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AnOther’s 2014 Must Haves

Bear Brooksbank Smoky Quartz Ring
Bear Brooksbank Smoky Quartz Ring

Christmas is over, everything’s been unwrapped and as we sit atop a mound of recycling, we have to confess there are a few things in the stores that we still have our eyes on. So, to celebrate the madness of sale season, AnOther’s editors have chosen those last few items that slipped through Father Christmas’s net; a few things that would make 2014 just that little bit better.

Tish Wrigley, AnOther assistant editor: Be…

The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn

The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn
Enda Bowe

“The soft grey light Ireland has for most of the year is the light l love, full of tones and sensitivity. It is the grey light l imagine Vermeer using as he painted in the Netherlands, full of subtlety, soft colours, and possibilities,” says photographer Enda Bowe. His new book, The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn, catches this light in gentle photographs of the cherry blossom in unexpected urban environments.

The book has…

The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn The Cherry Blossom in Kilburn

AnOther’s Best Dressed of All Time

Jean Seberg
Jean Seberg

This is the time of year when fashion journalists swivel round on their chairs to observe the style highlights of the past twelve months; to opine on March’s Oscar gowns and summer’s ubiquitous dungarees and to crown their 2013 sartorial stars. At AnOther, we’re not sure anyone in 2013 has quite matched up to the originals, so we’ve decided to list our Top Ten Best Dressed of All Time, made up of our favourite participa…

AnOther’s Top 10 Heartwarming Films

Benny and Joon still
Benny and Joon still

What better way to spend Boxing Day than snuggled up on the sofa, eating leftovers and watching a brilliant film? Here we bring you our Top 10 Heartwarming Films – from timeless classics and delightful animations to lesser-known gems – to provide some essential viewing inspiration.

1. Some Like It Hot (1959)
Some Like It Hot is the ultimate feel good film to get you in the holiday mood. In an attempt to escape Chicago m…

Top 10 January Recommendations

Derek Jarman
Derek Jarman © Ray Dean

1. Derek Jarman, Pandemonium – January 23
To mark the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman’s death, from an HIV-related illness in February 1994, Somerset House will host an exhibition featuring his creative practices as director, filmmaker, set designer, painter, diarist, poet, gardener and gay rights activist, and examining his relationship with London throughout the 1970s.

2. BFI Southbank Film Screenings –…

Burning the Pyramids (Art of Mirrors), Derek Jarman, 1970-73 Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine in Rebecca, 1940 Joaquin Phoenix in Her Detail of Flower Ballet, a textile designed by Salvador Dalí, circa 1947, printed by Wesley Simpson on their ‘Pebble Crêpe’ rayon Full moon at Cape Verde William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Tangier, 1957 Unknown photographer, Burroughs in the Hotel Villa Mouniria Garden, Tangier Compagnie Philippe Genty

The Best of 2013: An Intellectual Fashion

Grayson Perry, in AnOther Magazine A/W11
Grayson Perry, in AnOther Magazine A/W11 Photography by Gareth McConnell

In his column, An Intellectual Fashion, critical thinker Donatien Grau swirls the seemingly incompatible concepts of fashion and academia into a cocktail of sartorial wisdom, design nous and political intent. Interviewing a pantheon of designers, artists, writers, creatives and innovators, he has delicately probed them into exploring the personal manifestos that guide their work and the way they dress, th…

The Best of 2013: Quotes of the Year

Father and Son, Juergen Teller
Father and Son, Juergen Teller Photography by Juergen Teller

A highlight of the AnOther website is Jefferson Hack’s version of the Proust Questionnaire, in which he asks key individuals from art, fashion, culture and music the same series of intriguing questions. Every person responds differently, and the result is a series of personal and illuminating interviews that get to the heart of some of the world’s most enthralling characters. Here we present our favourite quote…

The Best of 2013: Insiders

Judy Blame
Judy Blame Photography by Eddie Monsoon

Kin Woo has been writing his Insiders column since 2009, delving behind the scenes and into the corners of the fashion industry, discovering the people who make the wheels turn. He has met photographers, filmmakers and stylists, agents, perfumiers and artisans. He has spoken to tattooists and milliners, the people who source for vintage stores and those who stock the best shops in the world. He has been inside the w…


Peach Blown Vase, 1886, Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.
Peach Blown Vase, 1886, Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.

Oh ceramics! Smashing!


Although I have to say I’m a little surprised you are starting this column new themes in contemporary art column with ceramics.

Oh really?

Yes! I was expecting Internet stuff. Fluorescent GIFs and Vine videos. Slimy animations of gunge? Gradients!

No, none of that. Well, not for the moment anyway.

Okay.  Let’s hear it then. What is so contemporary about ceramics?

Well, several artist…

Peach Blown Vase, 1886, Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.