Five Fashion Gifts Your Fashion-conscious Man Will Be Happy with for Life

When it comes to men’s birthdays, many of us get stuck with ideas. You might be thinking about the obvious choice of drinks or car accessories, but if your other half or friend is self-conscious and pays attention to their appearance, you could visit your online or Downtown designer store and get them something truly unique and memorable. Below you will find a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Custom Man-Bag

One of the hardest decision for men is to invest in a leather man-bag that will help them stay organized and stylish at the same time. They might think that a man with a bag is simply not the done thing. If you want to help them, you can find a masculine leather bag that will hold all their paperwork when they go to work or turn up at meetings, without having to worry about their overall style.

  1. Watch

Some men simply can’t have enough watches. If you would like to surprise them, you could look through their collection and find out what their favorite make is. From stylish to street-style, you can choose based on their personality. If you get this gift right, you have just given them an accessory for a lifetime, and helped them express themselves.

  1. Cufflinks


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For the man in the suit, you might be looking for some valuable and sophisticated cufflinks. You can check out the examples of handmade gold cufflinks online and choose the pair that matches their smart style. Consider their age, their overall complexion, and the tailored suits they usually wear for special occasions and meetings.

  1. Wallet

You can never go wrong with a stylish leather wallet or a card holder. While phone cases are also a great idea, they are likely to become useless once your man-friend changes their phone. Think about their lifestyle. If they are all over the world collecting business cards, and are famous for their American Express collection, a card holder will be a perfect gift. If, however, they like matching all their accessories with their dress style, you can get them a wallet.

  1. Professional Travel Grooming Kit

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Men who are always on the go, and live a busy lifestyle will appreciate your thought when you buy them a travel grooming kit. Some of the top models include a shaver, a trimmer, hair removal tools, and other accessories in just a small bag. They can take this item with them anywhere, and stay stylish and well-groomed, even if they are busy with meetings in another city.

Men who enjoy looking good will appreciate thoughtful fashionable gifts for every occasion. Snoop around their wardrobe and find out what their favorite brands are. Look out for personalized gifts and ones that will serve your man for a long time, instead of being drunk in one sitting. Instead of the usual presents, go further this year, and show them that you appreciate their effort to look good in every situation. The above gifts will help you impress even the most fashion-conscious men.


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