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Sundance Film Festival’s creative director talks us through its recent identity led by “team humility”


On asking Sundance film festival’s creative director, Luis Farfan, if he has any advice for designing an identity for a mammoth event such as the one he’s now creatively in charge of, he suggests starting eight weeks before you actually think you need to. It may sound dramatic, and terribly over organised, but when it comes down to presenting the work of some of the world’s best independent filmmakers through graphic design, the pressure is pretty immense.

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Anish Kapoor, Jeremy Deller, Rachel Whiteread and others auction off work for charity, Migrate Art


Migrate Art, an organisation set up in 2016 to help those affected by the global refugee crisis, has announced Multicolour, a new exhibition and auction fundraising for this cause. The exhibition will be on show at Cork Street Galleries from 20-31 March, with an auction on 11 April and will include the work of high-profile artists including Anish Kapoor, Jeremy Deller, Rachel Whiteread and Mark Wallinger.

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Pentagram to design Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Design Museum


Pentagram partner Marina Willer and her London-based team have developed the exhibition design for a retrospective of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, due to open at the Design Museum next month. Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, which runs between 26 April and 15 September, will feature rooms themed on his most influential films, including 2001: Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Spartacus, Eyes Wide Shut and Dr Strangelove.

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Ghazaal Vojdani on the importance of collaboration and the future of her studio


Based out of Brooklyn, Studio Ghazaal Vojdani is a graphic design and art direction practice specialising in the cultural sector. The eponymous founder of the studio says her focuses are “educational institutions, independent galleries, editors, curators, designers and artists internationally.” Already wide in her client list, some recent collaborations have seen Ghazaal also expand her creative remit, working across exhibition design and visual identities.

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Cynthia Alfonso’s work bridges the gap between comics illustrations and animation


For creative Cynthia Alfonso, her work, and the process of making it, is always “in continuous movement”. What this movement might be. however, depends massively on how she’s feeling, seeing her use visual communication as a way “to apply everything I absorb every day”. Consequently, her portfolio is built up with a mix of comics illustrations, which have garnered a unique following, and animations too.

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Pedro MS’ illustrations are inspired by strange characters, sci-fi and video games


Bombarded by the strange characters and fascinating world of video games as a child, Portuguese illustrator Pedro MS says this formed the initial foundations of his artistic pursuit: “At an early age that kept my imagination flowing,” he tells It’s Nice That. “It’s probably the main reason I decided later in life to become an illustrator.” These early interests were quickly followed by a fascination with comic books that led to Pedro choosing to study visual arts in high school and later graphic design at university.

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Thibaud Hérem on his technically perfect illustrations of buildings


The Albus gallery in Seoul is Korea’s first and only exhibition space dedicated solely to illustration. Currently exhibiting across all four floors is the French illustrator Thibaud Hérem who expresses himself and his technical abilities in a new show, Detail filled with passion. “This show is a milestone in my career,” Thibaud tells It’s Nice That. He fills the gallery with wonderfully detailed illustrations of buildings from all over the world. A technical style of drawing that he has perfected over many years, each illustration relays a distinct moment of time and place through architecture.

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