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Internet Freedom Day: This Year We Go to War for Net Neutrality

This time of year is always the worst of times and best of times for internet freedom. And on this second annual Internet Freedom Day — the anniversary of the successful SOPA/PIPA Blackout protest — we need to keep fighting for network neutrality, especially since it turns out that the real problem isn’t the court’s decision … but the FCC’s response to it. Here’s the insider story.


World’s Most Innovative Patent Troll Sues the Government

It’s no surprise when a patent troll sues a big tech company like Apple and Google. We’ve grown accustomed to these tiny outfits that use their patents solely to attack other, wealthier operations. In recent years, they’ve become a scourge of the technology industry. But now, one of the most notorious patent trolls has taken aim at an unexpected target: the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.