Pitti Uomo 85 Street Style Report – Part 2

We’re back with Day 2 from Pitti Uomo in Florence, where everyone has taken it up a notch, opting for some louder and brighter looks. Sportswear was a clear favorite with many guys donning sneakers, including some fresh collaborations, and more relaxed bomber and varsity jacket silhouettes. Tailored suits were still present but this time worn with more panache, as witnessed in bright colors and paired with strong accessories. Headwear was the accessory du jour, with everything from fedoras to peaked caps keeping most heads covered.

To see more Pitti Uomo 85 street style, check out Part 1.

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Dear Hugh Jackman, You Need a Better Mullet

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman took to Instagram yesterday to show off his latest haircut. Which, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be that interesting, but Jackman’s latest ‘do happens to be a mullet. But, upon closer inspection it’s a pitiful example. Why, the back is just a mere cowlick compared to some of history’s more impressive short-longs. Here are five Tennessee Top Hats that best Jackman’s simpering cut. 

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Victoria’s Secret Model Develops An App, For Models

Victoria’s Secret hottie Lyndsey Scott is also a crack computer coder. Her latest app, iPort, lets models and artists manage sleek virtual portfolios.

When 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Lyndsey Scott is not busy stomping down the runway, she’s writing code and developing apps. Her latest project, iPort, is an app that allows fashion models, artists, and architects to create, manage, and share virtual portfolios and account vouchers. Its beautiful interface includes customizable backgrounds and photo editing features.

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The Superior Labor ‘Engineer Tote Bag’ Making Of Video

There’s something sincerely gratifying about seeing one of your everyday essentials completely crafted by hand, from start to finish. Discovering how a beloved tote bag was created, piece by piece, gives you a newfound appreciation for the item, something that Japanese premium accessories brand The Superior Labor have certainly made the most of. In this making of video, the construction of their engineer tote bag is shown, a simple yet durable design, made from leather and canvas with brass finishings.

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Advertising: Terrific new Guardian advert by BBH is a shed-fire hit


Afternoon dragging a bit? Crying out for some LOLZ? Alrighty then. The Guardian has treated us to some impressive ads before (notably in the multi-award-winning Three Little Pigs) and by jove they’ve done it again. Ahead of a special issue this weekend packed full of suggestions for things to see and do, this spot from BBH London warns of the perils of trying to do EVERYTHING they recommend yourself. In one, long panning shot the piece unfolds as we see the results of one man’s overreaching folly, and there’s a lovely pay-off with an early contender for slogan of the year. Shed’s on fire!

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John Cooper Clarke: Brit Punk Poet

John Cooper Clarke
John Cooper Clarke

With his dark clothing, pointed shoes and signature backcombed raven coiffure, John Cooper Clarke acted as the inspiration for this week’s LCM Topman show. He penned a poem for the brand under the moniker Apparel Jim, which was placed on every seat in the audience, citing pea coats, heavy tread boots and pac-a-macs as the soon-to-be trends of A/W14: prophesising “apparel but not as you know it”.

“The original ‘punk…

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