Why Computers Are Built To Break

Computers seem to break every 1 or 2 years these days, and thus we’re always after the next best deal for our budgets. However, this works against us. Here’s a couple of thoughts on the matter.


A Generation of New Technology

With the amount of tech that’s coming out literally every day, it’s no surprise that companies want to get their ‘older’ models out of the way. This means that products are rolled down the production line with an expiry date in mind. However, these aren’t perishable items, and can last a lifetime when manufactured and cared for properly.

For a couple of quick examples: take Apple, and their semi regular updates for their iOS devices. When it comes to not updating your phone whenever they roll out a new upgrade, your phone will lose its battery life a lot quicker and decide it can’t hold anything in its storage anymore.

Even at the first Apple demonstration in 2007, the new model of phone that was meant to revolutionise the market was completely bugged. Engineers had designed a path to make the phone looked as though it worked when completing tasks, as any other combination of them caused the phone to crash, and then it couldn’t even connect to the internet without being directly boosted by AT&T.

Why this Doesn’t Work

A lot of brands out there don’t seem to understand that when their product breaks for the second or third time in a row, a user is going to take their business somewhere else. Therefore, they lose revenue and free advertising from these people, and it happens every day in the thousands. It brings in bad rep and opens up a drift in the market, and makes a lot of people sorely dissatisfied on review sites and social media.

Of course, for the big businesses, this isn’t going to make or break them. They have the funds in place to keep manufacturing buggy pieces on a mass produced basis, and the first edition sales of these items, plus pre-orders, sends revenue through the roof time and time again. People like having something to get excited about, and we’re like magpies with the fact that we like flashy things that seem to function at the speed of sound.

Subvert the System

Having a do it yourself nature about you can get you far in life. When it comes to a PC or a laptop breaking down on you, don’t take it back to the shop or the manufacturer. You can try looking up tutorials online or through video, and often fix the problem yourself. If you’re not comfortable with this, get some computer repairs from the professionals in your local repair shop when you can. This is guaranteed to make your system often go a little bit further than your own tinkering efforts, and works out a lot cheaper than forking out for a new system, as the original shop will usually make you do.

Be smart with technology.

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