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Urban Sports Luxe

Urban Sports Luxe

Spring is here soon, which means summer isn’t far behind. I know, I know, it doesn’t feel like it and it doesn’t look like it outside, but trust me, warmer days are not far ahead and in preparation I am going to discuss one of the key S/S14 trends for both males and females; Sports Luxe. 

This season, to give the omnipresent fashion fixture a fresh take, an urban slant has been taken.

In all honesty, the sports luxe movement was on its last legs in my view so this twist is refreshing.

Urban Sports Luxe

Minimalism, loved by the likes of Mr Kanye West himself, is key to this trend. Clean lines, sleek tailoring and futuristically constructed pieces are also components that lift this oversaturated trend to another level. 

Parkas and polos adorned many a runway and are both sports staples. Bermuda shorts are important to the trend, putting the LUX(E)-ury in sports luxe – shorts are perfect for summer too. Get your pins out chaps! 

Bomber jackets, another ever present fixture in menswear coupled with the oversized trend, give a 90s hiphop flavour that I’m personally a bit sick of.

Urban Sports Luxe

Some designers like Astrid Anderson for example used lace whilst others like Dries Van Noten used floral prints in their collections further eradicating gender lines… On the flip, much of of this trend is very masculine, with the skater/biker blend seen throughout the recent collections.

Urban Sports Luxe

Many of the pieces would be fantastic during festival season. the rise in authentic rain coats for instance, seen in both the Gucci and Kris Van Assche collections would be ideal. Gotta be prepared for the summer rain… it’s inevitable!

Urban Sports Luxe

Sports elegance is an opportunity to be sporty and smart at the same damn time! Bright powerful colours like burnt oranges, forest greens and deep purples are the centre-piece colours for the sports luxe trend and would be great to colour-block with. 

Sports Luxe meets urban cool will be everywhere this summer so don’t be out of the loop. Keep it fresh and light, and remember minimalism is still important. 

Now lets all hold hands and magic some sun from Marrakesh or something. I literally can’t wait! Bermuda shorts at the ready!



With vibrant colours and touches of luxury, F&F introduces Spring Summer 2014 from the heartbeat of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the biggest and most comprehensive menswear range F&F has ever delivered to date and the range invites the creativity and energy of favela culture into their every detail.


The Menswear styled looks showcase stripe tees and washed cotton chinos in fresh colour shades of pink and aqua, whilst blue chambray coloured suits are teamed with floral shirts and printed ties for a laidback confidence. 

Elsewhere, earthy colours of khaki, rust and yellow ensure a lived-in appeal to hooded jackets, printed jersey tees and utility shorts.


The model is Jon K, the internationally acclaimed Spanish model who came to prominence modelling for Karl Lagerfeld and shooting seven consecutive back-to-back campaigns for Tom Ford. 

We believe it is the labels most trend-led collection ever, including head-to-toe colour, block stripes, floral prints and playful colours. 

The SS14 season sees an extension of their accessories offering, including suede brogues for just £40 and strong tailoring on formalwear, with cotton suits for £60 in a number of key fits.

Nike Pegasus set for a big 2014

Nike Pegasus set for a big 2014

After passing its 30 year anniversary the Nike Pegasus is going to celebrate by enjoying a surge in popularity. It has triggered the creation of so many different versions and is widely accepted as one of the all-time great running shoes. 

The original inspiration was to create an affordable shoe with air cushioned technology, which was seen as revolutionary technology around the time when this shoe was created in 1984. 

It was named after the flying winged horse in Greek mythology and ideally shared its characteristics of being a free moving entity. Fittingly, it has gone on to create its own legacy. 

Pegasus enjoyed a steady growth for up to 15 years and eventually extended its dominance of the market by introducing the Pegasus Air, which perhaps inspired future Nike models such as the successful Nike Air Max. 

However, by the late 90’s momentum had begun to spiral downwards and the line was withdrawn completely.

Nike Pegasus set for a big 2014

The current market has seen a lot of older generation shoes regain popularity from people craving a retro trainer, hence why the demand for the Pegasus has suddenly re-appeared. 

The trainer has been cleverly re-invented to make it seem just as contemporary as it did on its debut in the market all of those years ago, but it has not been drawn away from its simple design which was arguably the key to its success. 

Much like the Nike Free Run and Air Max (to name a couple), Nike trainers are renowned for being re-styled and released in an abundance of colours and materials. 

You can find some limited edition Pegasus trainers in suede and other bright colours which are seamlessly incorporated into casual ensembles, as well as up-to-date sporting outfits.
As for the re-launch they have signed up Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah which is an indication of how serious they’re about the re-birth of this contemporary Nike sneaker. 

There is a reason this shoe has been a best-seller for so long, it’s tried and tested, and ultimately the most reliable shoe on the market.

Watch the Yves Saint Laurent Film Trailer

Watch the Yves Saint Laurent Film Trailer

Last year, I wrote a piece on two upcoming film projects, both discussing the life of late legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, one trailer is out already! 

Earlier this year, last month to be specific, French director Jalil Lespert’s work which is a joyous blend of fashion, history and cinema was a hit in French theatres. 

The film will appear in cinemas nationwide in March.
The film highlights the life of Saint Laurent, his journey towards fame and success and his relationship with business partner/lover Pierre Bergé. 

The designer is portrayed by Pierre Niney along with other great actors playing famous names in fashion such as Karl Lagerfeld (played by French-American actor Nikolai Kinski). 

From a fashion point of view, we should be excited about Yves Saint Laurent, at least for its highly fashionable content. The trailer promises beauty and nothing short of eye-pleasing excellence; fabrics, construction and dreamy designs coming to life.

Watch the Yves Saint Laurent Film Trailer

Also, from a cinematic point of view, Jalil Lespert’s career has surely been successful, his films were all very well-received by critics. 

So, it looks like we’ll soon be enjoying very good filmmaking too.
There’s another film about Saint Laurent that is set to come out October 2014, called Saint Laurent presumably to avoid any confusion, directed by Bertrand Bonello and including model/actor Gaspard Ulliel portraying Yves Saint Laurent as well as star from the major 2013 hit Blue Is the Warmest Color, Léa Seydoux as late fashion muse Loulou de La Falaise. 

By the looks of it, Bonello’s Saint Laurent will have a tough act to follow.

Eton Red Ribbon Collection Competition

Eton Red Ribbon Collection Competition

We’ve teamed up with Eton to offer one of our readers the chance to win an Eton Travel Package consisting of 1 shirt and 2 accessories of their choice. 

Eton is internationally known for its innovative and classic designs, exclusive colours and full range of coordinating accessories. Annie and David Pettersson founded Eton in 1928 in Ganghester, Sweden where the company is still headquartered and family run today. 

The company releases as many as 70 exclusive designs and 550 to 600 different shirts each season under the direction of Creative Director Sebastian Dollinger.

Eton Red Ribbon Collection Competition

The Red Ribbon collection is reflective of Eton’s heritage in creating elegant and high-performance shirts for the modern businessman. This collection flaunts classic patterns with subtle detailing and shows their passion for colours. 

All fabrics are finished in Switzerland with their own recipe for a non-iron finish – a process that includes 48 steps on the material over an additional 3-4 weeks. This collection-specific finishing makes the shirt more durable and allows it to be worn with fewer creases. It also makes the texture more lustrous and the cotton fibre stronger than in other shirts.

In short, Red Ribbon offers the ultimate garment for businessmen who want to look impeccable in every situation.

Eton Red Ribbon Collection Competition

For Spring/Summer 2014, Red Ribbon is filled with diverse, vivid patterns inspired by the beautiful chaos of San Francisco. Also right now on the Eton website our founder Craig Landale, alongside other digital influencers such as Marcel Floruss and Aaron Christian have shared their top ‘travel style’ tips. It’s worth reading when you have a spare 10 mins. 

But let’s get back to the competition! To be in with a chance of winning this competition simply leave a your best ‘travel packing’ tip in the comments section of this Instagram post and we’ll pick a winner on the 26th Feb 2014 – Good luck!

Interview with Justanorm

Interview with Justanorm

Back in December I was lucky enough to meet a group of guys destined for big things while on set at the latest River Island Design Forum Shoot. In recent months the style collective ‘Justanorm‘ have seen major success, becoming regular faces at Menswear Fashion Weeks across the globe and flying the flag for “normal” guys making it in a supposedly cut-throat industry. I sat down with Jeremy Boateng to get his own take on modelling and his top tit-bits of advice for those looking to make it in the fashion world: 

What made you decide to become a model and choose to do this as a career? 

“We all found modelling through different ways which i think is quite amazing. Some were scouted, some were aware of the opportunity, some were referred but we all made it in. Harry had a tough few years in general life and was fortunate to have a brother who was also in the industry to allow him to get a look in. Me personally, i was desperate for money after my football dreams had messed up and was originally misled by false ads on gumtree to be scouted to do a show a year later and the rest was history. Jamel was actually referred to agencies and forced to go down by his mum and managed to secure an agency whilst being super ill on the day of the walk in. Chuck was referred to agencies after being spotted out and about the same with Dylan and Boyd. Dylan was working at River Island and was scouted on route to work, to later be the face of the campaign a few months later. Boyd Alves was also scouted in Oxford Circus.” 

What advice would you give to budding models? 

“I think the single most important piece of advice id give is if you’re already in an agency and have been signed, be patient. Above all, enjoy it as it has its perks but have a plan because it’s wise to think about the future and what can come of it. Models who are looking to get involved I would say the best thing is to do a little research and gain information from people who really know what they’re talking about and reputable agencies.”

Interview with Justanorm

What skills do you need to become a model? 

“Get your smize on smash. Take selfies, practice in the mirror – ahah… Erm definitely be a good people person. That goes for life. If people like you then they’ll feel no way about referring you or helping you out. Apart from that I don’t think skills are needed, they’re more developed. There’s nothing more beautiful than jumping into an industry and being open to the new life without being foolish of course.”

Where would someone look to begin their career if they’re aspiring to be a model? 

“Id say the best place to begin is definitely with an agency. However, we’ve heard loads of stories of models getting turned down and returning a bit later and signing. If not, one of those shows such as BNTM or ‘the face of’ is also a good way to get exposure and show you’re capable of doing it. An agency will definitely guide you in the right way and can really manage your career though.” 

How do you feel on the runway? 

“It used to be nerve wrecking for a few of us, despite a lot of us being new faces, modelling does a great deal for confidence and over time its like anything. Im sure we’d be able to perform in front of thousands if we wanted to.” 

What’s the most interesting shoot you’ve ever done? 

“As individuals I’m sure there’s so many to name but in terms of the team, it has to be the shoot for River Island for Joseph Turvey’s Collaboration. The clothes were cool, the team was amazing and we got to be ourselves. We got to be us, sure we love a bit of role play but being able to be comfortable in clothes that we would wear made us feel a lot more comfortable and I’m sure it showed. To find out that the video made Vimeo’s ‘Staff pick’ was also quite humbling, we were really happy for Alex Turvey (the director) in achieving that too. He had done an amazing job. We’ve got a few coming up and an editorial coming out but that will be hard to top!”

Interview with Justanorm

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

“It really depends! For some of the boys its probably just turning up on time. But id say it varies from doing things outside comfort zones to achieving amazing results. Or the long hours and numerous changes during commerce jobs or fittings can be extremely tiring. However, for the most part, I’m sure most would agree that the modelling side is pretty enjoyable. We’re still dipping our toes in loads of other fields but these come more as having fun and enjoyment.”  

Have you ever had to model something you felt uncomfortable in? 

“I’m pretty sure everyone has, there’s been times where even in catwalk shows we’ve had to walk in shoes 2 sizes down from our normal size, but hey its got to be done. In all honesty, if anything is too uncomfortable then we just won’t do it. But there’s been loads of stuff, once one of the guys had to wear a thong for a catwalk show under some translucent trousers.” 

What are the benefits of working in a group? 

“Socially its a lot more enjoyable and less nerve wrecking. You’re basically building a brand around stuff you enjoy and stuff you love doing and you get to share that with the people around you at all times. Its actually an amazing feeling, we’re really fortunate. Business wise a lot of things are still being worked out but actually working on projects and improving in areas is amazing because we send content and updates through group chats and we get on-the-go support with anything we’re doing in life. It keeps you in a positive mind state.” 

Do you find that people make assumptions about you based on your job? 

“Its funny this question came up. Im sure it does but this is the whole reason we came together in the first place, despite being friends and wanting the same things. Justanorm is basically made to show people despite being models we’re actually “just normal boys”. We’re not stuck up, we’re not stinking rich, we probably live next door to your uncles/aunties/sisters/brothers/nephews. But we love that the whole contrast of being on a runway in Milan and then being on a pavement in East London. We love it and want to show the world our life through Justanorm.”

Is Coffee Cool

Is Coffee Cool

Back in October last year we challenged the question: Is smoking cool? This resulted in us coming to the conclusion that whilst smoking is undoubtably cool in the films, the reality isn’t quite the same. 

That said, the reaction to the post caused a few people to disagree with this within the comments. That post brings us neatly on to the next question: Is coffee cool? 

It’s a burning question that needs to be addressed. None of us can deny it, there is something cool about holding a takeaway cup of coffee from a well known shop. Something so cool that despite rising coffee prices, it pulls us back there each morning as if we’re addicted. 

Okay, you may be saying that you “enjoy the taste” or “need the caffeine hit”, but do you really enjoy every penny worth of that taste, and do you really feel instantly more awake after a regular latte? Or, like the majority of us… do you think there is something cool about that takeaway cup?

Is Coffee Cool

Naturally, we’re a nation of tea drinkers. We’re known for it all over the world. But honestly, would a ‘tea shop’ result in being a quirky place to get your morning pick-me-up/style accessory or would it be a meeting point for local pensioners? 

You don’t need me to work that one out. So what’s so cool about coffee?

Here at Menswear Style, we firstly put it down to our brothers across the pond. Every American film, drama, comedy, magazine, book, whatever it is, at some point has featured coffee. 

Whether it’s Harvey Spector in suits demanding a double espresso on his desk or the opening scenes of Reservoir Dog. It’s all coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

Is Coffee Cool

Secondly, we blame the style icons. We say blame, but we’re all loving this coffee hype really, even more so considering four or more cups a day allegedly reduces the chances of type two diabetes. Men’s lifestyle blogs also constantly feature ‘Style Icons’ and at some point or another, surprise surprise, a style icon is sporting a cup of coffee. In turn, making us ever more coffee addicted. 

So to conclude, coffee is big business – but don’t act like you do it ‘just for the kick’ or ‘you just love the smell’, whilst I’m not denying this is true; you also think the takeaway cup is cool. If you didn’t, you’d take a flask out with you to work. Actually Starbucks offer 25p off your beverage if you do just that!

You could even make your own coffee and fill your own flask before you leave home – but the percentage of those who do that is rather low. How do we know? Because if it wasn’t, coffee shops would be closing down rather than opening up. But the moral of the story is – enjoy your coffee, it’s cool.

Through the Lens of Festival Specs

Through the Lens of Festival Specs

Inspired by the iconic decade of the 70s, Festival Specs are a glamorous mix of fun, flare and functionality. They’re combining the rock-n-roll spirit of both Woodstock and Glastonbury to bring us their take on fashion sunglasses. 

Seen on the catwalks in London supporting emerging talents like Zekaryas Solomon, or the Central St Martins Fashion Design Show, to Rio Fashion Week, these sunglasses are going to become a must-have for the forthcoming spring/summer 2014 season. 

Festival goers and stylists alike are already very fond of them – they’ve been seen in campaigns by Sibling and in editorials of several magazines such as Vogue, The New York Post, Glamour, and Betty Magazine just to name a few.

Through the Lens of Festival Specs

They come in a nice little set, complete with frames and six pairs of round coloured interchangeable lenses, all fitting into their own case for a steal of just £25. 

You can find Festival Specs on their stall amongst the artisans and designers at London’s Spitalfields, the Backyard Brick Lane, Portobello and Greenwich markets. 

The frame and lens shape is timeless and always on trend, so it’ll give your look the right attitude needed to walk the streets of any city in style. 

Looking through coloured lenses often feels like it could be easier to find a path and follow it, balancing like an urban acrobat, discover the magic of light.
Whatever your outfit, your mood, your style, you’ll find the right lens to suit.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

There is a reason that in the industry, lingerie is called “intimate apparel”, its not just because these are the delicate clothes a woman wears next to her skin, these delicate garments must fit her perfectly because barring the gym changing room the only person who sees these garments is the person she is intimate with. 

For a man to buy lingerie for his lady and get it right is an expression not just of love and desire for her, but also his intimate understanding of her as a person and a woman. Here are some tips of how to get lingerie shopping right.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

Valentine’s Day usually means you have to shop for a surprise gift, I mean pleasant surprise. Underwear shopping as a couple can be something fun to do together, whether in an interesting store such as Coco-de-Mer in London, Bordello or online in the comfort of your own home – they offer underwear from the “pretty” to the “adventurous” styles. This will ensure she get’s exactly what she wants and feels both desired and flattered.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

Let’s get the DON’Ts out of the way 

1. The first NO! is red. Hooker red to be precise, a deep wine colour would be fine but cheap scarlet red is just plain rude. 

2. Thongs and G-strings, unless you have seen your partner wear them, avoid, big French lacy knickers or elegant briefs is what we ladies like. 

3. Cheap scratchy fabrics. Modern fabrics are now so soft there is no excuse. 

Avoid these three horrors and make sure your gift is beautifully wrapped, (ask for gift wrapping when buying) with a gift receipt, then the only way is up. 

Choosing a style that she will love is key, buying the correct size is vital though. Finding out her correct size without asking her will sound like the synopsis of a French bedroom farce. You have three options: 

1. Just ask her… bang goes the surprise! 

2. Somehow look at the labels of her bra when she is not looking, yes you can see how the farce begins. Offering to do the washing and checking the labels might be a better option if you live together. 

3. Consult one of her closest friends and see if she can be your spy. Again, a certain level of care must be taken with this strategy particularly if her best friend is incapable of keeping secrets.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

If your lover’s female best friend is discreet, she may be an ally and help you choose a great present, or else you may find yourself feeling like Father Ted (see video below) lost in a huge lingerie section of a department store. 

Another alternative is to visit a specialist lingerie store who will offer sage advice.

Once you have her bra size, you’re on a winning streak. Different brands specialize in different shapes for women, with smaller busts I would recommend Princesse Tam.Tam, they create fresh styles that women love. 

For women with narrow backs and larger busts Panache and Fantasie are good choices. For more luxurious sets, try Maison Lejaby and for adventurous and intriguing lingerie,  British brand Bordello create beautiful luxury lingerie that is perfect for the bedroom.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

Shape of bras is key. A fuller cup is coming back into fashion. Women with small busts to medium size busts can wear balconette styles, push-up and plunge bras. The more well-endowed need a fuller cup and support, choose rich fabrics such as satin with embroidery and lush embellishments. 

Very small busts don’t need wires supports, they can be flattered by lovely stretch lace designs, triangular bras are also popular. Lingerie fabric design has advanced so much that there is a real wealth of beautiful designs for all tastes and personalities.

Colour is also a big and important decision. Black is both a safe and sexy choice, but it’s a bit boring and predictable – a bit like buying Thornton’s chocolates instead of hand made artisan chocolates (take note), they’re nice but a bit predictable. 

At the moment the colour trends for lingerie, bra and knicker sets in particular, is for dark on dark colour choices, so aubergine, purples, chocolates, dark blues and teal colours are intriguing and flattering new options. Pale pink or nude lace trims on black is on trend, but as we move into summer the colours are much more bright sorbet colours or pastels, pale blues, pinks, yellows, greens and lilac. Green has become a popular colour, particularly gold-greens. 

Soft colours, with details, layers of embroidery and lace, 3D effects are growing trends in intimate apparel too. Prints are gaining popularity with pretty designs from Gossard and Aubade, and unusual prints from Yes Master.

The Dos and Donts of buying lingerie for your lady

A bra and briefs set is of course one choice, but think laterally – teddies and bodies are coming back into fashion, a beautiful dressing gown or kimono are a welcome gift, generally you want to make your lover feel confident and womanly. If your relationship is more racy, then you probably already have a good understanding about her tastes and can venture into the realms of waspies and bustiers etc. 

But if in doubt “pretty and expensive” will win great favour with your lady. For Valentine’s day, offering lingerie as part of a whole romantic experience such as inviting her round for dinner, making delicious romantic food, flowers, good wine, candles and indulgences will make a special night that will run smoothly. 

The more attention to detail, the more you will impress her with your understanding of her as a woman, which is a real intimacy and I assure you that this will be very rewarding.

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014

Symbol of relaxed elegance since 1933, the Lacoste brand, backed by its authentic roots in sports, have released their SS14 campaign focussing on how Life is a beautiful playing field. 

Lacoste brings about a new era by reinstating its founding values into the core of its message. Whether on playing fields or in everyday life, Lacoste’s story is rooted in a quest for authenticity, performance and elegance.

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014

Each item of clothing is designed in order to allow men and women to feel emancipated in their mind and bodies, with clothes that enable confidence and ease by being adapted to an ever-changing life. 

It’s this vision of optimism and courage that is promoted by the new campaign: “Life is a Beautiful Sport”, which was officially launched at Paris Fashion Week in January 2014. Here we have picked out some of our favourite styled looks from their recently released lookbook.

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014

The brand’s first advertising film below, Directed by Seb Edwards and played by Paul Hamy, conveys man’s courage when faced with the big leap. 

A feeling of dizziness as he runs headlong into the unknown. The contrast of daring a small action to face up to the emotional vastness, crossing one meter in order to gain a kilometer and winning the game of a lifetime.