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How to give your skin an essential boost after a cold winter

Not only can winter wreck havoc on your travel plans, but it can also cause a lot of problems for your skin. As the colder weather sets in, and the elements become harsher, it’s difficult for our skin to stay as happy and healthy as it does during the rest of the year.

In fact, one study has suggested 37% of adults think the main factor affecting their skin is the weather. And they’re not wrong! Low temperatures, harsh winds and our central heating systems are all responsible for dryness and irritating the skin.

Choose skincare products wisely

Although a certain moisturiser may work during spring and summer, it can have the opposite effect during winter. This is why you should change your skin care routine and products between seasons. Winter calls for mild skin care products. If winter is known for triggering your existing skin conditions, try an emollient.

Emollients are non-cosmetic and come in the form of ointments, lotions, creams and gels. They bring comfort to the skin and help it to feel less irritable; they also keep it moist and flexible, helping to prevent cracks.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is key all year round. You might think this is more important during the summer months, owing to the warmer temperatures, but both inside and outside of the home, the air lacks moisture during winter. Because the air is drier, water evaporates from your body easily, and so you need to keep your skin hydrated.

Consider indoor conditions, just as much as the outdoors

The colder temperatures and harsher elements may be mainly responsible for poorer skin, but indoor conditions also change during winter months. You may wish to install a humidifier to manage the moisture level in your home.

Central heating can affect the skin as sweat irritates us as it evaporates, making areas dry and itchy. Wearing loose clothing will help to regulate your temperature.

Choose your clothing wisely

It may be tempting to layer up with as many fluffy jumpers as possible, to keep warm – but, due to its thick, stiff fibres, wool can irritate the skin. Many sweatshirts and under-layers are made from synthetic materials. These can in fact stop the skin from breathing, which can lead to overheating and itching.

It’s also wise to remember to shed your clothing as soon as possible. Walking in the snow and rain may be unavoidable at times, but be sure to remove your wet socks, pants and gloves as soon as possible. Failure to do this will irritate your skin further, causing itchiness.

Seek professional help

In order to take control of skin, it’s important we are aware of the environment we live in. It’s also important to recognise our own skin type and the combination of triggers that causes our skin to suffer.

Seek professional advice to help determine a skincare routine that works for you. Many brands, such as Tropic Skincare, offer a wide range of natural skin care products that will prove only kind, and protective to you – an essential boost after those long winter months have taken their toll.

How to Plan an Unforgettable Stag Do

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If you are the best friend of the groom, you may well have been given the job of arranging his stag party.  This is quite a responsibility, but as his friend, you should know what types of things the groom likes and what things he doesn’t. It is still not easy to get it right though, so here are a few things to remember when you are arranging a stag do.

Don’t Get Drunk

As soon as a stag party is mentioned everyone always thinks of alcohol. The problem is that it affects people in different ways. Some drinkers become very happy, but others can get aggressive. You can do something that involves a few drinks, but not where everyone is so drunk they do not remember anything of it the next day.

Don’t Upset The Bride

If you are the best friend of the groom there is a good chance you know the bride quite well too. At some point, she will get to hear all the details and you should not do anything that will upset her. For instance, some brides take exception to there being strippers at the stag party, so this should be avoided if it is likely to be frowned upon.

There are other things that will not cause so much upset, such as a burlesque dancing show. What is burlesque dancing? It is a show of dancers who do not wear a great deal and often a strip tease is involved, but it is far more sophisticated than the average stripping act. This can be a great compromise, as they are on a stage out of reach.

Find Something New

There could be things that you know the groom has always wanted to do but never got round to. His stag do could be the perfect time to arrange this. Perhaps his has always wanted to do a bungee jump, ride on the Orient Express, go skydiving or paintballing. There is no end of activities you could plan to make the party enjoyable for everyone. Just remember not to make it something that you know will not take him out of his comfort zone.

Go To A New Place

Go somewhere totally new and let everyone let their hair down ahead of the wedding. There would be new places to explore, new dishes to enjoy and best of all, if someone does make a fool of themselves, they will not have to face the locals forever more.

Keep The Pranks Reasonable

It is tradition that the groom has some sort of prank played on them, but you need to keep them reasonable if you do not want to cause offence. The whole idea is to embarrass the stag, but you do not want to make him feel isolated or to come to any harm. It could be something as simple as implying that everyone will be dressed in an animal costume, but when he joins everyone else finds out he is the only one.

The stage party should be something the groom remembers as part of his wedding rituals, and it is up to you to make sure it all happens without any hitches.

Men’s fashion: Trends to watch out for in 2019

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With the new year almost upon us, it’s time to start looking out for what to wear from January onwards. With stores already preparing for the trends that will be flying off the shelves and hangers, we thought we’d take a little look at some of those that will suit your tastes.

The layered look

It makes sense to pile on the clothes during winter, but what about Spring and Summer 2019? You don’t need to worry about being stifling hot next year, even though layers will certainly be back.

A plain or striped t-shirt under smart denim shirts is a look that anyone can comfortably pull off – and also gives you the opportunity to show your personality. Mix it up with colours, styles and designs, and use this versatile, smart casual look to reflect who you are.

Coats and jackets

Leather will last from this year’s Autumn/Winter trends and stick around well into the new year. Choose a smart, classic design, such as a bomber jacket, and wear with a neutral-coloured polo shirt or sweater.

A leather jacket is simply a great addition to any wardrobe. Due to its timeless appeal and rugged durability, it is an item that suits spring mornings just as well as wintery nights, and works well for any formal occasion.

Psychedelic summer

When the weather does warm up, expect to see loose-fitting, multi-coloured designs hit the summer BBQs. Bringing shorts and t-shirts that scream psychedelia, you can really make them stand out by contrasting with plain, contemporary designs elsewhere.

Creating an original look that’s somewhere between the swinging-sixties and more modern, laidback styles, you’ll be able to wear your festival clothes far beyond fences of the campsite in 2019.

Athletic comfort

For hitting the gym at any time of year, there’s nothing better than feeling good and looking great. When it comes to athleisure wear, you’ll still look striking in solid, neutral colours and smart-fit designs.

From comfortable hoodies, to muscle fit t-shirts and tight joggers, there are some designs that are just too good to go out of fashion. A great choice to wear whatever the weather and occasion, brands like Gym King have a stylish range that will look wonderful all year long.

Statement jumpers

Particularly in Spring, a statement jumper will stand out on those dark nights and wintery mornings. Whether the garment will have a bold pattern, a striking logo or a slogan that really shouts who you are, it’s worth having one or two jumpers of this type in your wardrobe in 2019.

When you complement this jumper with a smart, dark jacket and tailored-fit jeans, you can also highlight the look further by wearing trainers that match the jumper’s base colour.

While this may seem like quite a bold look, the freedom of a statement jumper gives you the chance to look either serious or laidback, depending on who you are. As well as keeping you warm during the colder, winter and spring months, this jumper will, as soon as it is revealed, enable you to make a standout, visual impact on everyone you meet.

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How To Perfect Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Winter is well and truly upon us, and whilst you may be wishing that the cold weather would pass, it brings with it the opportunity to smash it on the fashion front. Ok, summer is great, but the best thing about winter fashion is that you can layer your clothing, and create a look that goes beyond the t-shirt and shorts combination. However, you don’t have to break the bank when investing in the perfect winter wardrobe. We’ve put together some tips so that you can look 10/10 this season, without spending the big bucks.

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Take a look in some vintage shops

There is some really great vintage clothing out there, and you may be able to bag a bargain on a high quality, but pre-loved, item. Don’t think that vintage shops are just full of musty old clothes thrown at the bottom of someone’s wardrobe in the 80s, because there are many gems amongst the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. When it comes to winter clothing, you’ll find some great (and warm) coats, that you’ll just have to buy. We’re talking sheepskin, and lots of it.

Invest in some key pieces

Ok, so there are some things that you just have to splash out on, but they’ll serve you well for many winters to come. When it comes to shoes that can take the weather, make sure that you get something that does the job right, and spending some cash here will pay off in the long run. This is also the case with jumpers (which we’re all layering on right now), and there is a lovely Irish sweater collection online if you’re looking for the perfect comfort and fashion weigh-up. Yes please.

Look out for discount codes

Yes, this sounds like something they’d say on an ‘Extreme Couponing’ show, but you can find discount codes for pretty much any store online, and they can help you get up to 50% off your items. If not, you could get free delivery, and even a free gift with your purchase sometimes, so why miss out on saving yourself some cash whilst still getting the wardrobe that you really want? Search online, and if you’re a student, then you’re guaranteed to get around 20% off.

Create a wishlist

If you create a wishlist (or even just add things to your basket) on some sites, then you can set up email alerts so you’re the first to know when the price of your item falls. This is great if you’re eyeing some items for your wardrobe for next season, and can wait around a bit until it’s in the sale. Keep an eye on your emails, and you could grab it for a bargain price.

There are many things that you can do to get the perfect winter wardrobe on a budget, so that you’ll look great, and have a wallet full of cash too. Invest in the items you really need to keep you protected this season, but look out for some bargains, too. Happy holidays!

What To Keep Note Of When Looking For A New Phone

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If you’ve decided that it’s time to get yourself a new phone, this is a very exciting moment. As sad as it may sound, finding a new phone is so much fun because it’s like starting a fresh and having all these new buttons and features to mess around with. It’ll be your be all and end all for the first few weeks, so much so that you’ll struggle to put it down or engage in conversation because you’re so engaged in the screensavers and ringtones. Having said that, it can be a little difficult at times because there is so much available, and so many different kinds of information being given to you, that you won’t know what direction to go in.

This is why it’s always good to have a plan beforehand, so that you know exactly what you want the phone to do, and what you’re not that bothered about or need as a feature. This way, when you’re in a shop and the salesperson is trying to get you to spend that little bit more so they get their bonus – you’ll know already whether it’s worth it or not. It’s very easy to be swayed into making a decision that you didn’t entirely want, just because you feel pressured into saying yes quickly. But as long as you give yourself all the necessary knowledge, you won’t find yourself in this position, and if you do, you’ll know how to say no.

Here’s what you need to think about.

Your budget

The last thing you want to do is pay way more than you can comfortably afford. You may get over excited and overlook the fact that this amount of money will be coming out of your bank account every month, until you’re in the situation where you’re barely able to scape by. So do the math first and work out just how much you can afford to be paying, that way you aren’t tempted to look at things out of your ballpark and then resent the fact that you can’t have it. There are certain companies like, that offer you deals which means that any unused data gets credited back to you the next month, ensuring that you get every last bit out of the money you’re paying. So be sure to shop around for something that suits your circumstances.

Your social media

Our phones are the gateway to social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, so you want to make sure that the phone you’re getting is suited for that – that’s if that’s what you’re looking for. You may not want these kinds of features on your phone as it’s purely going to be for business calls and emails, which in that case changes the game completely. Bear in mind depending on the phone you get, determines what it’s able to do on social media. For example, an android can’t do certain things that an iPhone can do via Instagram, such as sending a video over 10 seconds from your phone gallery. Whereas the iPhone can send up to a 1 minute video.

Your camera

Phones are what we use to capture those unexpected and magical moments in our lives, so if this is an important aspect for you when looking, make sure that you find out the camera quality and compare between different phones. Essentially the higher the number of megapixels, the better the camera will be, as it means that there is more detail and definition captured because there are more sensors built in to pick those things up. If you aren’t a budding snapper though, you may not want to pay more for a better camera as it would be wasted on you anyway. Or you may still want to opt for something decent, but aren’t in need of anything overly amazing. Most phone shops will allow you to try out various phones, meaning you can take a picture of something with multiple different ones, and then see from the image itself what looks better.

Your storage

One of the most frustrating things with having a phone, is getting that dreaded notification about lack of storage, and needing to delete some things. Once you get to a certain point, every app and every image and every song saved on your phone is a must-have, and so you’re left having to sacrifice something in order to save something else. So don’t put yourself in this kind of situation again, make sure that when you search for a phone, you are getting one with enough storage space on it to begin with. You can increase the space by buying a memory card, but even then, if you don’t have a lot to begin with, it will only allow you so much freedom.

Now that you know what areas to look at, have a proper think about what exactly you want to use your phone for. Is it to accumulate your social media following? Or is to manage things better with your business? Every single detail will change the final decision, so be sure to take out the time, and don’t buy on impulse or because you feel as if you’re being put under pressure. Salespeople are very helpful and can point you in a direction that you’re asking them for help with, but they’re also there to make as many sales as possible, which is why you should go into a store with your own information and knowledge about what you want.

Certain deals mean that you can pay for the phone monthly, but then also allow you to upgrade for less if and when a new model or make drops in stores, so if you like the newest things in technology, this may be a better route rather than buying the phone in full on the spot.

A Few Old-fashioned Low-tech Habits You Should Adopt on Your Heroes Path

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For anyone concerned with living an authentic life — and it stands to reason that living an authentic life is a prerequisite for living a heroic life and becoming the kind of person you really want to be — it’s clear that becoming detached from the day-to-day essentials of life is a problem to take very seriously.

Once upon a time, Henry David Thoreau wrote that he had retreated to a cabin in the woods because he wanted to experienced what was real in life, and to avoid being distracted by all of the things that weren’t “life.”

These days, with high-speed internet connections and a TV in every home, it can be all too easy for us to put off our own heroes journeys, simply because we’re distracted by the high-tech comforts, pleasures, and illusions of the modern world.

One way of pushing back against this unconscious tendency, is to do some things the old-fashioned way from time to time. Here are a few examples of places you can get started.

Shave with a safety razor

Shaving may not seem much like big deal to anyone, and it’d be hard to argue that the way we shave has any real impact on the kind of lives we live overall.

Don’t be fooled, though. Even something as simple and seemingly irrelevant as the way we shave, can dramatically affect the sense of mindfulness we carry into the rest of our lives in general, not to mention the appreciation we have for the small things.

Shaving with a traditional safety razor, badger bristle brush, and shaving soap, means having to be much more attentive and thoughtful about the entire shaving process. Shaving becomes a meditative ritual, rather than just something you do in 5-minutes before running out of the front door.

Journaling and planning in an actual notebook

The “Bullet Journal” is a big phenomenon of recent times, and although many people have taken to the practice of “bullet journaling” by filling notebooks with vivid artwork and graphs, the original bullet journal template is extremely pared down and minimalistic.

The significant thing is that bullet journaling takes place in traditional, physical, paper journals. It requires a more mindful approach to the way you record and plan your days, and it gets you off the internet and away from the computer.

Try journaling and planning in an actual notebook, and you may be surprised by just how freeing and rejuvenating the experience can be, not to mention efficient.

Reading books more than watching TV shows

TV shows can be great, but books are something else altogether. When you read a good novel, your imagination comes alive and constructs a world for you. When you watch a TV show or a movie, the world has, for all intents and purposes, been “constructed” already and is beamed at you while you sit there passively.

Try to make a point of reading books more than watching TV shows, and you’ll likely find that you have a much richer and deeper experience with your entertainment.


Peacefully Perfect Hobbies That Will Give You Time Away

Everyone has those days where they just want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re having a stressful time at work or you’re battling with a relationship issue you need to make sure you are putting your health first. You need to find that perfectly peaceful hobby that relaxes you and gives you time away from your hectic schedule. If you’re not sure where to start, then the following ideas might just spark some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to give all of them a try and see which one will work for you in the long run.


Many men head out to a local lake or riverside and enjoy the peace and tranquility that fishing brings to them. You can be alone with your thoughts and simply get away from whatever is stressing you out at the moment. Get prepared with all of the relevant equipment such as rods and Baitworks boilies. You might enjoy your fishing experience so much that is becomes a regular recreational activity for you. The best thing about fishing is that you can do it on your own, whenever you like.



Finding a comfortable corner in your home, the library or a local coffee shop and reading a good book is an excellent way to take your mind off your busy life. Whether you lose yourself in the world of science fiction or you become gripped to a crime thriller, there are so many fantastic books out there that will help you to find a bit of peace and quiet. You can read absolutely anywhere so make sure you carry your book around with you. You could pull out your book on the train to work, on your lunch break or even just before you go to bed.


The amazing thing about walking is that you can go somewhere new every time you step out of the house. Put on your headphones and listen to your favourite artist or even a good podcast and just let your body lead the way. You might only be walking for half an hour or so, but this will do your mind and body the world of good. This is the perfect activity to do at lunchtime or just after you get home from work so you can start to wind down at the end of the day.


Cooking is known to soothe many people’s souls so why not give it a try for yourself? If you’re venturing into the kitchen for the first time you need some easy recipes to get you started. Whether you love classic dishes such as curries or spaghetti bolognese or you have more adventurous taste buds, there are so many options for you to explore in the kitchen.

So find a peaceful activity that is going to help you release all of your stresses for the day. Whether you’re getting busy in the kitchen or relaxing with a fishing rod, there are so many different ideas for you to try right now.

10 Ways To Add Value To Your Car

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Got plans to sell your car? Before you put it up for sale, it could be worth considering a few small improvements – they could help to boost the value of your vehicle. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much money improving your vehicle, otherwise the added value may not be worth the cost of improvements. Here are just a few cheap ways in which you can guarantee added value to your vehicle.  

Clean it up

Cleaning your car could be enough to add value – people will pay more for a shiny car than they will for a dusty one. Try to give it a deep clean, focusing on more than simply the bodywork. This could include hoovering the interior, wiping stains off the upholstery, scrubbing down the tires and even cleaning the inside of the headlights. It’s possible to pay for professional detailing if you don’t have the time or patience to clean your vehicle yourself.

Wax and polish it

Applying wax to the bodywork could help to provide an extra sheen. Similarly you may want to polish up the wheels to give these a sparkle. This combined with cleaning can make a car look brand new and add huge amounts to the value. Just make sure that you use the correct products when shining up your vehicle, otherwise you could cause unwanted damage.

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Repair bumps and scratches

Bumps and scratches will seriously damage your car’s value. Try to get any minor damage fixed up before you sell. Most small bumps and scratches will cost very little to get repaired. There may even be some forms of damage that you can fix yourself – just check out these DIY scratch repair methods.

Make other small fixes

There could be other small repairs that you’ve been putting off until now because the issue wasn’t serious enough. Consider visiting a repair centre to get quotes on these repairs – if theses repairs are inexpensive, it could be worth getting them done so that you have one less fault to tell buyers about. This could then allow you to charge more.

Replace the headlight bulbs

Headlight bulbs tend to dim over time. Consider buying new bulbs for your car – you’ll be surprised by just how much of an impact this makes. There are guides online that can show you how to replace car headlight bulbs for those wanting to save money.

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Consider a personalised number plate

You could also consider investing in personalised number plates. Whilst some plates can be expensive, others can be surprisingly cheap. Having such plates can increase the value of your car by making it more individual. You can use the web to search for a personalised number plate. Try to choose something that isn’t to specific and likely to alienate buyers.

Buy new floor mats

Something as simple as floor mats could make an impact on the value of your car. A worn and dirty floor mat is likely to give your car a worn feel and could therefore lower the value. Consider replacing these mats with brand new ones.

Buy new window wipers

Old cracked window wipers could be another small feature worth replacing. Window wipers cost practically nothing to buy and are easy to replace making this a simple way to add value.

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Install seat covers

If your car seats are permanently stained or damaged, you may want to consider concealing these by buying seat covers to slip over the top. This could be much cheaper than buying brand new seats and could help to add value by hiding these horrible blemishes. Obviously, you don’t want to be using seat covers to hide up major damage – in such cases, it’s much better to come clean.

Organise your documents

It can also pay to organise your car’s documentation. When buying a used vehicle, most owners like to know the past of the vehicle, so having a record of it’s service history can be useful – this could include certificates of each MOT and any other repairs. You can also consider printing off a vehicle history report, which shows a full list of all the previous owners. Keep this all in a folder to present to buyers. Many will be willing to pay more for this added trust.

Your Own Little Solo Venture

Doesn’t this sound like a little bit of a dream. If you’ve been working the daily 9-5 grind, or whatever shift pattern you might do, for a while now, then you’re just going to be worn out. When you’re doing something that you most definitely don’t want to do, there’s nothing more aggravating than having to go to work and actually do it. So, why not think about your own little solo venture? It’s the perfect escape for anyone who is thinking that they’d just like to become their own boss. But, we will admit that going on a little solo venture isn’t always the cure to all of your problems. If you feel like you’re being overworked, then it’s probably not going to get any easier. If you feel as though you never have any personal time, then it won’t change that either. But, if you feel as though you need to go off on your own and accomplish something in the business world, then read on!

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The Brand Build

The first step into your solo venture will be to make sure you’re building a brand. What is that you might ask? Well, it’s a long and lengthy process, and just because your brand has been built, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to succeed. Brand consistency across the board is so important when you finally do get things up and running. For your employees, your customers, and you, it can be hard to maintain. Which is why you can use softwares to actually ensure your employees in particular are working within your brand guidelines. But, to create a successful brand in the first place, we truly do believe that you’re going to have to stand out from the crowd. Your brand name, logo, and the ethos you build your business on needs to be unique to ensure you stay appealing to a wide range of customers. Then, carry the brand throughout to make sure you maintain consistency.

Managing The Stress

The stress is something you’re definitely going to feel a lot of. You’ll have financial pressure, and the pressure to succeed weighing over your head. Our best advice for managing business stress is to predict problems before they even happen, and to have an outlet. Predicting problems before they even happens puts precautions and backup plans in place which we believe is essential. Having an outlet outside of your venture is also so important in helping you maintain a clear head, and distracting you from the stresses that your business might present.

From Solo To Partnered

Eventually, you might get to the point where your solo venture needs to become partnered, and we would always make sure that you’re partnering with someone you know. Someone who can help you run the business, take a lower share of the cut, and someone you can trust. Family members or friends are actually the best people to partner with, even if they have no clue about business! Just make sure above all, it’s someone you can trust.

How To Rock Your Work Wardrobe This Winter

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Unless you work in an industry that requires you to wear a specific uniform to work, then you likely have the choice of what outfit you’re going to be wearing each day – within reason, of course.

If you want to follow the lead of people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who decided to follow the pattern of buying multiple items of the same clothing for each day of the week, then you’re pretty much good to go and won’t have much to think about when it comes to getting ready for work each day.

Though, if you’re like most people, then you’ll probably prefer to mix up your looks each day, so to help you out with some inspiration for some stylish looks for the office that are also practical during winter, we’ve listed some of our top tips to keep you comfortable and on trend.

From jackets that will shield you against the cold, to fitted tweed suits, right down to matching accessories and winter shoes, we’ve got you covered.

  • Simple Suits: In most offices, you can’t really go wrong with a suit. Since you’re going to be spending at least 8 hours in it, then it’s really best to keep it simple. Neutral colours always work well, and if you have a few different suits, you can simply mix and match during the week with some colourful shirts and ties to jazz things up;
  • Casual Denim: This definitely depends on the culture and dress code of where you work because not everywhere allows employees to wear denim.

Typically you’ll find places like advertising agencies, IT and other creative companies will be more likely to have a casual dress code. Of course, this still needs to be kept to a reasonable limit, so you should probably leave your sneakers at home, but a nice pair of jeans with a smart shirt, shoes and a dressy jumper to keep you warm is certainly a good office look;

  • Sensible Shoes: Generally when people think of sensible shoes, they think of boring, uncomfortable ones, but that’s definitely not so much the case these days. The fact is, when you’re going to be spending all day in your shoes – especially if you live in a place with harsh winters, then you’re going to want to invest in a solid pair of shoes that will, not only keep you dry as you go to work, but will be comfortable and still look stylish;
  • Winter Coats: Okay, so hopefully your office is warm enough inside that you won’t feel the need to be wearing a coat indoors, but for the times when you’re going to and from work, you’re going to need something that will keep you warm and dry.

Investing in a winter coat is always a good idea, and this is one area where you should be focusing on functionality over style – you can always wear a dressier coat underneath, but something waterproof will serve you well when you’re making the 8 am commute to the office in the rain.

As annoying and inconvenient as winter can be – especially when you’re having to go to work in the middle of it, the cold weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. By simply choosing a few key pieces from the options above, you’ll easily have a stylish and practical winter work wardrobe.