Somehow, Julia Fox Found a Way to Wear Less Clothing

Julia Fox is gonna be famous on her own terms, dammit. If the best way to channel international attention is by staging paparazzi photo shoots with borderline NSFW outfits, then she’s gonna air it all out; if you can air out anything while wrapped in skintight leather scraps.

The Uncut Gems actress has made a habit of this kind of shoot since separating from former beau Kanye, getting professional shutterbugs to lens her DIY experiments and giant platform boots.

Not that Julia Fox needs to proposition anyone to pay attention to her: it feels like the pop culture world at large will do it for free. No such thing as bad press.

At this point, I think I’ve gone full 360 on Fox appreciation, from “Good for her!” when she lived “every girl’s dream” by being dressed in Diesel by Ye to cringing at her support of Marilyn Manson and ongoing friendship with problematic designer Alexander Wang to, honestly, just vibing with her DGAF outfits and insane eye makeup.

In life, you’re either the person wearing the leather loincloth or gawking at the person who is. And, I gotta admit, I admire anyone bold enough to do the former as many times as Fox has.

Back to today. On August 11, Fox responded to New York’s 87°F weather with an outfit that’s almost not even an outfit.

That is, if your definition of an outfit includes clothing that covers the human body, then Fox only barely meets that.

It’s weird, because Fox is only revealing slightly more skin than she would be if she was wearing a bikini, but the fact that it’s leather, with chunks of metal interspersed throughout, makes the entire “outfit” that much more salacious.

Fox’s ensemble really isn’t anything more than a couple straps of leather entwined around warped metal rings, which she wore with see-through stilettos and a tiny Balenciaga bag.

If you can look beyond the clothes, which isn’t hard because they barely exist, you can see that Fox is still experimenting with her makeup.

Gone are the raccoon eyes, her eponymous “Fox Eye,” and here comes a hollowed-out cat or wing eye, depending on your definition. Not quite as internet-breaking but definitely serves to heighten the intentionally costume-y feel that Fox was going for.

If anything’s more impressive than Julia Fox’s confidence, it’s that she continues finding new ways to just barely avoid full-exposure.

Let’s not forget her ultra-low-rise pants from the other week, which superhumanly defied gravity long enough to keep above Fox’s pubis.

Point being, Fox has more than proven her mettle. Staged or not, these paparazzi shoots are only escalating in outrageousness and, amidst uncertain times, it’s nice to be able to count on someone to deliver the, well, whatever Julia Fox is delivering.

Especially once the weather takes a turn for the chilly, it’ll become that much more challenging for Fox to keep up this cat-and-mouse game between her cut-out clothes and the few parts of her lower torso that’ve remained only slightly covered.

But it’ll be worth it to keep those fifteen minutes ticking. And, frankly, I’m happy to stay onboard Fox’s bandwagon in the meanwhile.


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