Gorillaz’ Russel Tells Us His Top 5 Horror Movie Moments

So you’ve already figured out your #relevant Halloween costume thanks to our handy guide and additional inspo from this year’s best celebrity costumes… but what about a scary movie (or 5) to get the spooks flowing? Look no further than Russel from your favorite cartoon band, Gorillaz, who has graciously told us his top 5 scariest horror movie moments just in time for Halloween.

From classics like The Shining, to newer horror film mainstays like It Follows, Gorillaz percussionist Russel talks us through some of the creepiest horror movie scenes. Grab your candy corn and someone you can scream with and dig into his picks below.

“It isn’t all too bad until behind her (Jay), this creepy, tall man without eyes suddenly appears from the dark, stooping below the doorframe. The way he so calmly walks towards Jay and his eerily proportioned body is really unsettling. That’s the way it goes, as soon as you relax for one minute, BOOM, the demons get in – trust me. Don’t sleep with your mouth open.”

“The best bit in the IT remake is this scene where the trippy painting of that flute lady comes to life – Kinda reminds me of De La Soul at the end of the “Feel Good Inc.” video, or “Living in the Past” by Jethro Tull.”

“Ah, that brilliant bit where Danny cycles his big wheel around the Overlook hotel and sees the twin girls have been chopped into pieces. Really, the whole film is crammed with the impending threat of violence, a bit like working with Murdoc actually…”

“The opening ‘zombie apartment’ scene really gets it right, when the SWAT team raid a housing block in the projects and come across their first zombie in one of the apartments. They kick the door in and find the apartment covered in blood stains. There are body parts on the floor and a zombie with no legs drags himself across the floor towards them. One swat guy says to the other “shoot him man!, Shoot him in the head!!” Noodle loves this bit! She always joins in yelling at the screen, saying how she could have done it so much better.”

“The scene where the guy has the heart attack and the doctor tries to use the defibrillator on him really hits the nail on the head, gore wise. His chest caves in and his rib cage turns into teeth which bite the doctors arms off, then as if that wasn’t enough, the patients head falls off and turns into a spider – so gnarly! The definition of a bad day at the office.”

Gorillaz are also set to embark on a not-so-scary but definitely amazing European tour starting the day after Halloween. Peep the dates below.

Gorillaz Winter 2017 EU Tour

11/02 VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Wiener Stadthalle
11/04 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Royal Arena
11/05 OSLO, NORWAY – Oslo Spectrum
11/08 ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND – Samsung Hall
11/09 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Arena de Geneve
11/11 MUNICH, GERMANY – Zenith
11/17 BERLIN, GERMANY – Max-Schmeling-Halle
11/18 DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – Mitsubishi Electric Halle
11/19 HAMBURG, GERMANY – Sporthalle Hamburg
11/22 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Forest National/Vorst Nationaal
11/24 PARIS, FRANCE – Zénith de Paris
11/25 PARIS, FRANCE – Zénith de Paris
11/27 BRIGHTON, UK – Brighton Centre
11/29 GLASGOW, UK – The SSE Hydro
12/01 MANCHESTER, UK – Manchester Arena
12/02 BIRMINGHAM, UK – Arena Birmingham
12/04 LONDON, UK – The 02 Arena
12/05 LONDON, UK – The 02 Arena

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