How To Perfect Your Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Winter is well and truly upon us, and whilst you may be wishing that the cold weather would pass, it brings with it the opportunity to smash it on the fashion front. Ok, summer is great, but the best thing about winter fashion is that you can layer your clothing, and create a look that goes beyond the t-shirt and shorts combination. However, you don’t have to break the bank when investing in the perfect winter wardrobe. We’ve put together some tips so that you can look 10/10 this season, without spending the big bucks.

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Take a look in some vintage shops

There is some really great vintage clothing out there, and you may be able to bag a bargain on a high quality, but pre-loved, item. Don’t think that vintage shops are just full of musty old clothes thrown at the bottom of someone’s wardrobe in the 80s, because there are many gems amongst the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. When it comes to winter clothing, you’ll find some great (and warm) coats, that you’ll just have to buy. We’re talking sheepskin, and lots of it.

Invest in some key pieces

Ok, so there are some things that you just have to splash out on, but they’ll serve you well for many winters to come. When it comes to shoes that can take the weather, make sure that you get something that does the job right, and spending some cash here will pay off in the long run. This is also the case with jumpers (which we’re all layering on right now), and there is a lovely Irish sweater collection online if you’re looking for the perfect comfort and fashion weigh-up. Yes please.

Look out for discount codes

Yes, this sounds like something they’d say on an ‘Extreme Couponing’ show, but you can find discount codes for pretty much any store online, and they can help you get up to 50% off your items. If not, you could get free delivery, and even a free gift with your purchase sometimes, so why miss out on saving yourself some cash whilst still getting the wardrobe that you really want? Search online, and if you’re a student, then you’re guaranteed to get around 20% off.

Create a wishlist

If you create a wishlist (or even just add things to your basket) on some sites, then you can set up email alerts so you’re the first to know when the price of your item falls. This is great if you’re eyeing some items for your wardrobe for next season, and can wait around a bit until it’s in the sale. Keep an eye on your emails, and you could grab it for a bargain price.

There are many things that you can do to get the perfect winter wardrobe on a budget, so that you’ll look great, and have a wallet full of cash too. Invest in the items you really need to keep you protected this season, but look out for some bargains, too. Happy holidays!

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