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On the Road to Ouarzazate, Morocco

121813Dries0113WebMy main reason for going to Morocco last December was to get lost in the small markets and shoot the style of everyday people, much like what I did in Bali last July.  This gentleman was one of my favorite finds. Three-quarter sleeve jacket (vintage?), blue/yellow pattern sweater with matching bag, all working over track pants. Sorry, but this is more Dries van Noten than the real Dries van Noten.


I would’ve loved to stay in that market another day to see if this gentleman chooses his outfit this carefully everyday or if this was just a happy accident.


P.S. I still can’t get over how cool that jacket is.  Do you think he shortened the sleeves himself, or it’s a holdover from the short-sleeve leisure suits of the 1970′s?

G. Lorenzi is Closing :(

While I was in Milan earlier this month, I was reminded of some bad news that I think I subconsciously tried to forget…G. Lorenzi is closing.


On my very first trip to Milan, I remember standing at the window looking in at all the assorted treasures and thinking how perfect my life would be once I had that ten pound curved, ram-horn cigarette lighter to carry in my jeans pocket. (I don’t even smoke but the lighter was just that impressive.)


Of course on my final visit, I went a little overboard on picking up whatever I thought I might someday need. (“Need” is the wrong word. WANT!! With little regard for need or function is more accurate. Horn trays, combs and brushes, silver trays and bottles, nail care, a silver thimble and the cooooolest, colorful travel sewing kit! (I can’t wait to pop a button.)


I loathe when people say, “Blah, Blah used to be such a chic city.” Well, without G. Lorenzi, Milan will be a little less chic. Even if it relocates, it will be very difficult to recapture the charm.  Italians don’t do “updated” so well.


A final thought: “I hate that there is one less store full of things that I don’t need and that I will now never have.” – Oscar Wilde, (if he were alive today).