recent posters and other projects by la boca

    la boca have produced some great new work since we spoke their founder, scot bendall last year.     highlights include the artwork for bombay bicycle club’s latest albums and singles and the official poster for the 2014 BAFTAs (british academy film awards). there’s also some brilliant and bold posters for beyond fest, […]

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The Weekly Outfit: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

As with every January, designers, buyers, celebrities and anyone who is more or less involved in the wonderful world of fashion gathered in the City of Light, also known as Paris, France, for this year’s Fall/Winter 2014 Men’s Fashion Week. This means first and foremost the city is crowded with tons of good-looking and even better-dressed people, let alone the already way-above-stylish locals, who collectively turn the fashion-meter all the way up to eleven. With that said, one could either succumb to that budding inferiority complex or go full-on fashion mode. We, of course, opted for the latter and compiled a Paris fit outfit featuring a lineup of our favorite French brands.

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Fab’s Ex-Design Chief To Start A Consulting Firm (And A Rock Band)

Bradford Shelhammer reveals his post-fab career plans. That includes debuting a new band at the Milan furniture fair with British furniture designer Tom Dixon. Yowza.

Almost four months after leaving Fab, the troubled e-commerce company he cofounded, Bradford Shellhammer has announced his next venture: the consultancy, where he expects to offer design services to a range of industries, from retail, to arts to hospitality, in Europe and the United States. His first client, outdoor gear site, Shellhammer says he’ll work on the editorial packaging of their products.

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The Weekender: Eggs in the kettle! It’s our fun weekend supplement, The Weekender


Did you ever hear that story about a woman who dropped her baby out of a tower block window but it survived because it landed on a man? Then two years later the same man was walking past the building and the same baby fell on his head again? Imagine how happy the mother was to find out that the same man had saved her baby twice. Imagine her happiness, times it by 4000, that’s how happy The Weekender is. See you later.

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On Getting Out of a Fashion Rut

This is about left turns. 

For the longest time, I couldn’t make left turns. Clothing wise, anyway. For the better part of a dozen years I had been going in a sartorial straight line: black, white, and grey, over and over, ad infinitum, forever and ever, amen. Hardly anything could break the cycle. Every once in a while, a red T-shirt would be purchased and worn for a week before being relegated to the far right side of the closet. The far right seemed like a fitting place for red material. 

The thing was, I couldn’t break the habit of wearing black or white or grey. Or the same pair of shoes until they wore out. Or the same jacket all winter. There are entire stages of my life I can define entirely through the same black Levi 511’s that I wore from summer 2006 through to summer 2008, and washed maybe twice. There was even an ill-advised fedora period in the winter of 2009. Before that there was a chain wallet. Let’s not talk any more about that. 

Yet throughout it all I never changed the color of anything. The big three—black, white, and grey—were there the entire time. It wasn’t particularly stylish, in, say, an Alexander Wang sort of way. It was just the color of the clothes I wore. Nearly everything I owned was black. It wasn’t a terrible look, but it made getting dressed quite boring. In the winter, with a pea coat and a hat and heavy boots on, I could be mistaken for a goth fireman. I knew it was a problem, this lack-of-change, but I figured it wasn’t a big deal. Denial is a powerful mistress, amigo. If your idea of a good beach outfit is largely the same as your Steve Jobs costume from Halloween except with the pant legs rolled up, you know you’ve got a problem. 

So I took a left turn. I had to. And here’s how that happened. 


Watch the Official Video for Danny Brown’s “Dope Song”

If you like the sound and look of Danny Brown then you’re going to enjoy the music video for his latest track, “Dope Song.” It follows a familiar aesthetic of some of his last videos, with trippy, acid-psychedelia visuals and him frequently sticking his tongue out, and follows Danny Brown around his hometown of Detroit. The song itself has been produced by Glasgow-born producer Rustie, who lends his distinct instrumental dance sounds as a foundation for Danny Brown’s rapping.

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