Piece d’Anarchive Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

French brand Piece d’Anarchive has taken inspiration from French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud and the iconic La Maison de Jean for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It’s not the first time the tiled house has inspired something in fashion, with Balmain’s most recent women’s campaign starring Rihanna also taking inspiration from the famous abode. For their collection, Piece d’Anarchive translated the architectural forms into graphic streetwear focused on ’90s silhouettes, with heavy layering. They’ve also released a fashion film to go along with the lookbook, stating that “It brings life, attitude, emotion. It makes it possible to create a real story and universe.”

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Art: Canadian artist Dominique Pétrin creates some seriously trippy interiors


If some people’s minds would manifest themselves as perfectly placid Zen-like spaces (think an upmarket provincial spa) I think mine is better represented by Dominique Pétrin. The Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist is interested in “producing altered states of conscience and perception, be it through cognitive or visual illusions, or, for her performances, (through) the use of hypnosis.” The amazing spaces she creates are full of jarring colours, optical illusions and anthropomorphic turds which combine to incredible effect. Even looking at them, online you start to feel like you might be hallucinating – is that burger really talking to me? – so I can only imagine how trippy it must be to spend some time there.

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Illustration: Presenting Alexis Nolla’s bold, bright illustration


We first came across Alexis Nolla through his illustrations of Bill Gates posing with a tiger and munching on an apple (obviously) for the third issue of Perdiz magazine, and we couldn’t be more glad we did. If his hilarious visual accompaniments to a wholly made up interview don’t swing you (check out the issue to see how he conveys Bill’s irrational and relentless hatred of all things Apple Mac) then his plentiful offerings for any one of his other clients will do.

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Baxter of California “Ash” Candle Series

Baxter of California recently launched its third candle collection, the “Ash” series. This new series is inspired by various regions of California ranging from the high mountains and the desert valley to the coastal beaches. The soy wax candles are available in three scents: Sweet Ash, Smoke Ash and Wood Ash and share notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood, and cade. The candles retail for $60 USD and are available online and at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles.

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