Mike Dean Talks About Pioneering Houston Rap in the ’90s With Nardwuar

Legendary producer and engineer, Mike Dean recently had the opportunity to catch up with Nardwuar during a Saint Pablo tour-stop in Vancouver. Conducted in the back of Dean’s hybrid studio/tour bus, where he worked on Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, the two take a trip down memory lane discussing Dean’s earliest memories in regards to pioneering Houston rap music during the ’90s.

As always, Nardwuar brought along some classic artifacts to help revisit Dean’s early work with Rap-A-Lot groups and others like Odd Squad, 5th Ward Boyz, 5th Ward Juveniles, Def IV, Def Squad, and of course Geto Boys. Dean even went on to say Geto Boys are “the base of Houston music, the base of really all southern music.”

He also described the differences between making music in the ’90s and now in 2016, saying “we got better computers, better equipment. The weed is better. We know more about what we’re doing so we don’t have to be in the studio so long.”

For another great Nardwuar interview be sure to check out his recent chat with an uncooperative Eric Andre below.

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