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Innovation in Dairy

There are three main category trends driving dairy innovation…
1. Dairy Intolerance
Lactose malabsorption is widespread in most of the world, with wide variation between different regions and an overall frequency of around two-thirds of the world’s population. This has helped drive the growth on non-dairy alternatives.
In the UK, Arla’s LactoFree brand is now being marketed as being ‘easy on digestion’ and is therefore looking to sweep in consumers who can tolerate lactose but are also looking for ways to improve their gut health.
No-dairy alternatives seek a broader audience…
Works as a 2-in-1 healthy alternative to milk and breakfast
2. Veganism
Veganism is riding on a dual wave of health benefits but also environmental advantage, reducing the West’s reliance on a meat based diet in order to meet the need’s of a burgeoning global population. Non dairy milk versions are beginning to spring up everywhere and are expressing themselves as brands in their own right (rather than simple alternatives to milk).
Just Eat believes the veganism-trend is set to grow rapidly in popularity – they claim to have seen a 94% increase in “healthy food ordered.”
Research indicates that in the USA, there has a been a staggering
600% rise in veganism in the last three years.
In Portugal veganism has grown by 300% in the last decade.
Interest in animal welfare continues to grow…
…Protein options…
Clear messaging, enjoy life and staying healthy and lean is key the message in protein shakes
Breakfast cereals turning to liquid protein milk solutions making it attractive to young woman who want to slim down.
Multiple uses for the same product
3. Diet Consciousness
Eating a reduced fat diet is popular in the west, and so we’ve seen the rise of low fat alternatives that taste as good as full fat versions.
Added to the above, we are seeing a global trend of greater marketing sophistication with consumers expecting even the commodity purchases they make, such as milk, to be attractively presented.
Milk strives to add value, through packaging…
and add value through formats and ingredients.
Night-time milk – claims that milk taken from cows at night has a
better flavour
Low fat but flavoursome milk
Something mothers can put school lunchboxes
Filtered milk for longer shelf life and fresher taste
Less fat and low in calories
Convenient shape and sized pack

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