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Dear Hugh Jackman, You Need a Better Mullet

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman took to Instagram yesterday to show off his latest haircut. Which, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be that interesting, but Jackman’s latest ‘do happens to be a mullet. But, upon closer inspection it’s a pitiful example. Why, the back is just a mere cowlick compared to some of history’s more impressive short-longs. Here are five Tennessee Top Hats that best Jackman’s simpering cut. 

See our five favorite mullets of all time (plus a bonus!), after the jump.


Happy Birthday David Bowie, Man of Style

Jesus. Have you read David Bowie’s What I’ve Learned? I hadn’t but I just did because, well, it’s Bowie’s 67th birthday. 

Which is crazy because not only does he looks amazing, he just released an excellent new album. Oh, and because he’s probably the world’s most unexpected fashion legend. 

Because, let’s admit it, when it comes to the annals of style, Bowie will be remembered as the original renegade. And despite his out there, gender-bending, and oftentimes confrontational personas (Bowie didn’t just wear clothing, he immersed himself in fully-realized characters) the spectacle that he created around himself was as riveting and perplexing as his music—and intertwined to the point that the two became inseparable. 

Anyway, you’re awesome Mr. B. And if you haven’t already, you really, really should read about what he’s learned


Quiz: Miami Vice or Prada Campaign?

No denying that Prada is the epitome of cool. And what could be cooler than turning something laughably cheesy into something utterly desirable? Like, say, taking the questionable fashion from the 80s show Miami Vice and remaking it into something that you’d actually wear. That you want to wear. That’s exactly what designer Miuccia Prada did with her spring 2014 collection—all tropical florals and loose tailoring—and now we have the seasonal campaign to hammer the point home. Prada alum and actor Dane DeHaan once again stars in the campaign, shot by lensman Annie Leibovitz, looking all sorts of Zoolander as he nails the whole dead-eye-casual-slouch thing. Nicely done. 

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The Worst Grooming Trends of All Time

Everything you need to know about the history of mankind can be learned through grooming. That’s right, we said it. Read the history books all you want or look back at the headlines of the day, but really, you only get a clear picture of what life was like in times of yore by looking at those contraptions people invented to clean, shave, grow, style, and remove hair, look sexy, smell nice, and enhance their sex drive. It’s the real people’s history.

And what you’ll find is that in most cases, things aren’t as bad today as they may seem. We may have bizarre contraptions like this personal back hair remover and soap made to smell like whiskey, but at least no one’s strapping radium to their genitals in order to have better sex (we hope) and vacuums, it has been discovered, work best on floors, not heads. What are we talking about? Click below to find out.