New LA show featuring Jean Jullien, Stefan Marx and others is a "collective sigh of the times"


Some of It’s Nice That’s favourite illustrators including Jean Jullien and Stefan Marx have banded together for a new exhibition Sigh. Hosted at The Lodge Gallery, LA, artists will come together in discontent around the theme “sighing”. The gallery says: “Gathered here under our current air of malaise is a group of artists from near and far. Current mood: not content. Take your brain, it’s time to go. Sigh … is our collective sigh of the times.”

The artists included in the East Hollywood show are Kevin Christy, Brian DeGraw, Cheryl Dunn, Kate Grutman, Jean Jullien, Ana Kraš, Alice Lancaster, William Lemon III, William Loveless, Stefan Marx, Andrew Neuhues, Galen Pehrson, Vanessa Prager, Yogi Proctor, Eddie Ruscha, Nathaniel Russell, Alia Shawkat, Robbie Simon, Todd St. John and Autumn de Wilde.

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