First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

A few months back we talked about how the turban rapidly become a great uniform in the fashion industry and how it started to become more noticed by major brands. 

However, many of us doubted that this will happen again in the future and we went along with the thought that this was a one off scheme. 

The Sikhs have striked again and it’s none other that Mr Pardeep Singh Bahra who comes back in the game with a bang!

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

The founder of Singh street style has recently just become the first turbaned Sikh man to model for the major fashion brand Alexander McQueen

Pardeep has really seized the moment here and perfected his opportunity. He yet again swaggered out his beautiful black turban and wore it as a crown. 

He used his turban as an advantage to look even more dapper and elegant. Being styled by Harris Elliot and photographed by Dean Chakley, was surely an advantage. But styling out an outfit is something that comes from within. 

Something Pardeep has portrayed spectacularly.
He presents his three piece suit in a classy yet street style look. Not only is he able to show off his retro specs, but he’s also able to pull off a necklace over a shirt. 

He is not only a fashion blogger but he is also becoming a trendsetter. Crossing his arms with confidence and walk-posing with a little attitude really possess the attributes of true great style.

First Sikh model for Alexander McQueen

This is not the first time Bahra has been noticed by the public eye, previously he also had his work featured on MSN, the guardian and Vogue India. 

We can certainly say that Pardeep is a stylish individual and fashion is definitely one of his strengths. However, he is also a man with a clean heart. His recent video on YouTube named ‘Don’t freak I’m Sikh’ was watched by thousands of people and touched their hearts (video below). 

Born and raised in the heart of London. Pardeep has really made an impact on his community. He has shown the world that small steps are what leads us to our main goals. Expressing your love for your passion and pursuing what you wish to do with your life is his main motto. 

What really fascinates us about Bahra is the strive and ambition to do more. Once again fashion has showed us that being stylish is nothing more than expression and love.

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