How to Dress Well on the Daily Dog Walk

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As we continue to live this new normal in which leaving the home is a rare occasion, it’s good to make those limited occurrences count. For those who have a dog, or dogs, you’re blessed with a few extra opportunities to put together fits that will make those clothes in your closest feel less useless.

Whether you’re a dog walker or a dog runner, going the active route is key to making sure you look and feel the part. Track pants and biking shorts are good options when it comes to bottoms, while windbreakers, hoodies, and workout tees are smart ways to ensure your top half is well taken care of.

This top will work well with some functional sports shorts, such as the District Vision pair below. It can also act as a layering piece or stand on its own.

You can never go wrong with Gucci slides. These are recommended if you have bigger or slower dogs that are perhaps past their prime. For the dog walks with a more laid-back pace.

These tight shorts are such a nice length. These will become your dog walk staple due to ultra-comfort (they feel like you’re still in your underwear) and the fact they go with everything.

If you are a loungewear enthusiast and you swear by a solid track jacket, Celine has come to the rescue with the daddy of zip-ups. This jacket just yells superior dog owner when your hound stops mid-walk to sniff another dog’s butt.

These Reebok sneakers remind me of that classic photo of Victoria and David Beckham in the matching tracksuits. And channeling the Beckhams from the ’90s is always a good style move.

You’ll need a rain jacket for the early morning misty walk around the block. This Carhartt WIP staple helps you keep a low but stylish profile.

Wearing this loud long-sleeve will make you feel like you’re celebrating both your dog and your walk, and rightfully so. Pair this top with dark solid colors for some balance.

Here are some pants that could easily become your go-to throw-on-and-go pants. Having a pair of nylon tracks will change the game. The durability of the fabric and the color will make these work with almost any slide or hoodie.

Workout tees help with sweat if you’re more of a dog runner, and will work well as an underlayer for when you need to layer up. This is the piece of clothing that quietly plays its part.

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