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TUMI Regent Street London Flagship Store

TUMI Regent Street London Flagship Store

TUMI, the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories has recently celebrated the opening of its flagship store located at 211 Regent St in London,
W1, the centre of the city’s shopping district.

The opening celebrates a new store design
concept in collaboration with award-winning designer, Dror Benshetrit. This marks the
brand’s fourth store in the United Kingdom. 

The 223 square meter shopping destination intergrates Dror’s philosophy of transformation and use of angles, bringing the brand’s innovative products and designs to life, in a cutting-edge, contemporary design approach. 

Simple elegant design solutions are executed with the use of neutral-toned materials.

TUMI Regent Street London Flagship Store

The interior is split by two floors. On the first floor is a travel lounge where clean, white
platforms present a lineup of wheeled travel cases, reminiscent of a runway.

The ground
floor showcases men’s and women’s day bags, small accessories and travel gadgets. 

“We took a holistic approach, consistent between the product, interior, design and
absolutely everything that is a part of the brand’s DNA,”
said Dror Benshetrit.

“When you
look at a TUMI bag, there’s a lot of logic and reasoning behind the design. Whether you’re
creating a bag or a store, you’re designing for that same customer.

We wanted to add a
sense of hierarchy within the space to provide a seamless experience—moments where the
consumer is guided towards what they’re looking for. TUMI customers know exactly what
they want”

TUMI Regent Street London Flagship Store

State-of-the-art LED lighting and polished metal fixtures with wood detailing further
enhance  the TUMI Collection.

Three distinct product touch-points are implemented into
the new floor plan: ground for travel cases, wall for men’s and women’s day bags, and special
tables for small accessories.

A monogramming station will provide on-the-spot product
personalisation. Clean, white platforms present a line-up of wheeled travel cases,
reminiscent of a runway.

A stainless steel rectangular counter within the travel area serves as
a demonstration table to test products. Small leather goods are prominently showcased
inside polished off-white lacquer accessories tables.

TUMI Regent Street London Flagship Store

“As a design leader, we seek partners with a shared philosophy who can also bring a fresh
said Jerome Griffith, CEO of TUMI.

“Our relationship with Dror began with a
successful product collaboration. Partnering with Dror for the new store design was a natural
fit. Together, we developed a space that represents our heritage of design excellence,
technical innovation and superior functionality.”

Interview with James Anderson on His New Clothing Line

Interview with James Anderson on His New Clothing Line

The James Anderson Collection is an exclusive collaboration with bespoke athletic menswear producer Chess London and only available from

This unique collection features high quality smart casual menswear designed by James himself and created by Chess London’s tailors. 

Ahead of the collection release I headed to the famous Holborn Studios to have a sneak peek at what the team and James were getting up to, and to have a chat with the King of Swing himself.

Interview with James Anderson on His New Clothing Line

How did your collaboration with Chess London come about? 

“Two years ago, James from Chess London contacted me for a photo shoot with them and a few months ago I had a chat about designing my own clothes with them and here we are!” 

Do you have a favourite part of the range? 

“Yes. We’ve got a 3 piece suit that I love, in a checked material. Chess London is something I wear myself, the fit is different to a lot of different brands as it’s an athletic cut and I think it suits me.” 

Who is the clothing range aimed at? 

“Good question! Young athletic guys; trying to be cool and trendy I guess! There are some casual pieces, smart casual and some just smart so we tried to create a wide range. There is something for everyone regardless of your age, it’s not particularly targeted at just young people. I hope it will be well liked.”  

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see wearing it? 


Interview with James Anderson on His New Clothing Line

Being a sportsman was it just cricket that you wanted to do, or was it something you fell into? 

“I guess so. I played all sports as a kid, I wasn’t particularly good at just one when I was young. I just started to get better at cricket from about 14/15 and it seemed to shoot off from there.”  

If you weren’t a sportsman is there anything else you can see yourself doing? 

“I don’t know really. I’ve always loved sport; watching it, playing it. Any sport. So I’d like to always be involved in it. It’s difficult to imagine my life in a different career.”  

How do you feel about being one of the most recognisable sports personalities and up against the likes of David Beckham? 

“I don’t really see myself as a recognisable personality. It’s very different in cricket than football, there’s less pressure in that sense as it’s not followed as much in England. I try and use it to my advantage with things like this and target people who look up to me. I love that I can walk down the street and no-one knows who I am!” 

Sportsmen are usually quite competitive people and to say you are the ‘King of Swing’, does this make you proud or make you want to better yourself further? 

“Yeah, I always want to improve. Even at 31 I’ve been playing for over 10 years I’ve come a long way but there is always room for improvement. I’m quite a perfectionist and I always strive for the perfect game. With Chess London, if there was something I didn’t like I would always say.”

Interview with James Anderson on His New Clothing Line

Did you have a lot of say in your range? 

“Yeah I was asked which colours and styles I wanted, picked about 12-14 items and it was really hard to narrow down from about 40 samples, I’ve really enjoyed the process of changing a few things and working with Chess London on this.”  

I read you once modelled naked for Attitude magazine – how did you feel, were you nervous when it released? 

“Yes! I was unsure about doing it at first, I got talked into it by my wife; she said it would be a good thing to do. But, I was very apprehensive for the release!” 

Lastly, I have been asked to ask you; where do you believe English cricket is heading with all the current changes? 

“Well we are in a transition phase at the minute with getting beaten and we’ve not done as well as we have in the past. This summer we have new a coach coming in, Peter Moores, but we’re unsure if the team will be the same. So there is going to be changes but everyone wants to keep their place on the team and we all have own goals to better ourselves individually.”

Original Penguin Competition

Original Penguin Competition

We’ve written before about American clothing brand Original Penguin and their iconic logo. It’s featured on the wardrobe staples they offer such as polo shirts, graphic tees and hoodies – all of which are perfect for the coming warm evenings. 

Spring is drawing to a close, and there is surely no better way to kick-start your summer than a swift update of the wardrobe. You’ll need gear that’s going to take you through every adventure you’re going to face this summer, and we doubt there’s a better way to do that than with a £200 voucher for Original Penguin – which is exactly what we’ve got to offer you here. 

Original Penguin is really focused on originality and being individual right now, so why not take a look at something that’s outside of your normal comfort zone? 

As well as their polos, Penguin also stock a really wide range of shoes, shorts and accessories that’ll see you through the rest of the year – we’re certain that you’ll find something a little different to spend that coveted voucher on! 

Don’t forget, Penguin also have a really great range of items for women and boys too – you could always earn some brownie points for impressing your partner with a new tee or two for the little lad!

Original Penguin Competition

How to Enter 

Though there are some terms and conditions to be aware of, to enter you just need to leave your details here

You can check out the full range of everything that Original Penguin has to offer over on their website, and we’re sure that you’ll find some new threads to help you look the part this summer. 

The draw is taking place on 19th May 2014 and the winner will be selected at random, so you may want to enter soon – but be aware that the competition is open to UK residents only.

A Short History of the Pocket Square

A Short History of the Pocket Square

Pocket squares, or more simply handkerchiefs, are so prominently back as decorative accessories of everyday menswear that I was curious to find the origin of such “ornaments.” 

Naturally the fundamental reason to carry a hanky around is the simple need to wipe your forehead or blow your nose. And that’s the original reason why the ancient Greeks and Romans had them and used them as we do today. 

By the Middle Ages, these cloths were only used to cover your head; we had to wait until the 16th century to see the “kerchiefs” make their appearance in people’s pockets, resulting in their name changing by adding “hand” to “kerchiefs” to distinguish them from the other kind.

A Short History of the Pocket Square

It was only recently, in the 1900s, that the handkerchief found its place in the upper pocket of a jacket. 

During Hollywood’s golden age of the 30s and 40s, the pocket square was quite popular among male movie stars with each of them having a special way of wearing them. 

Clark Gable liked a triangle pointing up, while Cary Grant preferred the triangle pointing down and Fred Astaire opted for a more showy and dynamic fold for his hanky.

A Short History of the Pocket Square

During the social turmoil of the 60s and 70s this accessory was in clear decline, but from the 80s to today the popularity of the pocket square has been rising to surprising heights. 

There isn’t a shop or department store now in New York that doesn’t have a special section dedicated to these extremely colorful jacket decorations. 

Designers are constantly proposing and producing their own personal selections. From young alternative artists to the most solemn Wall Street financial associates, the hanky in the top pocket is an absolute must.

A Short History of the Pocket Square

Originally rigorously white and made of silk, fine linen, or just cotton, today these pieces of cloth are created in unlimited selections of prints and colours and produced from atypical materials, such as wool, rough linens, or hand woven silk. 

And, yes, they can be folded into an infinite array of fashions, from the classic triangle to the puffy flamboyant. I’ve noticed these last few months that the hip gentleman has his pocket square placed horizontally, subtly peaking ¼ inch (6mm) out of the pocket as a colorful stripe-like accent. 


Hand•ker•chief (noun) hand•ker•chief, hand•ker•chiefs, hand•ker•chieves 

– A square of cloth or absorbent paper used mainly to wipe areas of the face, especially the nose. 

– From two French words: couvrir, “to cover,” and chef, “head.” 

Illustration also by Stefano Imbert

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

The latest Sartorial 7 x River Island images shot by Garcon Jon goes live today on and we’re the first to show them off after bringing you a behind-the-scenes exclusive last week. 

The project also saw S7 Terry Donovan take part in the popular River Island Master Class series (video below) where he gives his tips on grooming, choosing your look, and the perfect tie knot. 

Terry comments on the project “Although we pride ourselves on championing the smaller independent brands, it’s also important for us to work with the big players on the British high street. River Island maintain an impressive level of quality and craftsmanship in their tailoring. They consider the details whilst remaining accessible and most importantly, affordable! This is where the Sartorial 7 linkup worked perfectly, teaming up to show the everyman that he can look sharp without breaking the bank.” 

Chris Benns 

Chris Benns (Pictured above) from London is a Stylist and Menswear Editor for Hunger Magazine. For this project he wore a prom inspired outfit. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“I loved my evening look from River Island. The black three piece is a great take on a classic style, paired with a clean white shirt and bow tie. The Tassel loafer is a great summer shoe which can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.” 

Top style tip 

“Don’t over think what you’re wearing. A lot a people get carried away with accessories: Pocket squares, Tie bars, Pocket watches etc. Just pick the one. Less is more.”

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Michael Dale 

Mr Dale from Stoke-On-Trent is a Senior Press Officer for River Island Menswear, and here he wears a trend/fashion inspired outfit. He arrived in London shortly after university and worked in Personal Shopping. Soon after he got a recommendation for a PR role to a Savile Row Tailor which started his career in PR. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“As we were shooting in Brighton I really wanted to invoke my inner ‘mod’ into this look, hence the slim cobalt suit, knitted tie and the sixties style club collar. I have a love for clashing casual elements with tailoring so these clean white sneakers were an obvious choice.”  

Top style tip 

“Always match your leathers, for example never where brown shoes and a black belt.”

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Craig Landale 

Leeds born Craig Landale is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at He previously worked for two large clothing companies as an Online Marketing Manager before setting up his own publication in London. Here he wears a summer wedding inspired outfit. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“My look would be perfect for a summer beach wedding on a hot day. Light breathable fabrics, a sharp waistcoat for formality and to give the body a good shape (hides a beer belly too), and a bit of personality shining through via the print pattern tie.” 

Top style tip 

“Make sure the fitting is right. Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion and if it fits well and you feel confident, it’s most likely you’ll look great.”

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Stephen Kelly 

Presenter and stylist Stephen Kelly from a small village near Wolverhampton comes from an acting background and has always had a huge passion for clothing so decided to combine the two and present men’s fashion for He wears an outfit inspired by a day at the races. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“A day at the races is a grand occasion, a fun day out that’s a real event. I love the colours blue and cream and they sit well together. I’ve combined them with stripes and paisley to add detail to the core of the outfit while the tailoring stays clean and crisp. The tassel loafers add the perfect balance of smart without being stuffy – I love that about my look.” 

Top Style Tip 

“Wear with confidence; any outfit looks better with confidence. Don’t forget even if your friends do berate you, they’ll secretly want to know where it’s from. And I’d rather be a leader than a follower, wouldn’t you?“

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Phil Green 

Phil Green from Glasgow is always sartorially inclined and has a great passion for personal shopping. Previous employers range from the high end to the high street, and currently he’s the personal shopping menswear specialist at For this shoot he wore a business/office outfit. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“The versatility of the whole look is what I like best, a navy 3 piece is a true timeless classic look that won’t look out of place at a business meeting or a summer wedding. Just change the shirt and tie and you’ll have another completely unique look.” 

Top style tip 

“My number 1 style tip is to keep it simple, you never want to make an outfit look forced. Especially when it comes to tailoring you need to wear the suit not the other way around.”

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Nigel Ruwende 

The smart casual dressed chap in this picture is Nigel Ruwende, both an apron maker for Saint & Birchley and Deputy Editor at – oh, and he loves to dance (a lot!) 

Inspiration behind the look 

“In all honesty, my inspiration was Mikey Dale’s Instagram. He mixes elements of sartorial and casual that I’ve found really fun. So I thought a trip to the beach would be the perfect time to give it a shot for myself.” 

Top style tip 

“Find a local tailor to make off-the-rack look bespoke.”

River Island x Sartorial 7 Exclusive First Look

Terry Donovan

Terry works in men’s fashion PR for Cube PR in London and is a founding member of the Sartorial 7. He started his career in fashion at the young age of 14 when he worked for a men’s designer boutique in Middlesbrough. Here he wears a work/business inspired outfit. 

Inspiration behind the look 

“The look I went for was a simple and versatile look that I’d wear for a day in the office. The loafers I wore can also be worn without but make sure you moisturise them ankles if you do!” 

Top Style Tip 

“Even if you only have one shirt and one pair of trousers, make sure you press them! It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, how you present yourself, attitude and manners is important.”

What is Mod Subculture

What is Mod Subculture

Mods as described by George Melly were “a small group of clothes focused working class young men insisting on clothes and shoes tailored to their style.” 

It may come as no surprise then that Mods have had such an influence on today’s streamlined fashion silhouette.

With a desire to break away from the uptight, stuffy image set in the early 50s, young guys and girls sought out French and Italian film and books as they began to use their disposable income to buy stylish clothes.

What is Mod Subculture

The original Mod outfit of choice for young men was without a doubt the slim fitting dark coloured suit, an outfit that is often replicated by many people today. 

However the beauty was in the detail and the young Mod would opt for tonic or mohair fabric, slim lapels and three buttons to the front. The choices were endless and a good tailor quickly became their best friend.

What is Mod Subculture

As the modernist subculture moved into the 60s, a more casual style became apparent with the introduction of Levi jeans, Fred Perry polo shirts and desert boots. 

These basic items had become the day-to-day uniform of Mods throughout the country and the sharp suits saved for the night-time drug fuelled dance halls. 

Throughout the mid-60s, pop art became a big influence within the mod wardrobe with the symbolic use of arrows, union jacks and the RAF roundels sewn onto parkas and jackets.

What is Mod Subculture

Moving into the present day and we are continuing to see famous faces promote the mod lifestyle and fashion across the media with the likes of music artist Miles Kane admitting he is a “clothes whore” and that he “loves everything about the mod era.” 

Alongside Kane is Olympic cyclist Bradley Wiggins who now has his own range for Fred Perry. The result of these prominent figures making the Mod style popular once again; we are seeing the youth of today experiment with retro looks and adding a splash of the 60s to their outfits.

What is Mod Subculture

For this feature, MWS Craig teamed up with the online mod, skinhead, rudeboy and scooterist retailer Adaptor Clothing. They’re business who are passionate about their iconic labels, the music, scooters and culture.

What is Mod Subculture

For the shoot, we’ve put our own modern spin on the mod look with a Paisley print shirt and polo shirt by David Watts teamed with a Tartan lined Monkey jacket by Lambretta and a navy Fedora hat by Laird London

The David Watts collection is inspired by the classic lines of 1960s Britain with the Ivy League look of the US and classic Italian fashion. 

Lambretta is a brand you’re probably more familiar with since they have grown rapidly over the years into a global lifestyle brand renowned both in British and international fashion circles.

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

A few months back we talked about how the turban rapidly become a great uniform in the fashion industry and how it started to become more noticed by major brands. 

However, many of us doubted that this will happen again in the future and we went along with the thought that this was a one off scheme. 

The Sikhs have striked again and it’s none other that Mr Pardeep Singh Bahra who comes back in the game with a bang!

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

The founder of Singh street style has recently just become the first turbaned Sikh man to model for the major fashion brand Alexander McQueen

Pardeep has really seized the moment here and perfected his opportunity. He yet again swaggered out his beautiful black turban and wore it as a crown. 

He used his turban as an advantage to look even more dapper and elegant. Being styled by Harris Elliot and photographed by Dean Chakley, was surely an advantage. But styling out an outfit is something that comes from within. 

Something Pardeep has portrayed spectacularly.
He presents his three piece suit in a classy yet street style look. Not only is he able to show off his retro specs, but he’s also able to pull off a necklace over a shirt. 

He is not only a fashion blogger but he is also becoming a trendsetter. Crossing his arms with confidence and walk-posing with a little attitude really possess the attributes of true great style.

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

This is not the first time Bahra has been noticed by the public eye, previously he also had his work featured on MSN, the guardian and Vogue India. 

We can certainly say that Pardeep is a stylish individual and fashion is definitely one of his strengths. However, he is also a man with a clean heart. His recent video on YouTube named ‘Don’t freak I’m Sikh’ was watched by thousands of people and touched their hearts (video below). 

Born and raised in the heart of London. Pardeep has really made an impact on his community. He has shown the world that small steps are what leads us to our main goals. Expressing your love for your passion and pursuing what you wish to do with your life is his main motto. 

What really fascinates us about Bahra is the strive and ambition to do more. Once again fashion has showed us that being stylish is nothing more than expression and love.

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

During last week’s Lacoste Desert Pool Party in Palm Springs, there was a giant 12 x 12 cube (a version of the fragrance bottle) with a very efficient doorman. In fact, no more than 20 names were on his list to gain entry. 

The reason for this top secret space was to launch the latest Lacoste LIVE fragrance to global media with workshops, lectures, interviews and more. Luckily we were there representing the UK! 

The new fragrance embodies an irrepressible energy. The energy to push boundaries, create its own path, its own style. Lacoste L!VE blends edgy style and authenticity. It attracts creative spirits, providing them with new possibilities to dress in a unique way.

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

“The new Lacoste L!VE fragrance is a whole new chapter for our fragrances. The unique design, concept and holistic campaign appeal to a more urban consumer seeking authenticity and creativity. That’s why creativity is at the heart of the new fragrance; from the way Lacoste and P&G Prestige have collaboratively developed the flacon, the juice and the innovative global campaign.” Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige. 

The Fragrance 

Heighten the senses, discover new perspectives and inspire creativity.
Every component of Lacoste L!VE can be found in this unique fragrance: energy, creativity and a cool edge. 

The ingredients are expertly blended, coming together as one dynamic scent, but each also stands out individually – capturing a feeling of constant motion with ever changing sides as each note reveals itself.

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

The dynamic burst of lime hits you first. This zesty touch reflects the unique nature of the brand and is an unexpected and energetic top note – bright and sharp, to awaken your senses. 

Green leaves and aquatic notes are at the heart and accentuate the lime to bring vibrancy and freshness. The smoky warmth of Guaiac Wood and dark liquorice build the base notes of the fragrance, adding depth to the scent. 

The Campaign 

The campaign, “New Fragrance, New perspective,” inspires you to step aside, step back, and see life from a different angle. 

The idea of perspective is challenged through anamorphosis art created by renowned graffiti artist, Zoer (video below) who along with 4 other artists, also created live art installations in the shape of a cube at the Desert Pool Party.

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

Interview with Will Andrews 

We met with the highly passionate and knowledgeable Will Andrews, who is a fragrance expert and with his team at P&G, put together this cool new fragrance for Lacoste. 

He has been involved in the fragrance industry for 9 years and it took him 2 years to learn just the basics. Impressively he can recall a mind boggling 400 ingredients by memory and often gives lectures on the subject.

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

Tell me about P&G and the fragrance industry itself 

“It’s actually a relatively small industry in terms of workforce and experts. I believe fragrance has close parodies with the art world and music. The 90s for me was the male grooming revolution, just look at what Tom Ford did for male beauty at that time. The aim for me and my colleagues at P&G is to bring the identity of a fashion house to life which is exactly what we’ve done here for Lacoste LIVE”

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

What advice would you give our readers in regards to picking out a fragrance? 

“I’m fascinated by the audience of fragrance wearers. Smell has no age and no gender so I would advise you trust your instincts when choosing a fragrance. There’s actually approx. 1200 fragrances launched every year worldwide. Your scent is a direct genetic label of who you are but interestingly your partner should have a scent that is opposite to yours because we’re attracted to what is different and we adapt to our own scent making it harder to smell on others.”

Lacoste LIVE New Fragrance

How important is the bottle design? 

“The bottle design is very important; it is the visual aspects of a campaign. I always hope that a celebrity endorsement is well matched. Once we had finished this Lacoste LIVE fragrance we just hoped the marketing and PR departments would do a great job too. After seeing the campaign video, I was so proud and I think it’s really cool.”

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

In its 5th year, Lacoste have moulded and perfected the ultimate outdoor party. 

After an 11 hour flight to LA, a 3 hour drive to Palm Springs, a terrible night’s sleep and major jet lag, we somehow had the energy to enjoy this epic annual 2 day desert pool party.

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidently walked onto a film set as the “live beautifully” guys and girls soaked up the sun and listened to great music spun by a rotation of respected DJ’s. 

With what is probably the hottest and most anticipated party of the year, there were a few celebrities prancing around such Katy Perry and Steven Tyler.

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

We had partnered with Lacoste LIVE for this very special event for a range of photography and editorials ranging from the party itself to live artist installations. 

There were tons of cool activities to get involved in too. One of our favourites was a Lacoste sneaker painting workshops held by P.S. I Made This with tons of cool and interesting designs often hanging up to dry whenever we passed by.

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

There was also the chance to get a Henna crocodile tattoo for the true brand advocates wanting to show their love for the label. 

Adam Katz Sinding was also around seeking out the well-styled and interesting individuals, which for us, further cemented the fact that this was the top fashion party to be at.

Lacoste Desert Pool Party

It was quite a tricky task taking street style pictures of guys wearing cool clothing when 80% off them were wearing as little as they could get away with. 

The 34 degrees Celsius weather was obviously the reason for this, but since they looked like extras for the next 300 film, at least it has given the MWS team some much needed motivation to up their gym game this summer.

The Nike Free Experience

The Nike Free Experience

Recently I attended, the #NikeFree Experience at Victoria House, the venue often used for British Fashion Council events, which has a prestigious yet fashionable feel to it. 

I headed downstairs to the basement, which was reminiscent of a warehouse, a lot of open space and numerous white walls, Nike had kitted out each section with an array of neon lights, boasting a palette similar to that of the latest collection. 

An understated yet super cool ambience was created, with a playlist that featured echoes of MK and Charlie Wilson.

The Nike Free Experience

The morning session began with a 5K run around London lead by former marathon winner Paula Radcliffe. 

I attended the evening session, which kicked off with a presentation by Nike’s Creative Director for Running Sean McDowell. 

Sean gave an interesting talk on the research behind creating The Nike Free, touching on his experiences during the creation process; including travelling to meet with athletes and studying the way their feet move in motion when training barefoot.

The Nike Free Experience

Nike Frees offer a revolutionary natural stride and come in 3.0, 4.0,and 5.0. The 5.0 offers more support, e.g. At 9.9 ounces (men’s size 10) the 5.0’s shoe’s upper is lightweight without compromising strength and durability. 

Whereas the 3.0 is closer to the ground creating more of a “bare foot feel“. More information on finding the most suitable pair for you can be found here. Here’s what Sean had to say in the Q&A:

The Nike Free Experience

How are they in the rain? 

“Actually really good, I’m all for being open and honest, the first Nike Frees were not the best in the rain, but now we’ve developed them, these are really good, as of course obtaining extra weight is not something you would want whilst running.” 

Do you think there will be a day where we can walk into all Nike shops, customise a pair and take them home that day? 

“NikeiD will be available in all stores eventually, it’s certainly something I’ll see in my lifetime, and it’s definitely something we are working on, there is no finish line with Nike and our ethos to try and to push ourselves and continue to be better.”

The Nike Free Experience

What’s your favourite pair of Nike trainers? 

“That’s like choosing which of my three kids I love the most, it’s hard to choose, you see I love the Pegasus, as I wore them as a kid, and then I got to work on the design team for them, so that was pretty cool.” 

Sean later went on to list six other pairs of Nikes, stating they are all his favourites, after telling us why, he concluded: “I’ve just picked about ten more, you asked me to list one, I’m sorry I just can’t choose!”

The Nike Free Experience

After the presentation the next 5K run took place with Run Dem Crews Charlie Dark. The RDC is a collective of creatives with a passion for running. 

I ran in my 3.0’s, and you can feel the difference in comparison to traditional athletic shoes.

After the drinks reception I toured the space, the interactive aspect of the event meant I was continuously engaged. 

Nike Free actually hit the ground running ten years ago, guests were able to look back through the ages at the very first pair of Nike Frees (The Nike Sock Racer) right up until today’s very latest (Nike Free Flyknit). 

Nike Free is a shoe that allows the muscles in the foot to gain strength by providing less constriction. There was an opportunity to evaluate your natural stride, and see on screen where you distribute weight on your foot, you could then compare it to an athlete which was a neat idea.

The Nike Free Experience

With all this technical talk, you’re probably wondering if they still look good right? Vogue recently described them as the “Gold Standard for Hipsters who Run“. 

They’re available in a wide range of colours and you also have the opportunity to customise them with NikeiD, so you can’t really put a foot wrong if you’re trend conscious. Sprint in style without worrying about sacrificing wearability for practicality.