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Macklemore Ryan Lewis

Macklemore Ryan Lewis

The Grammy 2014 triumph was a small step for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, toward one giant leap for equality. 

Thoughtful lyrics and fearless proclamations are slowly but surely rebuilding rap’s damaged reputation, crushing barbaric values of brute force and fixing the world’s most ridiculous misconceptions about same-sex marriage

Besides seeking a way of expanding moral standards of humanism, these guys are cracking varied dress-code standards (including black tie and rappers quintessential attributes), taking a turn for the better side of swag.

Macklemore Ryan Lewis

We captured Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) and Ryan Lewis’s significant and soon-to-be iconic fashionable moments that has already made a mark on the Grammys history book, while single-handedly mocking the hip-hop establishment. 

Ryan Lewis picked up an effortless sharp-detailed houndstooth suit with satin lapels by Mr. Turk, pairing with two-toned loafers

Macklemore purposefully neglected the red carpet’s impositions too. The American singer wore a teal velvet tuxedo, accessorised with a black bow tie and precious regals. His signature fringe was easy to spot too.

Macklemore Ryan Lewis

Thankfully, the urban lower-class has now been transcended into urban high-class, providentially revealing a different side of the baggy trousers ensemble (a cheap, meaningless and off-putting one). Henceforth, closet rappers, please take note!

Skincare for Men

Skincare for Men

Our skin is complex, and ever changing – which means it is important to keep your skincare routine updated.

In today’s world, a man looking after his appearance and skin is no longer a “girly” thing to do and is actually very attractive to women. 

Its come a long way from the days when your dad would wash his face with whatever cheap bar of soap he could find and cover up shaving cuts with bits of toilet paper! 

When you go into a supermarket there are hundreds of products that you can buy, but don’t get intimidated. You just need to know the basics to begin. 

With a little help from our friends and beauty experts, The Salon Look, we’ve put together this great guide on ways to keep your skin looking fresh in 2014… 

Drinking water is a great way to keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated from within. Try drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day to ensure you have radiant skin.  

Try to do the magic 3 – cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. I know doing this everyday can be a pain but if you do nothing else, make sure you cleanse. This should be in your daily routine, and I don’t mean grab a bar of soap and use that.

Skincare for Men

Be sure to cleanse twice a day, especially in the evening. The skin picks up dirt and pollution (especially in London) throughout the day and unless it’s washed away it will speed up that ageing process! 

Next, exfoliate… sometimes cleaning the skin with a simple face wash just isn’t enough. You don’t have to exfoliate every day but try to do it three times a week, it will help smoothen the skin and soften hair follicles which will result in a closer, less-irritating shave. 

The last of the magic 3 is to moisturise. When shaving, you open up your pores and essential moisture escapes from your skin. Make sure you moisturise as much as possible, it will also help prevent razor burn. 

Make sure you protect your lips, the last thing you want is rough chapped lips. The skin is very thin and prone to dryness. Regularly apply lip balm daily, it doesn’t have to be scented or pink! Just a normal SPF lip balm is best to use. 

When shaving, you have to be extra careful with your skin, a good shave is at the heart of keeping your skin healthy. Try to always use shaving foam, this will keep your pores soaked and help your razor glide across your jawline for a smoother shave. 

Why not also try using shaving oils, these can be a less messy alternative to foams and they moisturise as you shave. They also blunt your razor heads slower than foam.

Common Male Health Concerns

Common Male Health Concerns

With our rapidly aging community and the overwhelming amount of advertisements for medications, we often find ourselves asking if there is something truly wrong with our health. 

Often at times we ignore our symptoms out of fear or embarrassment of finding out what the problem really is, but in fact most men will be faced with a male health concern at some point in their lifetime. 

Here is a list of the top four common male health concerns: 

Low Testosterone 

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man… well, a man. It also puts the hair on your chest and fuels your sex drive. The symptoms of having low testosterone include feeling excessively tired, weak, depressed, and loss of sex drive. The levels of testosterone naturally drop as you age and low testosterone levels can actually be the root to other health issues, so make sure you visit your healthcare professional to receive proper testing. 

Premature Ejaculation 

A common male health concern is premature ejaculation (PE). This condition will cause a male to climax shortly after beginning sexual intercourse or sometimes before intercourse even begins. Premature ejaculation can occasionally happen to all men and that is normal, but it becomes an issue when it occurs frequently and you cannot change this pattern. With so many methods to help you deal with premature ejaculation, it can be difficult to choose the right treatment. There is a new climax control programme called Prolong that is successfully helping men everywhere. It is the first medically approved treatment programme for PE and it’s specifically designed to treat this exact problem.

Common Male Health Concerns

Male Pattern Baldness 

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is a major health concern for most men worldwide. There is something about having a full head of hair that most guys associate with success and manhood, but in fact up to 50% of all men will be affected by MPB at some point in their lifetime. In most cases, male pattern baldness is hereditary and there is little that you can do to change this factor. However, there are cases of balding due to certain cancers, thyroid conditions, medications, and anabolic steroids, so make sure you check with your doctor. 

Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is another common male health concern. It causes the inability to get or maintain a firm erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse, which can be quite embarrassing and frustrating for men with this condition.

New Years Hair Resolutions

New Years Hair Resolutions

It’s that’s time of year again when everyone makes New Year resolutions that they don’t keep, so why not try to make some that are easy to keep and good for you? A win, win situation! 

Breaking bad habits with your hair is hard to do, but with this guide we put together with help from our friends over at The Salon Look, it’s your chance to turn good intentions into great results and avoid hair freak-out for a whole year. 

January – I will detox 

You need to cleanse your scalp from product residue build up over the last few weeks, months or even years. Shampoo your hair twice to get rid of the build up. The first shampoo won’t lather as it’s removing product build up, the second will lather and be able to do its job.

New Years Hair Resolutions

February – I will be more organised 

Promise yourself that you will book your next hair appointment before you leave the salon to keep to the 6-8 week cycle. A lot of us don’t trim our hair regularly enough. 

March – I will not use heat appliances 

Heat can damage your hair and seriously dry it out. This month protect your hair with heat-protected products and give your hair some time off heat! Your hair will thank you for it. 

April – I will try a new product 

A lot of us stick to products that we have used before and like best, if you always use gel, try using wax to style your hair or vice versa. See how you hair responds to different products. 

May – I will thicken my hair 

A lot of us men worry about losing our hair (if we still have some left!) so this month try using a thickening lotion or shampoo and conditioner.

New Years Hair Resolutions

June – I will be strong 

Protect and re-strengthen your hair. Give it a dose of what it needs, exactly when it needs it. Use vitamin rich products, which are gentle enough to be used each time you wash your hair. 

July – I will show my personality 

Try showing your personality through your hair. Are you a bubbly, happy guy? If so, use a volumised wax or gel to create more bounce. Are you serious and more reserved? Flatten your hair with gel and have a side parting. Try out different looks and see what best reflects who you are. 

August – I will experiment with colour 

Got grey hairs or just sick of your natural colour? Try a different or whole new shade this month, after all, its only hair! 

September – I will not use any products 

This month try to not use any products on your hair! Not using styling products like gel or wax can be really difficult but give your hair a break and let it gain strength. 

October – I will try something new 

Be more adventurous and work alongside your Stylist to create a new look! You only live once. 

November – I will not shave 

It’s the month of Movember when men everywhere grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. Join the club and get sponsored and don’t shave your Mo for the whole month! It is for a good cause after all… 

December – Kept this up?

If so, promise to look after your hair in the future, especially after all of this hard work!

The Button Fly

The Button Fly

Now I know what you are thinking, a fly barely qualifies to being a fashion essential. But they are critical fasteners (excuse the pun) when it comes to your hold on trousers. 

I have always favored the button fly, although I never gave the reason behind it any thought. I guess it always appealed to me because my signature style is usually retro and I love how this piece of history rides, well, on my crotch. 

The argument people tend to make is that zippers are a lot more convenient. Button Flies are quick, easy to use and do not add weight to your fly area.

They have been in existence since the 1800s and in all fairness they are stronger than zippers. They do not come undone even if your pants are tight, they allow for decent amount of stretch when you sit down and do not bite your privates when you close them in a hurry. 

Moreover, if your zipper develops a flaw (like losing a tooth) you are in a fix. You could risk a potential lawsuit for indecent exposure at the work place. No such stuff with your button fly. If you care about the environment, you will be glad to hear that button flies require less refined metal to make, less energy to manufacture and less time and energy to stitch into your pants. 

I also read somewhere that the only woman to perform a circumcision in the Bible was called Zipporah. That has got to be some kind of coincidence then.

So go on and enjoy a bit of that history just by putting on your pants!

Choosing a Winter Scarf

Choosing a Winter Scarf

Fashion for men has always been a difficult thing to master and even the simplest items can cause trouble. Take a scarf for example. It seems simple enough but you need to get the style right if you’re to look your best during colder weather. 

With all the designs and colours available nowadays, you don’t need to limit yourself to one scarf either and this means there is plenty of opportunity to match this functional accessory to different outfits. 

To make the best choice, there are a few tips which can help you select a scarf which makes a personal style statement while keeping you warm – and here’s our advice.

Choosing a Winter Scarf

Choose fabric carefully 

What kind of protection you need from the weather depends on where you live but our guess is that if you’re shopping for a scarf then you need warmth as well as good looks. 

The most popular choices of material for scarves are wool and cashmere as they keep the heat in but lighter fabrics are also quite successful against the chill. 

Thick cottons, silks, synthetic materials or a mix of these are common in mens clothing and men’s accessories, and it’s important you recognise the merits of each. 

Cashmere will have the softest touch but potentially the highest price tag, while wool will be hardier but potentially a little rougher to the touch. 

Cotton and synthetic materials are a good compromise while silk is another luxury, soft option which is better suited to milder climates.

Choosing a Winter Scarf


There are standard widths and lengths for winter scarves but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop around for something which suits your height and frame. 

If you are tall, you can get away with a long scarf worn loose or wrapped around your neck twice. This kind of look probably won’t flatter a smaller man who can nonetheless suit a short hanging scarf. 

How to tie your scarf 

You’ve taken care to select your scarf; now make sure you wear it properly!

There are scores of ways to tie a scarf which are very simple but make such a difference to your appearance. 

A Parisian knot, where you make a loop with a folded scarf which you pull its ends through is both smart and casual. 

A once-around-knot is a loosely tied look which works well on days which have a chill but aren’t freezing while for a more informal look you can loop your scarf around your neck loosely.

Choosing a Winter Scarf


For a formal occasion an elegant scarf in dark colours will likely fit the bill whereas for outdoor activities or casual events you can go for something brighter. 

After our recent trip to Pitti Uomo 85, it was clear that bright and unique prints on oversized cotton or silk materials, draped over the shoulders is the new “in” trend.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

Life is a Beautiful Sport

Lacoste brings about a new era by reinstating its founding
values into the core of its marketing message. This new message was unveiled during the recent Paris Fashion Week at an exclusive event. 

Lacoste gathered up some of their favourite people from around the world to join them at their launch party. These individuals were bloggers, social media gurus, journalists, publication owners and photographers. The combined online influence  of the gang was quite huge to say the least!

Life is a Beautiful Sport

The chosen crew included Fashion Toast, Menswear Style, Daaamn, Andreas Wijk, La Petite Anglaise, Kate Loves Me, Mr. Boy, Yin & Yang, Fucking Young, Highsnobiety and others.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

So, we hopped on the Eurostar, checked into Hotel Fabric, got ready (with a key Lacoste staple of course), and partied like it was 2004 (that’s when MWS Craig was 19)! 

The event was one of the best we’ve been to. There was just so much to see and do, from live music/DJ’s to a wheat pasting demonstration which revealed billboard sized images of their latest collection. There was also a cool studio photography setup type thing which took awesome 360 photos.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

Admittedly we don’t know the technical name of this but you see our picture here – which is VERY cool! 

The next day, in a daze we went to the MAN show to check out some cool brands including Lacoste Live, Stutterheim, YMC and London Undercover.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

Our take on the new collection campaign titled “Life is a Beautiful Sport”, gives a great deal of motivation to those of us who find themselves far too busy with the work and life balance to take up a regular sport or actually make it to the gym which is costing you £70 per month. 

There’s no reason why you can’t take the stairs at work or jump over a few puddles in the street, whilst imagining something a little more dangerous and extreme in a Walter Mitty way.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

The press visuals and posters are Jacob Sutton’s creation; they poetically
portray men and women elegantly proceeding “above” the city and life’s tribulations. 

These urban and minimalist visuals represent the “Lacoste spirit” stripped
down to a simple metaphor, remaining sporty and relaxed when confronted with

Roll On Roll Neck

Roll On Roll Neck

The classic Roll neck. Not a trend distinctly known for its ‘cool factor’, or even for being a trend, having received a large amount of criticism in the fashion world in the past. 

However, for the now, it is here to stay and adding a roll neck to your repertoire is an instant wardrobe update.

Whether it’s a big, thick chunky knit worn on its own, or a slightly thinner version worn underneath a blazer, the roll neck works every time.

Roll On Roll Neck

My favourite look is with a two-piece suit replacing the usual shirt and tie combo. This updated, modern version gives your suit a more casual look allowing you to wear it for a number of occasions. 

Alternatively a pair of jeans, a blazer and a chunky cream knit is a winning look for any occasion. If you want to be really crazy, you could even try layering a fine knit under a chunkier jumper, whatever works best for you.

Roll On Roll Neck

Having been seen on a number of runways and designer collections, editorials and all over the high street, the roll neck is a very accessible item for men of all ages. 

However… a couple of tips before you invest. Firstly, if you are going for a fine-knit version, make sure you get a good fit. There should be no gaping, but not too tight, as it can be very unflattering if you get it wrong.

Roll On Roll Neck

Secondly, please don’t go for a ‘quirky’ print or ‘out-there’ pattern. The roll neck is all about understated cool, so block colours are a must. 

Apart from that, you can’t really go too wrong!
Overall, the roll neck is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing which can be worn in a number of different ways to update your style this season. What do you think of the trend?

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street

During this month’s London Collections we partnered with the Radisson Blu Edwardian as the ‘Official Blogger in Residence’. The hotel had a Vodafone charge point, GQ branding in the lobby, a MenswearStyle lounge, designer cocktails and they held a few key LC:M events onsite too. 

It felt like we were at the heart of men’s fashion week, from the many stylish people hanging at the cocktail bar to the fact that all three of the runway locations were just around the corner.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street


Our room had everything you could possibly need – a neat workspace, big TV, a huge comfortable bed and massive bathroom big enough to run a yoga class. 

The interior is modern, stylish and immaculate. It’s the kind of place you’d easily imagine yourself living in and be proud of. A nice touch was the iPhone docking system on the alarm clock which came in handy for charging. If we had a penny for the number of times we’ve forgot our phone chargers on trips!

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street


The Steak and Lobster restaurant certainly makes for a fast decision when choosing from the menu. The waiter we had was great too, he gave us a friendly and patient lesson in dissecting a Lobster the proper way – handy since we didn’t have a clue where to start! 

Also, if you’re like us and judge a hotel by its breakfast offering, you’ll love this one!

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street

MenswearStyle Lounge 

Fashion weeks can be pretty exhausting and if you’re seeing shows back to back there comes a point where being somewhere, warm, quiet with a comfy sofa becomes your sweetest dream. 

HQ for Menswear Style during LC:M was the Radisson Blu Edwardian on Bloomsbury Street, just around the corner from the British Museum. Having a desk, umpteen power sockets, wifi and an unlimited supply of tea was heaven. 

So often, writing is a solitary occupation and it was great for us all to come together for an afternoon tea to chat, debate the shows that we had seen, get to know one another and form a stronger bond as creative people. 

Having the afternoon tea party for the writers really made the team feel at home and so they felt really comfortable popping in and using the suite as their base where they could recover, work and talk with their fellow writers and photographers.

Winter Holiday Style

Winter Holiday Style

These days, not only are women interested in fashion, but it has increasingly become important to men also. If you’re jetting off on a winter holiday, you’ll need the ultimate wardrobe update to impress. 

Here you’ll find the top tips for staying stylish this winter season. 

Layer up – make sure you pack vests, along with slim-fitting sweaters and hoodies. This will provide you with warmth against the cold weather; slim layering is also key this winter, so keep your look fitted and snug. 

Invest in top brand sportswear  – modern sportswear collections are perfect for winter holidays. Make sure you invest in top quality brands, such as the Armani EA7 range. 

There is even a specialised skiwear section in the Armani range, with protective fabric clothing and a great choice of ski jackets. 

Giorgio Armani is one of the leading names in the fashion industry so if you want to stay stylish on the slopes, kit yourself out with this top collection.

Winter Holiday Style

Never mix and match your look – one of the biggest mistakes men make on their winter holidays is mixing and matching their style. For example, wearing a ski jacket with khaki trousers is not a good look. 

If you’re wearing sportswear, make sure your entire look is created with sportswear. Don’t combine it with your standard clothing. 

Don’t wear Ugg boots – traditional Ugg boots are designed to be unisex. However, no self-respecting man should ever be seen out in them. 

It doesn’t create a good look on most women, never mind men.

As comfortable and warm as they can be, you’re best off sticking to men’s snow boots if you really want to keep your feet warm, not to mention waterproof. 

Looking good on your winter holiday isn’t rocket science. It’s all about choosing the best quality brands that provide you with the best fit. Armani is just one example. You can get inspiration online by looking at pictures from their current season catwalk.