Ed Steals Taylor’s Spotlight: Here’s How He Stole The Music Industry


The Daily Mail isn’t on the Unknown Male’s recommended reading list, but it does have a few gems now and then. This video is trending around the world right now as Taylor Swift tells Mr Sheeran he is showing off by ‘peacocking.’ Ed is seen as a humble man, so the allegations are pretty serious, especially to his devoted fans. But, as the friendship between the two megastars is deep, they may be in a forgiving mood.

The bigger issue here is not how Ed stole her limelight, but how he did the same to the music industry. At one point, Sheeran had nine of the top ten songs on the charts, an unprecedented move. So, how has his rise to fame been sheer?

Of Humble Stock

Unlike the Fifth Harmony’s and Post Malone’s of the world, Sheeran didn’t begin life on a manufactured TV show. Although the Simon Cowell route was gaining traction at the time, Ed built up a fan base the old-fashioned way. That included playing tiny gigs in small cities such as Leeds and even busking on the street as a younger man. Sheeran is also synonymous with the Grime scene if you couldn’t tell from his Seek Attire classics. People such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal detail seeing him and watching him ‘come up’ on the scene back in the early 200s. His past means that both the pop culture squad and the hardcore grime heads have got respect for the Ginga Ninja’s choons. As any marketing exec would agree, it’s all about brand diversity.

Just One Catch

That being that all of his songs have a hook which is impossible to forget. Whether pop music is your thing, it’s impossible to deny his talent for writing. ‘Shape of you’, a love tale regaling mutual attraction, spent the most weeks in Billboard’s ‘Hot 100s Top Ten.’ That is just one stat among many which list it as one of the catchiest tunes of all time. And, the fact that he enrolled Stormzy to spit a few bars only made it a bigger banger. Take away ‘Shape of you’ and you can talk about ‘Galway Girl’, ‘Castle on the Hill’, and ‘Perfect’, the latter being mixed with Beyonce. Love him or hate him, you can’t help but sing along.


Live Performances

In this day and age, catchy tunes and a reputable upbringing mean nothing. ‘True’ musicians rock the stage at the biggest festivals in the world, from Coachella to Glastonbury. If you can’t perform live, you don’t belong in the pantheon of greats alongside the Beatles, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. In June 2017, Sheeran showed he has the talent to perform on stage as well as in a studio booth. His performance on the Pyramid Stage was full of creativity, confidence and cracking songs. Even the likes of Noel Gallagher had to admit that Ed has the lot. Expect to see him performing live to adoring fans for years to come.

So, he has talent, a stellar background and the ability to create an atmosphere. But, what do you think makes Ed Sheeran special?

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