Imperfezione Album Artwork for Meg by Leta Sobierajski“In her…

Imperfezione Album Artwork for Meg by Leta Sobierajski

“In her newest album, Imperfezione, Meg rightfully portrays her independence as an artist, as well as her recent discoveries in which she has found balance in all aspects of her life. This album artwork reflects her declaration as an independent, imperfect woman and as a colorful, compelling human being. Meg is always going forwards, never backwards, and with this comes challenges and hardship in life. Meg is adorned in colorful armor and adornment to battle these challenges of life and stands in a powerful, triumphant pose.“

Leta Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in New York City combining photography, art, and styling with more traditional design elements to create utterly unique visuals. Her work is incredibly diverse, ranging from conventional identities to brilliantly bizarre compositions. She studied graphic design at Purchase College and has been working independently since 2013. She has been recognized by Print Magazine for its annual New Visual Artists Review, selecting 20 international designers under the age of 30.

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