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Photographs of the Weird and Wonderful Sights at Miami Art Basel

Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography

Each December, the American leg of the international art fair Art Basel descends on Miami, bringing with it a raft of colourful attendees – many of whom are there for a single purpose: to buy art. What follows is a weekend of the world’s super rich mingling with up-and-coming artists across the city – something that makes for particularly good people watching. From oligarchs and their wives, to young artists wearing their…

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Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography Miami Art Basel 2018 fashion street style photography 
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What to Buy Your Friend Who Only Wears Black for Christmas


Black is a dramatic, mysterious colour – well-known for its connection to darkness, both literally and metaphorically. Commonly associated with evil, death and the occult, it represents power and authority, or, in the case of the late, great Azzedine Alaïa, joy (he dubbed it a “very happy colour”). Some people refuse to wear any other colour, believing, as Christian Dior <a…

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Simone Rocha Raey Prada Shrimps MM6 Maison Margiela Oscar De La Renta 
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The Instagram Account Providing 1980s Hair and Make-Up Inspiration


“I was looking for really good 1980s hair and make-up references for my own personal use,” explains graphic designer and founder of Instagram account @beautybook1985, Laura Wingrove. “I was struggling because all I could find online was people recreating looks that Madonna and Cyndi Lauper had worn. But I wanted something that real women were wearing – not just models and pop icons. So I went on the hunt for the…

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1 1 Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 16.42.25 1 1 1 
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Labour and Lesbian Lands: An Interview with Feminist Artist Carmen Winant


Imagine a feminist idyll. What would it look like? A piece of land, perhaps, bowl-shaped with forested hillsides that slope into a large, beautiful meadow? A place where only women roam? In 1976, the Oregon Women’s Land Trust (OWLT) acquired just such a spot, a vast 147 acres in size; and with that purchase, a radical feminist movement was born. Here, the trust established a ‘womyn’-only community – open to any woman, no matter her means –…

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Five Ingenious Ways to Keep Warm with Layers


At Balenciaga A/W18, Demna Gvasalia posed an important question: why simply wear one coat or jacket when you can style 1,000 on top of one another at once? Okay, so 1,000 might be an over-exaggeration. Nevertheless, through a faux-piling of outerwear on top of outerwear to create a mille-feuille of nylon, Gvasalia produced some clever, structured garments that artfully referenced the sculptural codes of the French fashion house. 

In addition to a pleasingly bulbous…

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Marianne Faithfull on Suffering, Songwriting and How We Over-Philosophise


“It’s not automatic, no!”

Singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull is sitting in her Paris apartment as she exclaims this into the microphone of her mobile. She’s talking on speaker as her arms are very painful, she explains. “I just have to wait, until it happens really,” she continues; she’s talking about writing her 21st solo album, Negative Capability, which hits stores today. “I write about my life and what’s happening – it is quite…

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In the Studio, in the Nude: An Artist Capturing Queer Masculinity


Artists’ studios make for great stages. They possess myriad functions: lab, playground, therapist’s office. And some of the greatest photographers have used their studios to explore queerness, safely: Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol, Duane Michals. It’s understandable then Paul Mpagi Sepuya is continuing this tradition by setting his portraits squarely in his LA studio. As a queer black male, it’s one of the few safe spaces he has.

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Darkroom-Mirror-Study-2017-C-Paul-Mpagi-Sepuya Figure-Ground-Study-2016-C-Paul-Mpagi-Sepuya Mirror Study 2016 Paul Mpagi Sepuya Mirror Study 2017 Paul Mpagi Sepuya Mirror-Study-2016-C-Paul-Mpagi-Sepuya Mirror-Study-for-Joe-2017-C-Paul-Mpagi-Sepuya-33 
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A Tribute to Ancient African Culture, Painted With 24-Carat Gold


When British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor enrolled in college in the United States, she was confronted with the subject of race and identity in a manner she had never considered prior to coming to America. “I realised what it meant to be Black in the US, and experienced the cultural realities that came with it,” Viktor tells AnOther.

Charged with the desire to examine her roots and explore her heritage, Viktor discovered an…

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Additional-Lina-Iris-Viktor Lina-Iris-Viktor,-Eighth-(2018).-Pure-24-Karat-Gol Lina-Iris-Viktor,-Eleventh-(2018).-Pure-24-Karat-G Lina-Iris-Viktor,-First-(2018).-Pure-24-Karat-Gold Lina-Iris-Viktor,-Seventh-(2018).-Pure-24-Karat-Go Lina-Iris-Viktor,-Sixth-(2018).-Pure-24-Karat-Gold 
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How Bauhaus Pioneer Anni Albers Radically Modernised Weaving


As curator Ann Coxon explains, it is somewhat unconventional to place a loom at the entrance of a major Tate retrospective. “It’s very surprising to have a show that is predominantly textiles at Tate Modern,” says Coxon. “We’ve shown work by Sonia Delaunay, for example, but you start with paintings and progress through to later see that she did something with fashion, but to actually start with a loom, and for it to be all about weaving, is quite unusual for us.”

Born in Berlin in…

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047_Anni-Albers,-Six-Prayers,-1966-67 034_Anni Albers, Pasture, 1958 Anni-Albers, With Verticals, 1946 Anni Albers, TR II, 1970 Anni Albers, Necklace, c.1940 Anni Albers, Knot, 1947 
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The Antwerp Exhibition Reframing Textile Art of the 1970s and 80s


Textile art is having a bit of a ‘moment’. This week a major exhibition on the work of radical Modern weaver Anni Albers opens at Tate Modern, while author Katie Treggidden has just released a new book profiling some of the most exciting global talent. The timing could not be better for SOFT? Tactile Dialogues, a new exhibition on textile and fibre art in Belgium organised by Antwerp’s fashion museum, MoMu.

Textile artists – particularly women – have fought a…

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