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“Jumpin on a Jet” Is Future’s Biggest Banger in Ages

Future continues his recent hot streak with another new video, this time for turbo-banger “Jumpin on a Jet.”

The ambitious cut, directed by Colin Tilley, sees Future climb aboard a plane before stealing its cargo. From there, things get ever so trippy, with the ATLien seen delivering bars from outer space and then, most randomly, a ladder high in the heavens. The track itself goes typically hard and features production by Southside.

Future is not messing around in 2019. Last week he dropped “Crushed Up” and then announced that his new album THE WIZRD will be arriving on January 18. Listen to “Crushed Up” below.


Let us know your thoughts on “Jumpin on a Jet” in the comments.

In other music news, we chart the enduring love affair between Tame Impala and hip-hop.

I Have No Words for This Astronaut POV of an ISS Spacewalk


Join NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik as he embarks on an ISS Spacewalk complete with jaw-dropping views of Earth. Now that’s a day at work you’ll remember forever.

Randy “Komrade” Bresnik was selected as an astronaut in 2004. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps in May 1989. During his military career, he became an F/A-18 Test Pilot and was eventually deployed to Kuwait to fly combat missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. A veteran of STS-129, he has also trained as a Cave-a-naut with the European Space Agency to test living deep beneath the Earth’s surface as well as an Aquanaut for NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operation (NEEMO) 19. Bresnik most recently served as the Commander of the International Space Station for Expedition 53 and flight engineer for Expedition 52.


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Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 7 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


Every Christmas, artist Caroline Eriksson has made something amazing out of gingerbread. It started back in 2013 when she made an Optimus Prime for a gingerbread contest. Since then she’s made a Xenomorph, dragon and even Darth Vader!

To create her gingerbread sculptures, Eriksson first builds an internal structure out of metal. The rest is simply gingerbread and melted sugar! For the curved areas, Eriksson says the pieces are soft and malleable if applied fresh out the oven. She also mentions that she adjusts her recipe to use twice the amount of syrup and no baking powder to make the gingerbread harder and give it a smoother surface.

As this is just a side project for fun, she says it takes about 3.5 weeks over a 2 month period (since she’s only working on it in her free time). For more delicious art, check out her Instagram page!

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gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 2 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 6 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 5 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 3 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


gingerbread alien transformer vader dragon by caroline eriksson 1 Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out of Gingerbread

Artwork by Caroline Eriksson


Mars Lander Captures Haunting Sound of Martian Winds


Listen to Martian wind blow across NASA’s InSight lander. The spacecraft’s seismometer and air pressure sensor picked up vibrations from 10-15 mph (16-24 kph) winds as they blew across Mars’ Elysium Planitia on Dec. 1, 2018.

The seismometer readings are in the range of human hearing, but are nearly all bass and difficult to hear on laptop speakers and mobile devices. We provide the original audio and a version pitched up by two octaves to make them audible on mobile devices. Playback is suggested on a sound system with a subwoofer or through headphones. Readings from the air pressure sensor have been sped up by a factor of 100 times to make them audible. For full-length uncompressed .wav files, visit

For more about the InSight mission, visit .

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/CNES/IPGP/Imperial College/Cornell


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Auckland City Guide: Get the Most Out of Your 24-Hour Layover in New Zealand’s Capital

Thanks to Air New Zealand’s setup, Auckland is the international gateway to the green pasture paradise that is New Zealand. But before you head on to Queenstown to hit the slopes, bungee jump off cliffs, and dive into all the other insanity that happens in the country’s tourism capital, be sure to check out Auckland in full. Thanks to the city’s collection of boutique streetwear spots, standout restaurants, and lively nightlife, Auckland has established itself as a city on the up. So extend that layover and turn your mandatory pitstop into 24 hours in New Zealand’s coolest city.

The SKYCITY Grand is a five-star hotel smack dab in the middle of Auckland’s commercial district, where you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of the Auckland skyline, room service breakfast courtesy of the Gusto at the Grand restaurant, and luxurious beds worth every one of those five stars.

Also recommended: Hotel DeBrett

Ask anyone in Auckland where to get the best coffee, and everyone will tell you Miller’s Coffee. Tucked away amid the madness of Auckland’s infamous K Road, Craig Miller’s joint has been roasting the city’s best coffee for 30 years. Miller’s is one of the originals, and it’s still the best.

There’s a common theme of locally sourced food in many of the best New Zealand restaurants. Perhaps that’s partly down to New Zealand’s isolated location in the Pacific Ocean, but a lot of it is due to local pride in homegrown produce and livestock. Whatever the case, Orphans Kitchen is no exception. It’s the perfect spot to hit for lunch or even a late brunch of the restaurant’s famous crumpets with New Zealand manuka honey, which is harvested every day from a hive conveniently buzzing in Orphans’ backyard.

Also recommended: Lowbrow

If you can’t make up your mind about a single place to eat, just visit them all. Big Foody tours take you around Auckland to taste the best the city has to offer. You also get to learn about the people and history behind the food, and most importantly, eat all of it.

Loaded is probably the go-to store for streetwear gear if you’re looking to cop while in NZ. Sitting at the top of High Street and carrying brands such as United Standard, Carhartt, and Stüssy, Loaded is Auckland’s streetwear king. The three-story retailer also has a barbershop, coffee shop, and boutique sneaker basement.

Also recommended: Checks Downtown, Shakes, Parlour Store, and Knowear

Edit is another Auckland boutique curated for and dedicated to some of the best menswear out there. Carrying brands such as Y-3, Raf Simons, WANT, and adidas, it’s definitely worth checking out on your whistlestop Auckland shop.

Also recommended: Zambesi, Fabric, and AS Colour

Giapo’s ice cream is an Auckland must because of its whimsical but tactical take on some of your ice cream favorites, such as the squid-shaped cookies and cream ice cream with coconut cream switch-up, wearable ice cream cones, and thrice-cooked french fries served with the ice cream flavor of your choice. Not convinced? Even Cher can’t resist Giapo. Believe.

Every spot you go to in New Zealand is going to brag about its amazing collection of local wines, but if you’re in search of good ol’ regular liquor, whiskey bar The Jefferson is the place for you. A hidden speakeasy in the middle of the Britomart shopping complex, The Jefferson is a good place to start an evening with a few drinks or a crazy night of partying.

Also recommended: Lovebucket

Warning: dinner at Pasture is a commitment, but well worth it. Twice a night, husband and wife team Ed and Laura Verner curate an intimate six-seat, 12-course dinner for their guests. You get to watch Ed and his team of chefs create labor-intensive plates backlit by slow-roasting meat or fish. Each course is packed with different flavors and eclectic takes on foods you thought you knew. We tried green strawberries and white asparagus, both of which were mindblowing. During the three-hour dinner, you’ll eat amazing foods from all over New Zealand, paired with a tailored wine or custom cocktail concocted for every course.

Also recommended: Apero and Culprit

The K Road is the nighttime hub of choice for all of Auckland’s cool kids, bohemians, and artists. After dark, the street comes to life with a cool variety of bars and music venues, from speakeasies and lounge spots such as Lovebucket to full-on ragers like Neck of the Woods. Other places to check out include Whammy Bar and The Wine Cellar.


The KITH ‘Poetic Justice’ Collection Is Dropping Today

The long-awaited KITH x Poetic Justice collaboration is dropping today at 11 a.m EST. The collab features a hoodie, crewneck, and tee with an image of Tupac Shakur from the Jon Singleton-directed film.

The drop is part of a “Monday Movie Program” that will reimagine film posters that “will live on staple KITH silhouettes” Fieg explained in a post caption. “Movies are one of my biggest passions. They’ve shaped the way I see visuals and tell stories.”

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Movies are one of my biggest passions. They’ve shaped the way I see visuals and tell stories. To start 2019 I’m proud to announce our partnership with Columbia Pictures to launch the Movie Monday Program™️. Columbia is home to some of my favorite films, as well as one of the most iconic intros of all time. We’ve worked together with Sony Pictures to share the different sides of our “Just Us” mentality through reimagined film posters that will live on our staple Kith silhouettes. The first is the John Singleton-directed cult classic Poetic Justice, starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Getting to apply my vision to some of my major influences has always been the goal. Another notch in the timeline. The Movie Monday Program™️ begins tomorrow. Kith shops and

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Head here to shop the collection when it drops.

What do you think of the Kith Poetic Justice collab? Let us know in the comments.

In other news, Kilo Kostadinov’s workwear grows dark for FW19.

Cottweiler Goes Cruising With Sleek Sportswear & New Reebok “Sneafer”

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“We want to challenge ideas of masculinity and explore the secret codes of British subcultural dress, the hidden identities that you learn and familiarize yourself with,” Cottweiler co-founder Matthew Dainty tells Highsnobiety after his latest collection has walked the London runway.

Dainty and fellow London-based designer Ben Cottrell named Cottweiler’s FW19 collection “The Lost Art of Cruising” — that is, the pursuit of a sexual partner, usually in a public space. The collection comprises trademark thermoregulated soft shell tracksuits, libidinous style details (exposed nipples, diagonal flies on the pants), and two new collaborations: one outerwear, one footwear.

The show’s setting, a subterranean London parking lot with forest green backdrops and metallic urinals, set the tone for the athletic yet fetishistic looks in a palette of moss, white, olive, and navy. The show notes indicated that the collection was a rebuttal of app-driven hookup culture, signalling a nostalgia for face-to-face encounters in the dark corners of the public sphere. The overall effect on display was very “tennis at 10, rave at 11,” with some midnight cruising planned afterward.

The collection has a much wider product offering than prior seasons, with Dainty telling Highsnobiety, “We wanted to move away from the sportswear/tracksuit idea of the brand, with more tailoring, denim, and sheepskins.” These new additions to the Cottweiler look added a more formal touch, with hand-dyed merino shearling, mohair appliqué, and semi-transparent sheer fabrics for the shirting.

The first of the two new collaborations was with Italian outerwear specialist Allegri, a series of elegant raincoats to counter the more casual style of the track pants and cropped tees.

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Details at Cottweiler Fall / Winter 2019

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For the second, Cottweiler once again tapped sportswear brand Reebok, giving us a new take on formal/informal hybrids: the “sneafer.” The shoe, a green and black sneaker-loafer hybrid, is a comfortable and athletic-looking slip-on that symbolizes how the brand can play with the tension between sportswear, hashtag menswear, and underground subcultures.

Check out the looks in the gallery above and drop us a comment with your thoughts below.

Also at LFWM, a dark vision of workwear from Bulgarian designer Kiko Kostadinov

Word of Mouth: Paris

From natural wine bars to sophisticated accommodations, some of our favorite spots in the City of Light Like any dynamic city, Paris is ever-evolving. As frequent visitors, we try to keep up with all cultural developments. While we remain faithful to our beloved stalwart bars and restaurants, there are always new or undiscovered venues to visit—be it bars, cafes, galleries or places to rest your …