Samsung Is Now the World’s Largest Chip Maker

Samsung has dethroned Intel Corp. to become the world’s biggest chip maker by revenue, reports Bloomberg. Intel had previously been recognized as such dating back to 1992. As of Tuesday, however, Samsung’s 2017 chip sales reached that of $69 billion USD, $6 billion USD more than the U.S. company’s.

Over the years, Samsung has transitioned from a supplier of more inexpensive TVs to manufacturing pivotal components in smartphones and various other devices, and more importantly as of late, memory chips, Bloomberg points out. Intel only recently returned to supplying memory chips, which presumably allowed Samsung to overtake them in sales.

And while Intel did experience notable growth in memory chip revenue during 2017, the company still has a ways to go to catch up to Samsung, as these chips are not solely in smartphones anymore.

For more on Samsung’s impressive year of chip sales, follow on to Bloomberg.

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