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Bee-themed shoot Bal arose from a Turkish film and a stomach ache


“My ideas come from the most ordinary things in life that people don’t usually care much for,” explains Beijing-based photographer Jin Jia Ji. Frequently circling between Beijing, Shanghai and Europe, Jin learned his craft as a photography assistant in this native capital city. As well as shooting for a number of fashion editorial campaigns for the likes of Marie Clare China and Modern Weekly, for Jin, photography is not just a source of income, it is “the most direct way to express emotions for me,” he tells It’s Nice That.

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Exhibitions and events to add to your diary for July!


It’s been a while coming for us rain-soaked Londoners, but we can finally say it – summer is officially here! Before you pack your diary to the brim with picnics, barbecues and beach trips, take a look at our list of recommendations for some of July’s most exciting exhibitions and events that are definitely worth carving out some time for. Between lunar photography in New York, interactive installations in Singapore, rave culture in London and anthropogenic investigations in Bologna, we’ve got more than enough to coax you off the sun loungers and into the galleries!h3. The Anthropocene Project
Fondazione Mast, Bologna
16 May – 22 September 2019

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Artist Aks Misyuta on her inflatable, vulnerable and cartoonish characters


Filled with biomorphic gestures, fleshy characters and curves so round that you could pop them with a needle, Aks Misyuta’s paintings are a treat for the eye. But who are these seductive characters and who is she basing them off? “Nobody and anyone,” she says, “my characters lack personal features.” Instead, she describes them as “grotesque and cartoonish,” a somewhat morphed depiction of the people and moments around her.

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Lee Kan Kyo’s practice involves taking a selfie a day and a loyalty card club


Lee Kan Kyo is turning Japan’s art scene on its head with his mind-boggling felt tip pen artworks. Born and raised in Taipei, Lee first ventured to Tokyo 12 years ago to studio graphic design, and has stayed there ever since. In these years, the main change in Lee’s work is that he is no longer a graphic designer but an artist. Known for his intricately detailed drawings of commercial flyers, his work continues to “rethink the role and the perspective of the graphic designer” and as a result, his artist practices considers both typography and visual language at the core of his work.

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