Moncler’s Grenoble Recycled Collection Is Dropping at the Highsnobiety Shop

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Moncler is dropping an eco-conscious spin on its Grenoble line and select pieces will soon be available to shop at Highsnobiety.

Titled Moncler Grenoble Recycled, the brand’s newest line focuses on technical apparel and footwear for the slopes. Not only are Moncler’s new pieces functional, they’re also environmentally conscious.

Hitting the Highsnobiety shop are tech-focused sports trousers, a weather-ready Indren jacket, a cozy fleece hoodie, and hiking-inspired boots, all made with recycled fabrics while still maintaining Moncler’s luxury feel.

Moncler’s Grenoble Recycled will be available to shop at Highsnobiety on October 23.

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