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Launched in November 1995 by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor, two former Harvard Business Review editors, Fast Company magazine was founded on a single premise: A global revolution was changing business, and business was changing the world. Discarding the old rules of business, Fast Company set out to chronicle how changing companies create and compete, to highlight new business practices, and to showcase the teams and individuals who are inventing the future and reinventing business.

11 Amazing Vintage Herman Miller Offices

Plus some gorgeous mid-century modern homes, all from the furniture giant’s addictive Instagram account.

If you haven’t discovered the lush Instagram account of American furniture giant Herman Miller, consider yourself lucky. I wasted an unseasonably glorious Sunday afternoon combing through images of secretaries with bouffant hairdos in prim little offices, and it made me long for eras I never lived through (and ones that, frankly, aren’t worth longing for).

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This Interactive Map Shows How Far You Could Travel In 24 Hours

Think your holiday flights were long? Think again.

At a time of year in which most of us are recovering from cramped flights, jet lag, and layovers, it’s easy to forget just how good humans have become at traveling distances that would have seemed virtually insurmountable a couple of hundred years ago. In fact, compared to our forebears, we travel so quickly and efficiently that we may as well be a race of transdimensional teleporters.

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