“I Have Been There”: Why Don McCullin is More Than Just a War Photographer

Local Boys in Bradford 1972

For many, the name Don McCullin is synonymous with the searing depictions of conflict captured by the lauded British photographer – in Vietnam and Cambodia, Biafra and Bangladesh, Northern Ireland, Beirut and beyond – over the course of his 60-year career. A soldier hurling a grenade with all the strength and poise of an ancient discus thrower in Hue; a starving albino child in Biafra, his limbs so skeletal as to cause a visceral lurch in the pit of your stomach; a refugee…

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Woods near My House, Somerset, c.1991 Grenade Thrower, Hue, Vietnam 1968 The Guvnors in their Sunday Suits, Finsbury Park,  Local Boys in Bradford 1972 Seaside pier on the south coast, Eastbourne, UK 19 Northern Ireland, The Bogside, Londonderry 1971 
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