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In the Soup

Identica are pleased to announce our latest work on a new innovation – In The Soup – a range of fresh soups made with a delicious shot of alcohol, due to be launched in October 2019, as the weather begins to get colder.

May Duperson, our client and brand manager at The Alcoholic Soup Company, is excited about the potential, saying: ‘we always felt there was a gap in the market for a sustaining alcoholic drink, in particular something warming that can be enjoyed on a cold day.  Other than mulled wine or mulled cider or Jagertee or hot toddy or buttered rum or Docteur du Miel or Irish Coffee, it’s really a completely untapped market.’

Research showed that consumers who enjoyed watching live sport in cold weather, or who just loved the great outdoors in autumn and winter, felt that the experience would be much enhanced through having something that’s both warming and alcoholic to drink. ‘What could be better than watching England trounce the All Blacks at Twickenham 92-0, whilst enjoying a warm mug of In The Soup?’ mused Ms Duperson. ‘Now you can have lunch and celebrate a try simultaneously.’

The team went through an exhaustive wave of testing to find the right recipes. Those chosen were ones which featured the more esoteric spirits and liqueurs, drinks that the average person might not have a bottle of to hand but which the development team could still swipe a sample of from their parents’ drinks cabinet for testing purposes without it being missed.

The range at launch will comprise:  parsnip, apple; and calvados; tomato, orange, and triple sec; French onion and aquavit; Thai chicken and coconut rum.

The soups are all freshly made and come with a sachet of spirit, for the user to add to their taste.  They can be found in the chiller cabinet.

If the whole shot is used, the soups have an ABV of 4%, and so care should be taken (for example: not to drink and drive; not to operate heavy machinery; avoiding grouse shooting or archery; not to try break dancing or pole vaulting etc). We advise consumers to heat the soups first, and then add the alcohol shot, to avoid driving off the alcohol through heat, which would be a terrible pity.

A summer range of refreshing, alcoholic cold soups is planned for summer 2020.

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