The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Gambling

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Where do you stand on gambling? As everyone knows, the United States is notorious for being restrictive on the activity. And, despite the fact that cities like Las Vegas are world gambling epicentres, the federal impositions are pretty strong compared to other Western countries.

But recent news that sports betting might be legalized could signal that things are changing. It seems that some of the biggest federal gambling laws are open for discussion. And that means that we are all going to have to take gambling a lot more seriously in the future.

There are pros and cons to every argument, of course. So, we thought we would take some time today to explore the good, bad, and ugly of gambling. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

The good

If you are a sensible person, gambling is nothing more than a controllable pastime. You have money, pout a little aside, and always keep within your budget. It has to be money you can afford to lose, of course – because you will lose it more often than not. But when that big win comes in? Well, it’s money you can use to prop up your vacation fund, pay for a renovation, or just have some fun. Gambling is accessible, too. As we pointed out in out post awhile back, if you live in the north west you are only ever 25 miles away from a casino. And, as point out, there are offshore gambling opportuities, too. So, despite the restrictions, it’s clear that many people enjoy gambling regardless.

The Bad

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The bad

The house always wins, of course. Unless you are incredibly lucky or are a statistical genius, the odds of beating the system are slim. You might enjoy the odd big payout. But in the vast majority of cases you will leave a casino or table a lot less wealthy than when you walked in. And if you pick up a few wins on the trot, or get too successful, you’ll get your marching orders pretty fast. It’s also worth stating that gambling isn’t always the nice and friendly activity you hear being promoted. Scratch beneath the surface of a casino, and there might be all kinds of dark dealings go on behind the scenes. The truth is you can never tell who owns that roulette wheel, and who is taking your money.

The ugly

When you boil everything down to the basics, gambling is addictive. While it should be an enjoyable experience and just a bit of fun, an alarming number of people lose control. According to, it’s not a hard process to develop addiction. It becomes a big issue,both in financial and personal terms. And, there are no shortage of stories about people who have had their lives ruined by gambling. Anyone who enters a casino should have those stories burned into their minds. And, if you are ever tempted to take out more cash than you budgeted for, always think twice. It could be the first step into an horrendous spiral of addiction.

We’re keen to hear your ideas on gambling in America – post your thoughts below…

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