Forget Rihanna & Rocky, Bennifer Is Delivering God-Level Hamptons Couple Style

Rihanna and Rocky, step aside. Yesterday, Bennifer was spotted in the Hamptons, rocking flawlessly coordinated outfits that have us feeling like it’s the early ’00s all over again.

The synchronized celebrity outfit feels like something of a dying art. Sure, it’s still happening, just with a lot more subtlety: David and Victoria Beckham’s “Matrix” look and Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ infamous (see also, fire) Canadian tuxedos are from a different age entirely. In a modern, “real-life” context, “twinning” can be difficult to execute, given the threat of appearing, well, a bit corny in public (off the top of my head, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid used to be really good at it).

It’s true that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez often riffed off each others’ wardrobes, but it was never quite as telegraphed as this. Keeping it casual, the alleged lovebirds looked cozy in beige — Affleck wearing a hoodie and cargos, and Lopez opting for a white sweater. Dare I say it’s Yeezy-esque? The best part is that both chose scuffed-up sneakers — Golden Goose by the looks of it — meaning the ensemble was surely planned.

Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the whole Bennifer thing, but I think it looks cute, a throwback to the days when they’d saunter down the streets of NYC in proverbial earthy shades. If my friends wore the same getup, would I dig it? Absolutely not. But in a Hollywood context, it’s a much-needed, low-key tonic to the usual try-hard looks — Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly being one of the more wretched examples.

Quite why we’re all so eager for this romantic rekindling remains unclear. It feels like there’s an element of Y2K fetishism to it — a comforting reminder of simpler times, even though they were anything but. We all love a good comeback story, too, and celebrity redemption fodder doesn’t get much sweeter than the once Sad Affleck meme winning back his wholesome Jenny from the block. Maybe I’m overthinking it, and the Occam’s razor solution is that everybody loves a cool power couple, especially now there’s a KimYe shaped hole in the world.

When the pandemic hit, some predicted that it would end, or at least curtail, our obsession with celebrity culture. For better or worse, it isn’t the case. Clearly, no one banked on the return of the Bennifer pop culture tour de force.

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