.1

travis scott performance

Yesterday, Travis Scott‘s latest single “Highest in the Room” debuted at n.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the rapper thanked his fans by giving away free merch.

Released via Travis Scott’s website, the free merch arrived in the form of a limited-edition T-shirt. Dubbed “HOT 100% OFF,” the tee features a cartoon face saying “I paid for this rage,” as well as “Highest in the room, for promotional use only” printed on the back. Check out the T-shirt here. Unsurprisingly, the free merch is now sold out and there’s no official word on whether it’ll be restocked.



— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) October 15, 2019

The free T-shirt isn’t the only “Highest in the Room” merch. Last week, the rapper released his own merch collection to celebrate the single, alongside a co-branded release with Jordan Brand.

In case you missed it, watch the trippy video for “Highest in the Room” below.

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator & Aaron Paul Reveal Two Alternative ‘El Camino’ Endings

Breaking Bad El Camino alternative ending

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Breaking Bad creator and director Vince Gilligan revealed ideas he had for alternative endings to his new movie, El Camino.

“I thought it was up to the audience to figure out how Jesse [Pinkman, Aaron Paul] got away, but that it was enough to see him driving off into the night victorious,” Gilligan explains. “But then as the years started to pass” following the TV series finale episode, “I found myself wondering at idle moments, ‘How exactly did he get away? Because that’s no easy feat! And what if he didn’t get away? What if he got busted right around the next corner?’”

Divulging how that version of events would have gone down, Gilligan said, “I didn’t get super far down the road, but it was probably going to be a young woman who needed some help. He was hiding out by the Canadian border, and this woman was working at a motel as a housekeeper or something. [He] goes into the process of saving her, knowing full well that he’s going to suffer for it, he’s going to get caught for it, but he does it anyway.”

Gilligan continues, “And the last scene would be maybe him in a jail cell but at peace for the first time since the movie began. I think there was going to be this component where he couldn’t sleep. He wouldn’t get a single night sleep for a week or so upon escaping. The police are looking for him and he’s too haunted and he’s too adrenaline-charged. And at the end of the thing, he’s in a jail cell, and ironically he can fall asleep like a baby. And I thought, ‘Ah, that’d be kind of cool.’”

The reason that didn’t work? “I pitched some version of that to my girlfriend Holly. I also separately pitched that to [Breaking Bad executive producer/Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould] and the writers and everybody looked at me like I was absolutely insane: ‘You can’t have Jesse back in a cell at the end of the movie! People will tar and feather you!’”

As it turns out, Aaron Paul had never heard this version of event. “He never said that to me,” he told EW. “Wow. That’s so interesting.”

Later in the interview, Aaron Paul reveals another alternate ending, one that would have hinged on the letter Jesse hands to Ed to mail to Brock.

“That letter to Brock was the very first thing that Vince [Gilligan] wrote when writing this script,” Paul notes. “Once he completed that letter, he started the script. Originally the voiceover of that letter was how the movie ended — just driving through Alaska and you could hear what was inside of that letter…. It’s heartbreaking, it’s beautiful, just honest. But Vince just thought, ‘You know what? Maybe it’s best left unknown.’ And we don’t need it. He was right. But I love knowing what was in the letter.”

Bad Gyal Shares the Secrets to Her Inimitable Style

Megan Thee Stallion may have been the herald of Hot Girl Summer 2K19, but hardly anyone came closer to fully embodying the ideals of the lifestyle this summer than Bad Gyal. The Queen of Reggaeton continually effuses the sort of effortless, drop-dead Glamazon glamor that the ethos mandates, but the back-to-back release of singles “Santa Maria” and “Hookah” in July truly catapulted her to new heights of Hot Girl-supremacy; the former’s amazingly filthy second verse must be Google-translated to be believed, while the latter positions her as the most vital spokesperson for the smoking instrument since the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland (or at least since Drake’s Instagram).

All brevity aside, Bad Gyal is seriously on top of her game in “Hookah.” The visual for the track finds her operating on God(dess)-level stunning, opening a window into the opulent world of her nightlife lewks. It got us to thinking… how does one pull this sort of ensemble together? Does she wake up like this? Can we look like this too?

We caught up with Bad Gyal for an in-depth overview of her routines, from getting up in the morning to prepping for the studio to the cure-all power of a great lip liner.

A regular day for me on a free day is still a labor day. So I wake up, and I don’t have a specific time because I don’t have specific time tables, between nine and ten. Maybe after 10:00 AM sometimes, but usually I wake up early.

It is kind of difficult for me to wake up. I like to have a coffee, but I am not the type that has a lot of it. I always have a latte with oat milk.

I like to sing in the shower, but I’m not singing my own songs, I am singing whatever Spanish song is popping right now.

If it’s a promo day, I will dress up, but if it’s a regular day with my team and doing meetings and stuff like that, I just wear comfortable clothes. I always like to wear tracksuits, super easy. Maybe they are not the coziest, but it’s something that I use a lot: I have my cheetah leggings, and I have a lot of them. My cheetah leggings are something that I use when I don’t know what I want to wear, I just pick that and a sweater or a coat and I’m ready.

A normal beauty routine would be, of course, using cream. For a regular day I wouldn’t do a lot of makeup. I would use a little bit of concealer and a little bit of bronzer, and I would use a lot of like powder. I like to use a lot of powder to make my skin look really like tight. And basically that’s all, and lashes because usually I’m wearing lashes – I like to wear lashes. It’s an easy routine. If there’s one thing I can’t go without it’s my lip liner, which I always like to be brown.

I always like to look for a lot of inspiration for my makeup, and me and my makeup artist are always thinking about ideas together. I like to look a lot of beauty influencers on Instagram who post pictures of their eyes or of the makeup. Even though I’m not doing the same thing look, those pages are good for inspiration.

To perform or if I’m going out, I like to wear crazy colors on the eyes and make my eyes look really big. I’m not scared to wear big lashes, like I love getting crazy with makeup. The makeup at the end of the day I like to match with the hair and with the outfit, but one thing I love to do is the cut-crease and fill the eye in one color. For example, we filled one eye in gold and then we did a bigger liner in pink, a really shiny pink. So we just like to try different, crazy colors, and that’s all basically. We also like to play with stones. I like to have crystals on my eye, maybe do a line of colored crystals. Crazy stuff like that.

I don’t really have a routine for the studio. Not at all. I’m actually the type of artist that likes to free myself in the studio, you know? I don’t get ready for studio. I don’t write my lyrics or anything like that. It’s just that when I’m at the studio, that’s where I feel like I can fully take everything out of myself and create songs with the stuff that I’ve been experiencing, and stuff that has happened to me in my life, experiences that I’ve had. In the studio, that’s where I feel like I can free myself.

I spend a lot of hours there, because in the studio time goes so fast. Maybe I’m in the studio 1pm until 9pm, at the earliest. Usually I stay there for the whole day. You never know when you will leave, because maybe you are so inspired and your friends will stay until 4am because you have two songs in mind that you want to finish. When I’m there, I need to have my phone, a Coca Cola, and everything to be, like, comfortable. I need to feel like I have energy in the studio. Usually we end up eating a lot, because when you feel like you’re all
losing your energy, you like to eat.

If I have a free day, I like to walk around my neighborhood. I like to fix stuff around the house, you know? Because when you’re not at home most of the time, there’s always something that you want to do. I like to cook a lot of stuff. I wasn’t cooking a lot before, but I like to cook now. In Spain, we eat a lot of pasta with tomato sauce. We like to cook our own tomato sauce.

I like to chill but I don’t watch TV. Well I have TV, but I like to watch documentaries. One of the last ones I watched was really scary, I don’t know why I watched it. It was about a crime that happened here in Spain. People were killed and it was like an investigation about it. It was interesting but I don’t know, not the best vibration… Usually I won’t watch scary stuff.

The earliest, earliest, earliest that you can get to a club is 12. But nobody gets to the club at 12. The earliest that you will see someone going to a club is 1am, and that’s not regular. We get to the club at 2:30 or 3am, and I’m the person to stay until six or seven. The music where I like to go clubbing is kind of similar [to my music], but I like to go to the Latin club, where they play cha cha and bachata.

What I’m drinking depends… it depends on who you’re with, because I’m easy. You know? I like Hennessy. I like gin. I like whisky, rum, I don’t care. I like different stuff but there are some people that only drink one thing, you know?

All my fan base, and the people that have been following me, they know that I like to smoke. And they know I like to smoke my weed. Here in Spain, it’s kind of different because we smoke it mixed with tobacco. We mix it. We do like a spliff.