Insanely Helpful Smartphone Features For Drivers

Getting behind the wheel is never risk-free. In the 21st century, it’s twice as dangerous as before thanks to smartphones. Before, the radio distracted the motorist, whereas now it’s the latest iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. “Leave it at home or in your pocket” loved ones beg, but the truth is it’s too important to discard. Going ten minutes without checking the screen for notification can feel like a lifetime to many. The effects can last the same length of time too if there is an accident.

Thankfully, cells have inbuilt safety features which promote awareness and focus. Here are the most basic yet effective.

Do Not Disturb

Flick up the screen at the bottom of your iPhone and a familiar menu should pop up. Everybody knows about the torch and wifi icons, but they are less aware of the “do not disturb” sign. As the name suggests, clicking it mutes the phone so that no notifications from the online PO Box company come through during the journey. Think of it as airplane mode yet you can keep wifi and 4G enabled to play music and other things. Without any jingles or vibrations, you’re less likely to look at your phone and more likely to keep your eyes on the road.

Auto Response

Of course, no one wants to be rude and not reply in a timely manner. How very uncouth! So, the perfect balance would be not to hear the notification while responding at the same time. Anyone who doesn’t think this is possible should think about the auto-response software on phones. Regarding emails and messages, it’s possible to set the cell to send an automated reply saying you’re busy at the moment but will be back soon. This provides you with some breathing space if it’s important correspondence.


Okay, applications aren’t inbuilt but they are easy to download. All it takes is a couple of seconds and voila – it’s done. Isn’t an app a bit distracting while you’re behind the wheel? The answer is no, not if it’s DriveWell. What the people behind the tech have tried to do is to make being a safe driver a competition. The software tracks the journey and how you drive and gives you a score at the end. Because the data is available to friends and family, the last thing you want to do is finish at the bottom. That means staying focused from the start until the end.


It’s a classic yet it’s amazing how many drivers haven’t got the hands-free option set up in their car. As it comes through the speakers, there is no need to mess around answering a handset. Just press the green call button on the steering wheel and have a conversation. As long as you can multitask, you shouldn’t be in any danger. Double check the laws before answering in case you do something illegal and get pulled over.

Safe driving is about understanding your phone as much as it is the car.

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