The Best of Clothsurgeon’s Repurposed Pieces

London-based bespoke brand clothsurgeon is not content with the menswear status quo. Aiming to transform our wardrobes and the way we wear older fabrics, the brand breathes new life into materials, reconstructing and combining them in ingenious ways. We’ve delved into the label’s work so far and selected the best of clothsurgeon’s repurposed pieces.

Headed up by founder and creative director Rav Matharu, clothsurgeon has taken already esteemed garments and bravely put them to new uses. This jacket was constructed using four vintage Burberry wool scarves. The beauty of Burberry design is not lost though, with the original scarf tassels lining the bottom of the jacket. Unfortunately, this was a one-off, unique piece and is no longer available.

However, we’ve selected some clothsurgeon creations that you can still cop. These include the patchwork bandana shorts ,upcycling vintage bandanas into a summer essential. Each pair is also unique and individual.

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This Nike Air Max 97 Is Inspired by One of the Greatest Gaming Consoles Ever

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Brand: Nike

Model: Air Max 97

Key Features: The Air Max 97 features a predominantly silver upper constructed of mixed materials. Red, green, and blue detailing shout out the “Start,” “A,” and “B” buttons on a Nintendo 64 controller, while a yellow Max Air sole unit is a nod to the “C” buttons. Nike branding on the tongue tags is replaced with the words “Power” and “Reset,” and the ESRB rating logo is printed on the insole. The Air Max branding on the heel tab is rendered in a Nintendo-style font.

Release Date: TBC (rumored to be this summer)

Price: TBC (Likely $170)

Buy: Nike and select retailers TBC

Editor’s Notes: Judging by the leaked product images above, it looks like Nike is set to release a Nintendo 64-inspired Air Max 97. While Nike hasn’t yet made an official announcement, both the leaked images and rumors suggest this homage to one of the most legendary gaming consoles ever could be released this summer.

It’s unlikely that this is an official collaboration, as there is no Nintendo co-branding anywhere on the shoe, making it more likely that the colors and tongue tag detailing are an unofficial nod to the Japanese gaming titan and a machine that was launched in 1996.

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McLaren Introduces an Original GT Model

Expanding upon the lessons learned with the 570GT, the brand introduces an entirely new design By definition, a Grand Tourer (GT) is the amalgamation of speed, luxury and comfort—a sports car with enough storage space to support multi-day road trips. Fans of McLaren will recall 2016’s 570GT release, the third installment of the model’s iterations—with the 570S and 570S Spider predating it. The new McLaren …

Listen to Beyoncé’s Single “Spirit” From the New ‘Lion King’ Album

As if Beyoncé starring as Nala in the live-action remake of The Lion King wasn’t enough, yesterday Disney announced that the Queen Bee has also curated and produced a new album featuring international artists called The Lion King: The Gift. On the heels of the announcement, Beyoncé released a single from the soundtrack called “Spirit.”

“The Lion King: The Gift,” an album featuring global artists & steeped in the sounds of Africa, produced & curated by @Beyonce Knowles-Carter, will release 7/19. “Spirit,” the single from the album & soundtrack for The Lion King, will be available tonight.

— The Lion King (@disneylionking) July 9, 2019

“This is sonic cinema,” Beyoncé shared in a recent statement. “This is a new experience of storytelling. I wanted to do more than find a collection of songs that were inspired by the film. It is a mixture of genres and collaboration that isn’t one sound. It is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop and Afro Beat.”

The artist went on to explain her intention behind this project, and why it was so important to involve African artists to bring an authentic African sound to the world. “Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation. It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.”

“Spirit”is the first single of the Beyoncé-curated album. The track was written and produced alongside Lebo M. and the original The Lion King composer Hans Zimmer. You can listen to it below.

The Lion King: The Gift arrives on July 19, the same day as the film hits US cinemas.

Jaden Becomes a New Kind of Icon on ‘ERYS’


ERYS has been coming for a long time now. Even before Jaden released an EP earlier this year literally called ERYS IS COMING, the very last line of SYRE: The Electric Album told us as much in the summer of 2018. Since then, the “Icon” star has also released a mixtape called The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story, but ERYS is only Jaden’s second full-length album, continuing the story of a boy chasing sunsets which began with 2017’s SYRE.

While Jaden’s debut toyed around with form and genre, filtering his rhymes through an often melancholic haze, the 20-year old artist has been keen to promote ERYS as a “strict, hard rap album.” When he premiered the song “BACK ON MY SHIT” last September, Jaden told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe that he wanted people to accept him more widely as a rap star, explaining that “ERYS is going to be just extremely hard. Just every song, back to back, high tempo.” Promotional tracks like “GHOST” and “GOKU” seemed to hint at this as well.

In theory, this sounds like a bold move. Wider audiences are still reluctant to accept Jaden as a serious artist, despite making an enviable impact in fashion and charting high with his first album. Instead, detractors prefer to focus on his enigmatic use of social media and memes surrounding his new-age beliefs. By incorporating harder edged raps into his music through a new persona, Jaden could theoretically win the kind of respect that he already seems to enjoy from his peers, at least, if the list of guest features on his latest album are anything to go by. In reality though, it looks like the young star isn’t done chasing sunsets just yet.

During a more recent interview with Zane Lowe, Jaden discussed the two different personalities he channels in SYRE and now ERYS, describing them as the angel and devil on his shoulder: “SYRE is the nice one, kind of the more sensitive one… And ERYS is just kind of like, doesn’t really care at all.” It’s always been clear that these two personas are meant to mirror each other in some way – it doesn’t take a genius to realise that ERYS is simply SYRE in reverse – but the relationship between them both is far more complicated than that, and only makes sense now that we can compare the two albums they star in.

Lead single “Again” hinted at this dichotomy even before ERYS arrived with a feature from none other than SYRE himself. Rather than disregard the experimental mood of his first record completely, Jaden alternates back and forth here between the harder, trap-heavy raps we were promised and softer moments which directly contrast SYRE and ERYS in aural form. It’s no coincidence that Jaden chose to lead with this song first, and it’s no coincidence that the track ends with ERYS himself denouncing SYRE’s involvement: “I told you don’t play no motherfucking whack shit. Big drip only.”

This “big drip” vibe characterizes some of the record’s most memorable cuts, including “Got It,” a very short album highlight, and “NOIZE,” which features a highly anticipated guest verse from Tyler, The Creator. Following Jaden’s claim that he and Tyler were supposedly dating last year, the Odd Future star sets the record straight in the first two lines of his feature: “Jaden anything that you fuckin’, kissin’, lickin’ and suckin’/ What they don’t get, sarcasm, let’s send it like orgasm.”

Whatever you make of it, Jaden’s creative chemistry with Tyler shines through here, much like it does on a later collaboration with A$AP Rocky too. “Chateau” marks Jaden’s fifth collaboration with Rocky, and it’s easily one of their best, tackling issues of loyalty and fame through their typically nimble delivery.

Jaden has never sounded as confident with his quick-fire raps as he does on ERYS – even over an unexpected punk rock beat on “Fire Dept” – and the absurd lyrics he’s become known for have been toned down as well. However, lines like, “I’m Marie Antionette with the cake” and “I had to shift the dimension/ Atlantis is in the Pacific” prove that the old Jaden is still in there somewhere, and we’re not just talking about the songwriting either.

Even on rap-heavy songs like “Mission,” the Trinidad James collaboration, SYRE still chimes in more than you might expect, singing a surprising number of hooks and bridges. In fact, some of the more melancholic tracks could have been lifted directly from Jaden’s debut. Clearly, despite his claims to the contrary, ERYS isn’t quite the hard rap record Jaden led us to believe it would be – but that’s not a bad thing by any means.

In truth, it seems like ERYS was never supposed to be a “hard rap” album at all. Instead, Jaden’s sophomore release is more about the expectations people place on him as an artist. By killing off the ERYS persona, the “Ghost” star rejects fans who want “big drip only,” reaffirming his desire to experiment more with wider concepts and narratives like this alongside his more conventional leanings towards trap.

Unfortunately, this beautiful confusion is unnecessarily complicated at points, and not every song works in isolation, but still, it’s hard not to admire the invention on display. Far from playlist-friendly, ERYS begs to be listened to as a whole from start to finish, a move which is decidedly refreshing in this streaming era. It’s just a shame that the tracklist feels so bloated at times, forcing listeners to sit through a few unremarkable songs to absorb the overall message.

Regardless, ERYS still represents a huge step forward for Jaden. Now that he’s proven himself capable of a harder rap sound without sacrificing his artistic intent, the “icon living” is free once again to continue pushing boundaries; it’ll be fascinating to see what comes next for both him and his forlorn alter ego.

Listen to Jaden’s ‘ERYS’ here. For more of our album reviews, head here.

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