Men’s fashion: Trends to watch out for in 2019

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With the new year almost upon us, it’s time to start looking out for what to wear from January onwards. With stores already preparing for the trends that will be flying off the shelves and hangers, we thought we’d take a little look at some of those that will suit your tastes.

The layered look

It makes sense to pile on the clothes during winter, but what about Spring and Summer 2019? You don’t need to worry about being stifling hot next year, even though layers will certainly be back.

A plain or striped t-shirt under smart denim shirts is a look that anyone can comfortably pull off – and also gives you the opportunity to show your personality. Mix it up with colours, styles and designs, and use this versatile, smart casual look to reflect who you are.

Coats and jackets

Leather will last from this year’s Autumn/Winter trends and stick around well into the new year. Choose a smart, classic design, such as a bomber jacket, and wear with a neutral-coloured polo shirt or sweater.

A leather jacket is simply a great addition to any wardrobe. Due to its timeless appeal and rugged durability, it is an item that suits spring mornings just as well as wintery nights, and works well for any formal occasion.

Psychedelic summer

When the weather does warm up, expect to see loose-fitting, multi-coloured designs hit the summer BBQs. Bringing shorts and t-shirts that scream psychedelia, you can really make them stand out by contrasting with plain, contemporary designs elsewhere.

Creating an original look that’s somewhere between the swinging-sixties and more modern, laidback styles, you’ll be able to wear your festival clothes far beyond fences of the campsite in 2019.

Athletic comfort

For hitting the gym at any time of year, there’s nothing better than feeling good and looking great. When it comes to athleisure wear, you’ll still look striking in solid, neutral colours and smart-fit designs.

From comfortable hoodies, to muscle fit t-shirts and tight joggers, there are some designs that are just too good to go out of fashion. A great choice to wear whatever the weather and occasion, brands like Gym King have a stylish range that will look wonderful all year long.

Statement jumpers

Particularly in Spring, a statement jumper will stand out on those dark nights and wintery mornings. Whether the garment will have a bold pattern, a striking logo or a slogan that really shouts who you are, it’s worth having one or two jumpers of this type in your wardrobe in 2019.

When you complement this jumper with a smart, dark jacket and tailored-fit jeans, you can also highlight the look further by wearing trainers that match the jumper’s base colour.

While this may seem like quite a bold look, the freedom of a statement jumper gives you the chance to look either serious or laidback, depending on who you are. As well as keeping you warm during the colder, winter and spring months, this jumper will, as soon as it is revealed, enable you to make a standout, visual impact on everyone you meet.

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