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TAG Heuer, Too, Is a ‘Euphoria’ Fan

Like Miu Miu and pretty much the rest of the fashion industry, TAG Heuer, too, is a Euphoria fan. And it just made the show’s most-hated character its newest brand ambassador.

Yes, Jacob Elordi — also known as Euphoria‘s main antagonist, Nate Jacobs — is the new face of TAG Heuer, officially joining the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s all-star roster alongside Naomi Osaka, Jimmy Butler, and Ryan Gosling.

In honor of his ambassadorship, Elordi debuted the newest TAG Heuer Monaco iteration, a limited edition Monaco watch designed especially with the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in mind.

The latest TAG Heuer watch — a first-of-its-kind Monaco crafted with titanium coated with diamond-like carbon — not only celebrates the watch’s racing roots and the historic Monaco Grand Prix but honors legendary actor Steve McQueen whose Le Mans performance launched the watch into icon status on the big screen.

Rightfully so, TAG Heuer presented the Monaco torch to Elordi – an actor who, like McQueen, embodies a confident on and off-screen sensibility in line with the very essence the Monaco piece epitomizes.

Not to mention, Elordi is quite an assured fashion guy himself. Hello people, he is part of the Euphoria gang — the show whose characters’ distinctive style currently has the fashion industry in an obsessive chokehold.

Though he’s no fashion poster girl like Chloe Cherry or “it” girl like Zendaya, Elordi has been praised for understated style (solid bag action included), which caught the eye of labels like Bottega Veneta and Burberry. And well, now TAG Heuer is on the Elordi wave too.

Obviously, Jacob Elordi is nothing like his twisted Euphoria character. But, his IRL straightforward, noise-free style and demeanor have become an intriguing spectacle to watch, and the scheduled programming continues with TAG Heuer.


Next Stop on the BTS Express: The White House

Like the rest of the world, President Joe Biden wants to meet the faces behind the K-pop boyband BTS. So, he cordially invited the global sensation to the White House for a little visit and chat.

BTS’ RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook will touch down at the White House on May 31 to commemorate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) Heritage Month.

As one of the most impactful global phenomenons, BTS possesses a significant cultural influence that spans far beyond the entertainment sphere. They’ve infiltrated fashion through Louis Vuitton and their MLB x New Era collab and used their worldwide reach to advocate for just societal initiatives supported by UNICEF and Black Lives Matter.

So, it should be no surprise that Biden wants to hear BTS’ thoughts on the current state of art and culture. After all, it would be coming straight from the mouths of the realm’s guiding figureheads.

With the recent spikes in Anti-Asian hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian music group has been vocal about the Stop Asian Hate message. So, BTS will also take the time to converse directly with Biden about discrimination and the senseless violent acts plaguing the Asian community.


— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) March 30, 2021

It’s no secret that BTS’ White House visit is very major, not only for the K-pop group but its band of extremely loyal, diehard stans.

Naturally, the BTS Army is already on top of the news surrounding their favorite heartthrobs, with one fan account calling the moment “so huge.”

If it’s anything like the 2022 Grammys, the Army will be locked on BTS’ looks and ‘fits for the White House appearance (more like fixated on Kim “V” Taehyung), which I suspect will be courtesy of their ambassadoree Louis Vuitton.

Nonetheless, BTS fans will be more than happy to just see their faves at all, especially knowing they go hard for musicians who actually use their international platform to spread positivity and bring attention to real-life topics within their community.

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Balenciaga’s Hole-y Shoe, Emily Weiss Departs Glossier, Drake’s Custom Arc’teryx

It’s the weekend, baby!

And what a week it’s been. Between Kravis’ spon-con wedding, L’oreal’s rumored Byredo acquisition, Anti Social Social Club’s acquisition, Swedish House Mafia’s IKEA collection, and Kim Kardashian’s Beyond Meat blunder, we didn’t have time to breathe.

On top of that, leaks came to a head with the Balenciaga x adidas reveals, amplified by Yeezy himself.

Speaking of, Kanye teased his own McDonald’s meal before dishing his latest YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga collection, though it didn’t stave off mixed reviews or GAP’s financial woes.

The drops came hot ‘n heavy, as well, with Supreme’s Nike gear, Awake NY’s Crocs, thisisneverthat’s New Balance, Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Spring 2023 collection, Jordan’s “Red Oreo” 6s, NOCTA’s black Hot Step, Gucci’s ŌURA ring, Engineered Garments’ Suicokes, KITH’s Summer 2022 collection, Aimé Leon Dore’s disappearing New Balances, and Nike’s new women’s football kits and Air Rifts all appearing over the past week.

Elsewhere, Chanel opened some private boutiques, Travis Scott’s Air Trainers resurfaced, Louis Vuitton exhibited its Air Force 1 collection, and we reminisced about porn star Ilona Staller took Cannes.

Now, if you need us, we’ll be changing our pillowcases.

“Was the Paris all just a bad dream? Not a dream, it turns out. The Paris exists, and it feels almost sacrilegious to touch.”

“If you’re looking for quality, or at least footwear that will last you through a festival, I’m sorry to say it but Shein ain’t it.”

“A unique perspective and close alignment with communities engrained in the African diaspora have catapulted Daily Paper beyond its global peers; over the past few years, it’s become one of the most celebrated, relevant, and respected Black brands the world over.”

“’ERL is not just about clothing, as many people might think,’ Eli Russel Linnetz toldHighsnobiety. ‘For me, it’s the expression of my soul and my life’s work, and it’s constantly evolving and growing.’”

“You could argue that this jacket’s doing all the heavy lifting for Drake (stylistically-speaking) but credit where credit’s due: sometimes even the guy responsible for the Chrome Hearts Rolls Royce gets it right.”

“Weiss was central to building the Glossier empire —  a business that, at launch, offered an exciting alternative to heavy-handed, maximalist makeup best worn by the Kardashians. Her departure marks a momentous moment in makeup history.”


KITH’s Upcoming New Balance Sneakers Are a Trip Down Memory Lane

Visit the original post to see all 4 images from this gallery.

Good things come in fours for New Balance & Ronnie Fieg‘s KITH, especially when it’s four sneaker collabs.

While model Lono Brazil and actor Giancarlo Esposito effortlessly carried the Summer ’22 collection, the New York-based brand also snuck in shots of its upcoming New Balance sneaker collabs in the lookbook, including the 990v1, 990v2, 9990v3, and 990v4 models.

Though KITH celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2021, clearly, Ronnie Fieg isn’t done reminiscing. Basically, Fieg takes OG KITH fans down memory lane through nods to past New Balance collab colorways with the forthcoming sneakers.

Recently debuted by Fieg himsef, the 990v2 sneaker references the collaborative New Balance 997.5 “Cyclades” color scheme flow for flow, taking on the 2015 shoe’s Mykonos-inspired aquatic blue, sandy beige, and neon orange hues.

Meanwhile, the 990v4 basically brings back a remake of a classic colorway, channeling the hues of the 2018 KITH x UNITED ARROWS & SONS x New Balance 997 — aka an homage to the iconic 2009 United Arrows x New Balance 997.5 sneakers (a shoe that went triple platinum in Ye‘s pre-YEEZY daily rotation).

Then, where have I seen the KITH x New Balance 990v3‘s navy blue, light grey, and beige (can’t forget the pops of pink) before? Oh yeah, the exact colorway appeared on the brand’s 2013 New Balance 1600 “Daytona” sneaker, inspired by Fieg’s escapes to Daytona Beach.

Though it doesn’t reference a past colorway, per se, the “Dusty Rose” 990v1s indeed possess a sense of familiarity through its pastel hue.

It’s no secret that KITH enjoys the faded pink shade of its muted color story, incorporating the delicate pigment in its 2020 “Dusty Rose” 990v2 and RC_1300 collabs.

Forget waiting till the next milestone anniversary. Fieg’s celebrating KITH’s history as we speak, referencing defying colorways that distinguished KITH as a brand and played a vital role in one of its most game-changing friendships with New Balance.

As of now, there’s no release date for any of these upcoming KITH x New Balance kicks, but with campaign appearances like this, I suspect we’ll be getting them very soon.


Salvation Army Claps Back at Balenciaga’s Paris Sneaker

Salvation Army has hijacked the release of Balenciaga‘s controversial Paris sneaker, an intentionally tattered and torn high-top, with a PR stunt of its own.

The international charity just launched “Truly Destroyed,” a website and fundraising initiative spotlighting threadbare shoes that once belonged to houseless folks — footwear that looks uncomfortably similar to Balenciaga’s $1,850 sneakers.

Mimicking the design of Balenciaga’s website and campaign imagery, Truly Destroyed invites viewers to “discover the collection,” a range of dirty, yellowing shoes priced at €1,450. Each “product page” boasts details including “painful fit,” “detached sole,” and “blood residue.” Visitors are prompted to donate to Salvation Army, which helps provide food, housing, and financial assistance to those living in poverty.

“The fashion world is all about how clothes and shoes look,” said Thamar Keuning, marketing and communications officer at Salvation Army ReShare. “The creativity and variety that comes with it can be wonderful, as is high fashion, or Balenciaga for that matter.

“However, it is also sometimes at odds with what clothing means to most of the people we deal with, and that is purely functional. The destroyed shoes of a homeless person opposite the high-fashion products of this fashion industry literally and symbolically reflect the inequality in the world.”

Creative directors Julio Álvarez and César García clarified that Truly Destroyed isn’t intended as an attack on Balenciaga, nor on creative director Demna Gvasalia.

“We have a lot of respect for Gvasalia’s vision… We understand the fashion world has its codes, and we are not here to judge them,” Álvarez said.

“If anything, we’re thankful they decided to come up with the limited-edition sneakers described as ‘totally destroyed,’ because that’s what sparked our idea: selling used sneakers worn by people living in the streets. Not treated to look destroyed, but truly destroyed, due to their tough life conditions.”

However you interpret Balenciaga’s Paris sneaker and Salvation Army’s response, this isn’t the first (or last) time class, politics, and fashion have intertwined. Take Gen Z’s obsession with Carhartt and Dickies, for example, a taste for workwear traditionally favorited by blue collar workers.

Whatever Balenciaga’s intention was, the Paris sneaker is more than a shoe — it’s a meme, a statement on social class, and a question of appropriation.

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Fashion Obscura: When Cicciolina, Porn Star-Turned-Politician, Went to Cannes

Fashion Obscura is Highsnobiety’s series voyaging through the annals of under-appreciated fashion history.

Cannes is coming to a close, signaling the advent of my annual duty: to remind people of the time porn star, politician, and Jeff Koons‘ soon-to-be-wife Ilona Staller — AKA Cicciolina — attended the swanky film festival nearly naked.

Staller rose to international fame for her doomed relationship with Koons, who depicted the duo having sex in his controversial series “Made in Heaven.” But the Hungarian-Italian was destined to make history, with or without the high-profile relationship.

To briefly recap Staller’s unconventional career path: in the early ’70s, she met pornographer Riccardo Schicchi and, with his help, landed roles in several pornographic films, including the famous Carne Bollente.

While building her pornography career under the stage name Cicciolina, Staller became involved with the nuclear disarmament and animal rights movements in Italy, eventually leading her to join the country’s Green Party. In 1979, the party presented her as a parliamentary candidate.

In 1985, though, she turned her attention to the libertarian Radical Party, focused on human rights, disarmament, and abortion. When the Radicals asked her to run for Parliament in the Lazio district, she accepted and in 1987, she was elected to office.

Regarded by some as a feminist icon, Staller wielded her sexuality as a political tool — and used it to poke fun at the institutional, boy’s club mentality of politics. Instead of addressing male members of Parliament as “Your Honor,” she called them cicciolini, a masculinization of her stage name that loosely translates to “cute little tubby boys.”

In 1988, she attended Cannes on behalf of the Italian government, an opportunity she milked to the fullest extend. Clinching herself a spot in red carpet hall of fame, the politician wore a gauzy dress with ample cut-outs that bared her breasts, stomach, and legs. She completed the look with a flower crown, fishnet thigh-highs, and a Popples stuffed animal, a children’s toy that would soon become her signature.

The daring ensemble is still ridiculed to this day, but I like to think that Cicciolina was — and still is — way ahead of her time. La vita è radicale, baby!

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The Week That Luxury Collabs Ate Each Other

What happens when Louis Vuitton, Nike, Dior, ERL, Balenciaga, and adidas all debut collaborations in the same week? Not much, actually.

It’s like we said not so long ago: luxury labels have lost the collaboration plot. What was once a uniquely sneaker-related problem has now infected the fashion biz from the bottom up.

What was once an earth-shattering occurrence has become a bi-weekly eyebrow raise at best.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme shook the world because it was the first time two equally titanic brands from different sides of the fashion fence got together. Two different eras of streetwear united in a major way with Palace Skateboards x Ralph Lauren and Dior x Air Jordan 1 was so many sneaker customizers’ wet dreams made real.

It’s not even that successive luxury/street tie-ins aren’t interesting anymore, it’s just that we’ve seen it all before, with brands running the risk of cannibalizing each other’s thunder as their collaborations begin running together. Been there, copped that.

Which, again, isn’t to say that Louis Vuitton x Nike, Balenciaga x adidas, nor ERL x Dior don’t deserve to exist or aren’t worth making a big deal about.

Hell, this very site wrote about Balenciaga x adidas no fewer than five times so it ain’t like we don’t care.

It’s just that we all drown in wave after wave of newness. The world moves so quickly that you can’t smell the roses, let alone appreciate the creative vision that multiple design teams assembled in a quarter of the time it used to take.

How could anyone possibly take the time necessary to soak in the archival remixing at Dior x ERL, the craft that goes into each Louis Vuitton Air Force 1, or the post-capitalist cheekiness of Balenciaga’s latest presentation?

I mean, the Met Gala — which wasn’t even a month ago, mind you — is a great example of this very real problem of the now: weeks if not months of labor exerted in ateliers across the globe was boiled down to a 24-hour blur, never to be spoken of again (except, perhaps, only in passing prior to next year’s event).

The funny thing is, not only did all of the above big-name collabs launch this week, YEEZY GAP dropped its latest collection and Gucci debuted its latest runway show (and a collaborative smart ring and a Roblox city and a new bag line and…)

And we hardly had time to take any of it in because, in this business, to stop moving is to be left behind is to die.

Really, the problem is bigger than any one brand can handle: it’s the fashion industry’s fault. We (rightly) hate fast-fashion but its turbo-turnover has giddy-up’d the business at large.

In the same way that social media killed our short-term attention spans, scroll culture has making it so that everything has to happen yesterday or else be rendered irrelevant.

We’re at a point where even the luxury juggernauts are speeding through their seasonal collections, collaborations, and even creative directors. It just ain’t sustainable, in every sense of the word.

This is less of a plea for solutions (they ain’t coming) and more a stark realization, crystalized once again by the overwhelming speed in which we collectively indulged in headline-shattering collaborations that each could’ve easily been the biggest fashion moment of the year where we still living in The Before Time.

But the fashion cycle is no longer a twirling carousal, patiently revolving at its own leisure.

It’s now a blistering rollercoaster, blasting through peaks and valleys with more G-force than the human body was meant to withstand. It’s a fun ride, sure, but the thrills are short-lived.


The Internet Has Mixed Feels Toward YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga’s Second Drop

Demna and Ye are back at it again for a second round of YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga gear.

Like the last rollout, YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga opts for Demna’s locked character aesthetic with face-less models wearing the latest collection’s pieces.

The “CREATIVE EXPLORATION” — as the YEEZY GAP press release dubs the latest drop — follows three design codes: neutral hues, oversized silhouettes, and layers, aka the staples of the Ye style starter pack.

Though we’re on the brink of summer, Ye and Demna ignore the approaching scorching season, dropping a puffer jacket, sateen jumpsuit, and long sleeve tops for the latest YEEZY GAP and Balenciaga drop.

In the footsteps of the last collection, more tees (summer-approved crop top activity included) and hoodies join the newest offering in a range of muted colorways like dark green and black.

As teased during his trip to Japan with girlfriend Chaney Jones, Ye’s flame cap also dropped during the collection’s launch on May 27 alongside an erm, foldable hat, keychain, snake crossbody bag, and polyester balaclava-style face mask.

Basically, YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga could easily pass for a Yeezy-influenced Slenderman wardrobe, a dripped-out submissive, or new Fortnite skins.

Of course, Ye’s fan club of diehards has nothing but praise for their fave’s latest YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga offering.

After all, the Ye fandom has enjoyed a fair share of Ye content lately, including his beefy booted appearance at Balenciaga’s Spring ’23 show, West’s MUJI-designed McDonald’s meal, and the release of Ye and XXXTentacion’s “True Love” song.

After a week of Kanye appearances, I doubt fans are complaining about more baggy hoodies and tees adjacent to the style of their hailed Yeezus leader.

However, the second YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga release’s pricing indeed brought about divided feelings from the internet. In the words of Fat Joe, “Yesterday’s price is not today’s price,” as the YEEZY GAP collection saw a considerable price hike during its second drop.

On the YEEZY GAP site, the collection ranged from $40 to $340 ($440 if you want to include the denim jacket, which hasn’t dropped yet). Meanwhile, retailers like Mytheresa and Farfetch sell the padded cotton hoodie and snake bag pieces for $200 and $500, respectively.

Naturally, people complained that Balenciaga’s inclusion in the YEEZY GAP deal spoiled the affordability of the collaboration’s products.

“Designs are good af, but this Balenci pricing shit literally goes against the idea of the gap collab,” one Reddit user stated. “Bruh, I hate this. I thought due to GAP and Ye’s idea of affordable fashion, it would be relatively cheaper, but I guess not, thanks Balenciaga,” another user complained.

Yeezy x Gap x Balenciaga prices

— Aiden (@Aiden50380580a) May 26, 2022

Meanwhile, others stepped to Balenciaga’s rescue to state that the hefty price tags for the collection were fair considering Balenciaga’s luxury brand status (did I mention they just dropped a $1,100 adidas Triple S sneaker?).

“I know the prices are higher than normal GAP, but I think the quality will show that it’s worth it. $200 for hoodies that have the craftsmanship and cut of a high-end brand like Balenciaga ($800+ hoodies) is fair, in my opinion,” a Reddit account commented.

Sure, a few nay-sayers believe Balenciaga soiled YEEZY GAP’s mass appeal. But, nothing is stopping Ye and Demna’s unbreakable bromance and West’s ever-supporting disciples from keeping YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga pumping, no matter the cost.


The Glow Up: Joyce Lee on the Beauty of Sexual Wellness

Welcome to The Glow Up, Highsnobiety’s series examining the bathroom shelves of beautiful people.

For Asian women like myself, sex can be a fraught topic. We’re hyper-sexualized, portrayed in pop culture as subservient wives, exotic dragon ladies, or anime schoolgirls. Navigating a landscape full of stereotypes, preconceived notions, and violence is — to put it lightly — scary.

“A lot of my Asian friends, they don’t want to talk about [sex],” says Joyce Lee, founder of sexual wellness platform and brand Her Place. “I still don’t feel comfortable, as a Korean American woman.”

Spurred by an alarming rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, Lee built Her Place as a sort of sanctuary where Asian women — and sex-positive folks in general — can explore pleasure, on their own terms.

“Sexual wellness has a direct relationship to self-confidence,” Lee tells me over Zoom. “I think it’s very important and powerful to know what you want and ask for what you want and get what you want. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

It’s a lesson that took Lee decades to learn. “I have a fashion background,” she explains. “I worked at Opening Ceremony about eight years, and then worked in commerce… I transitioned into wellness after talking to my girlfriend about sexual wellness. It took me 40 years to realize the importance of sexual wellness.”

A symbolic kick-off to her sexual wellness awakening, Lee devised Her Ribbon, a luxurious silk hair bow that doubles as a bondage device. To accompany the product, she launched Her Stories, an interview series asking women in Lee’s sphere about their relationship to pleasure, both sexual and non-sexual.

Just a month shy of Her Place’s one-year anniversary, Lee expanded into beauty with Her Scent, a range of skincare and fragrance products meant to arouse the senses.

“Scent, for me, is the strongest [sense],” Lee says. “It’s very romantic — it’s like a song you takes you to a certain place, [or a] certain time.”

A stone-shaped bar soap, home spray, and body oil are formulated a cocktail of aphrodisiac ingredients, including sandalwood, patchouli, and ylang ylang. The trio of products aren’t meant to be hidden, stowed away in a bedside table. To help normalize sex and sexual wellness, Lee made sure the soap, spray, and oil were designed and packaged beautifully, “so you are not ashamed of it.”

After sampling the products myself (they smell heavenly), I spoke to Lee about pregnancy-safe skincare, the one product she wishes she could use while pregnant, and her four keys to clear skin.

JL: Off the top of my head, I think it was Clinique, in high school or even middle school? I think it was the moisturizer, the yellow one.

JL: I’m now pregnant so I can’t use it, but I love the exfoliation pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. I’m very big on exfoliation.

JL: I just can’t stand my lips being chapped. For high-end, La Mer [lip balm] is really good. I’m obsessed with Onda, the beauty store — I get the [Henné organics lip balm] from there.

JL: This is kind of boujee, but they’re in drug stores: Living Proof shampoo and hair conditioner. I love [Palmer’s stretch mark cocoa butter]. This is for pregnant moms, but it’s really good stuff — I apply this a lot.

JL: A Korean beauty brand, Sioris. From formulation to packaging, it’s very thought out. It’s good for anybody, pregnancy to sensitive skin.

JL: Clean your skin every day, every morning and night — super important! Don’t touch your face. Change your pillowcase often. And clean your phone. Sorry, I gave you too many.

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These Swarovski Sunglasses Give Big Bedazzled Energy

“I wanted to create eyewear as an extension of our jewelry collection,” Giovanna Engelbert, the Creative Director of Swarovski tells me over a call. “Sunglasses are like jewelry for the eyes.” 

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Take one look at Swarovski’s newest eyewear collection and you’ll most likely find you agree. Glasses, made according to Swarovski’s new brand vision, take on a whole new dimension. It’s easy to see what Engelbert means—these eyewear stylings feel like decor for your eyes. Because who says jewelry should only be from the ears down? Plus, in the age of the selfie, it’s always helpful to keep your canvas as adorned as possible.

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

The new designs come in mood-boosting shapes and colors, all studded with Swarovski crystals. The more peacock-y types, are of course, welcome, but for those who prefer subtler shades, there’s plenty on offer as well—if it’s prescription glasses you’re after, this collection has got you covered.

For its most recent campaign, Swarovski matched each pair with jewelry of the corresponding color: Blue mirror shades with blue jewels, Yellow lenses with a choker to match. The result is a kaleidoscopic trip into the new collection. “Crystallized glass can go very vintage, very nostalgic,” Engelbert said. “I wanted to have a modern and fresh approach to glamor.”

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

Highsnobiety / Jenny Brough

When pressed to pick a favorite pair, Englebert demurs, “You can’t ask me to pick a favorite child!” Some collections standouts include the Gema, complete with pink diamonds and lenses and the green wrap around Curiosa which Engelbert describes as being “for the cool kids.”

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