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Lauren Elkin’s New Book Will Change the Way You Think About Your Commute

Rohmer Buses – A Good Marriage

There’s something about emerging from lockdown that has made diaristic writing feel fresh. It’s probably to do with all that time we spent alone: suddenly, the ordinary rush and press of moving through the city, of a commute, has become interesting again. One way to observe all of it might be through the window of a bus, and one way to write it down might be via iPhone notes. Recently, I’ve been in a new city (Berlin) and have tapped into my screen such fascinating observations as, “Manhellip;

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“They’re Astounding”: The Radical Beauty of Helen Frankenthaler’s Woodcuts


Helen Frankenthaler was just 23 when she was thrust into the centre of the New York art scene. It was the autumn of 1952, and the Manhattan-born painter had debuted her now-renowned oil painting Mountains and Sea – an abstract amalgamation of colour inspired by the seaswept cliffs of Nova Scotia. The work was a trailblazing debut for Frankenthaler, and instantly placed her at the forefront of America‘s abstract expressionist movement.

A varied and formidablehellip;

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2004_SnowPines_AP copynbsp;2000_MadameButterfly_APnbsp;1998_TalesOfGenjiV_AP copynbsp;1998_TalesOfGenjiIII_APnbsp;1993_Freefall_AP_3-8_REVISEDnbsp;1983_CedarHill_AP copynbsp;
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Vanessa Beecroft on Inspiration, Isolation and Her Sensual Figurative Works

Vanessa Beecroft

For over 25 years, performances have been integral to Vanessa Beecroft’s practice. The artist, who grew up in Italy and is based in LA, also works in sculpture, painting and photography, much of which looks to the performance art she has long honed. A Beecroft show – since the first in the early 90s, each has been titled VB1, VB2, and on – is recognisable for some key signatures: a group of women stand in a stark formation, sometimes all nude and otherhellip;

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Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;Vanessa Beecroftnbsp;
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Wales Bonner’s New Collection Celebrates Celestial Music Pioneer, Laraaji

Vision Songs

Wales Bonner has unveiled a new capsule collection which pays tribute to celestial music pioneer, Laraaji. Based in New York City, the legendary multi-instrumentalist was born Edward Larry Gordon in Philadelphia, in 1943. He began his music career studying composition and piano at Howard University, before going on to perform trance-inducing sets on a modified auto-harp in outdoor public spaces during the 1970s.hellip;

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Vision Songsnbsp;Vision Songsnbsp;Vision Songsnbsp;Vision Songsnbsp;Vision Songsnbsp;Vision Songsnbsp;
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In Pictures: 40 Years of British Youth

Sadie Catt_Alice in the Bath

“It is nothing new to say that photographs are a critical platform through which young people can be seen, heard and remembered,” says Liz Hingley, the curator of a new photography exhibition at Side Gallery in Newcastle. “The last 40 years are especially significant, as they capture the rise of our networked world and the ability to represent ourselves in the digital sphere,” she goes on, describing the basis of Youth Rising in the UK, 1981-2021.

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Alys Tomlinson_Preciousnbsp;Maryam Wahid_ Young Married and Migratednbsp;Christopher Nunn_Niamhnbsp;Sadie Catt_Alice in the Bathnbsp;Paul Knox_ from the Emmaus seriesnbsp;Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen Writing in the Sandnbsp;
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Inside the Highly Personal Zine From Corinne Day’s Muse Tara St Hill

Tara by Tara St Hill

Some of the most intimate moments of Tara St Hill’s youth were captured on camera. For the stylist – whose work has been featured in i-D, Interview, Re-Edition, SSAW and 10 Magazine, among others, and who has shot with photographers including Nan Goldin and Drew Jarrett – was best friend, muse and stylist to one of the 90s’ most important image-makers: Corinne Day.

St Hill is one of the main characters of Day’s cult 2000hellip;

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Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;Tara by Tara St Hillnbsp;
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Five Easy Ways to Start a Plastic-Free Beauty Routine


It’s easy to ignore beauty’s plastic problem. As soon as you look at the stats, it can feel overwhelming: the industry is reportedly responsible for creating 120 billion units of plastic packaging each year, with a nominal amount of these materials being recycled effectively. As plastics can take around 500 years to decompose (every toothbrush that’s ever been made still exists), much of it ends up eitherhellip;

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It Must Be Heaven: Director Elia Suleiman on His Droll New Comedy

It Must Be Heaven, 2020

“It feels strange to think about talking about things other than this,” says Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman, speaking over the phone from his home in Paris. It’s March 20, 2020 and his fourth feature It Must Be Heaven is set to hit cinemas in a couple of weeks – although, as it transpires, the release will be delayed for over a year.

“This”, of course, being the pandemic, the gravity of which is just beginning to sink in. The French capital is four dayshellip;

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