Kim Kardashian’s Harrowing Paris Robbery Is Being Adapted Into a Comedy Film

Kim Kardashian smiling paparazzi

In 2016, Kim Kardashian was traumatically robbed at gunpoint in her hotel during Paris Fashion Week. Now her harrowing experience is being turned into a film by French writer and filmmaker Joann Sfar, Variety reports.

Sfar recently wrapped “Fashion Week,” a graphic novel inspired by the infamous robbery, set to launch in March, and is developing a film by the same name. The 48-year-old director says the film will explore “violence against women, the relationship between the very rich people and the less rich, the world of fashion and the encounter between figures of new and old worlds.” It is also expected to be a comedy.

The movie’s plot will follow a group of thieves who plan to rob a famous influencer during Paris Fashion Week. Sfar claims the film will only be “liberally based on the raid on Kim Kardashian.”

In the fateful robbery, Kardashian was bound and gagged at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room by robbers who made off with $10 million worth of her jewelry, including her engagement ring. In a recent installment of E! True Hollywood Story she spoke about the event: “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life, just thinking that, you know, you’re about to die. You’re just kind of bracing yourself for the moment that they’re going to shoot you and kill you.”

Kim Kardashian has yet to comment on Sfar’s upcoming film.

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