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#Repost @fit2fat2fit ・・・ I don’t always get dressed up but when…

#Repost @fit2fat2fit
I don’t always get dressed up but when I do it’s for a special occasion! Headed out to go support @ourrescue tonight at a charity event to raise awareness for saving children from sex slavery. Go check out @timballard89 and what he does with @ourrescue to help these children. Please donate if you can. #bondjamesbond #jk #justdrew #lol #our #operationundergroundrailroad #fit2fat2fit


At Identica, we continually monitor emerging trends to make sure we remain alert to opportunities for our clients, in particular in the area of alcoholic drinks, a category of interest to our team, both professionally and personally.


There are five macro trends that we think are currently having a major influence on the drinks’ category now, and will continue to do so.  In the following pages we explore the impact these five major trends are having.


1- The Age of Wellness

There’s an increasing focus on building and maintaining healthy bodies and minds to equip us for the challenges of modern life.  When it comes to alcohol this is driving total abstinence in alcohol for some, but for others low alcohol and alcohol alternatives, such as guarana based drinks are hitting the mark.  We think this trend is also driving a ‘drink less but drink better movement’, creating more and more premium alternatives for consumers to try.


Low/No alcohol alternatives   


Vegetable based drinks & cocktails  


Drinks with added health benefits 


Premiumisation and high quality product 



2- The Experience Economy

For a variety of societal, cultural and economic reasons, consumers are increasingly looking for new experiences, driving what we call ‘the experience economy.’  In the drinks’ category this is creating a demand of increased theatre and ritual at the moment of consumption; ‘drinks drama’ in the form of drinks with spectacular presentation and those with challenging flavours and tastes, as well as the continual quest for the new and the novel.

  Pairing different Wines with various insects as an experience   

Flamboyant cocktail presentation   


Creative and novel flavours 


Brand experience events  



3- Back to Basics

Increasingly consumers want to know where products come from, what’s in them and who is behind them.  We think this is in part driving the increasing interest in artisanal drinks – in particular beers, small batch products, and ideas such as raw sherry.


Clean ingredient artisanal spirits 


Raw and natural wines   



Localised craft beers   


4- Easy Drinking

Consumer demand has lead to an increased use of convenience formats (more drinks in cans such as wine) and formats where a a professional standard product can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, a trend pioneered by out of category brands such as Nespresso. This trend translates beyond pack also, through drinks with unchallenging tastes where consumers don’t need to struggle through a bonding process, for example alcoholic sodas.


Canned wines    


Alcoholic sodas    


Home access   


5- Do Some Good

Consumers want to be reassured that their consumption choices are not only good for them, but aren’t damaging the world around them.  In addition to recyclability of packaging we expect to see an increase in brands to show a social side, helping consumer tackle some of the pressing environmental and social issues that face us all. Thanks to additional research conducted at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley in California, we know millennials understand this, as “more than nine in ten millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.”


One Hope Wine  –  Sales of bottles means proceeds being sent to respective charities and causes  

Olive Ridley Brewing Co. support the conservation of Olive Ridley turtles by pledging a proportion of their profits to a dedicated charity




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