How to Plan an Unforgettable Stag Do

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If you are the best friend of the groom, you may well have been given the job of arranging his stag party.  This is quite a responsibility, but as his friend, you should know what types of things the groom likes and what things he doesn’t. It is still not easy to get it right though, so here are a few things to remember when you are arranging a stag do.

Don’t Get Drunk

As soon as a stag party is mentioned everyone always thinks of alcohol. The problem is that it affects people in different ways. Some drinkers become very happy, but others can get aggressive. You can do something that involves a few drinks, but not where everyone is so drunk they do not remember anything of it the next day.

Don’t Upset The Bride

If you are the best friend of the groom there is a good chance you know the bride quite well too. At some point, she will get to hear all the details and you should not do anything that will upset her. For instance, some brides take exception to there being strippers at the stag party, so this should be avoided if it is likely to be frowned upon.

There are other things that will not cause so much upset, such as a burlesque dancing show. What is burlesque dancing? It is a show of dancers who do not wear a great deal and often a strip tease is involved, but it is far more sophisticated than the average stripping act. This can be a great compromise, as they are on a stage out of reach.

Find Something New

There could be things that you know the groom has always wanted to do but never got round to. His stag do could be the perfect time to arrange this. Perhaps his has always wanted to do a bungee jump, ride on the Orient Express, go skydiving or paintballing. There is no end of activities you could plan to make the party enjoyable for everyone. Just remember not to make it something that you know will not take him out of his comfort zone.

Go To A New Place

Go somewhere totally new and let everyone let their hair down ahead of the wedding. There would be new places to explore, new dishes to enjoy and best of all, if someone does make a fool of themselves, they will not have to face the locals forever more.

Keep The Pranks Reasonable

It is tradition that the groom has some sort of prank played on them, but you need to keep them reasonable if you do not want to cause offence. The whole idea is to embarrass the stag, but you do not want to make him feel isolated or to come to any harm. It could be something as simple as implying that everyone will be dressed in an animal costume, but when he joins everyone else finds out he is the only one.

The stage party should be something the groom remembers as part of his wedding rituals, and it is up to you to make sure it all happens without any hitches.

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