How To Wear Sneakers with Style

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If you have only ever worn your sneakers to the gym before, you are missing out on a range of casual style options. But this doesn’t mean that you should simply head down to your local sports store and buy the first pair that you can get your hands on. There are certain things which are worth knowing first and rules that are worth following. In this blog post, we are going to be discussing just a few of them.

Buy Sneakers to Suit Your Wardrobe

First of all, you need to look at your current wardrobe so that you are buying sneakers which suit it well. Just because you have seen some branded sneakers on all the adverts, it doesn’t means that they match well with your style. Your best course of action is to choose sneakers to suit your current wardrobe rather than ones which will require you to buy and entirely new one.

Think About the Occasions You Will Wear Them

Even though sneakers are incredible versatile and can be worn at a wide range of different social events, this doesn’t mean that they are a substitute for dress shoes. For example, they are not designed to go with a full suit, but they may go well with an unstructured suit look which you put together yourself.

Keep Them Clean

It doesn’t matter what type of sneakers you choose to go for, you need to make sure that they are kept clean and tidy. There are several elements involved in proper sneaker care including washing the laces, eliminating odours, brushing the outsoles and using sneaker shields.

Understand the Types Available

Navigating the sneaker market can feel a little daunting if you don’t know what you are doing. First of all, you have your basic varieties such as Converse and Vans. One level up from these are refined luxury sneakers which are designed for a slightly more formal look. Next, you have your classic sneakers like Concord 11s. You then have current sporting sneakers which are often big brands like Nike or Adidas. And at the top end of the market, you have the high-tech and high-fashion brands.

Look at Photographs for Inspiration

Of course, when it comes to fashion – all rules are there to be broken. However, it can still give you a helping hand to look at some current celebrities or models to see how they are wearing their sneakers. This can help to give you a good idea about how to fit in some sneakers with your own unique style.

You will probably want to have at least a couple of pairs of sneakers available to you so that you can choose a style depending on the different outfits that you have. Follow these basic rules and you have a good starting point of how to style your outfits to make sneakers work with them.

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