Tech Talk: How Has Modern Tech Changed Our Viewing Habits?

Modern technology is a wonderful thing that has improved our lives in a whole host of different manners.

Those improvements have influenced the world of business, financial control, and even medical health. Sometimes, though, those upgrades are simply there to make modern life a little more entertaining. Media plays a massive role, not least when it comes to visual elements.

So how have our viewing habits evolved in recent times? Let’s take a closer look at three crucial elements.

Not Bound By Schedules



Once upon a time, you had to either watch a show when the TV guide told you or record it on a VHS. The current landscape couldn’t be further from that if we tried. For starters, many channels have +1 or +24 varieties while most households are now able to pause live TV too.

Perhaps more crucially, the internet has opened up a whole realm of new opportunities. Many broadcasters now make shows available for streaming via websites, meaning viewers can watch at a time to suit them. Meanwhile, with a Showbox APK download, viewers can access films and popular programming at a click of a few buttons of an iPhone or iPad.

People are now able to watch TV and films at a time to suit them, even if they’re on the go. When compared to the situation of 25 years ago, the progress is mind-blowing.

Changing Expectations



Up until around the turn of the century, visual media production was reserved for professionals and the ultra rich. However, the 1999 release of Blair Witch Project signaled a major turning point. For modern audiences, slightly poor production quality can be forgiven if the content is of the required standard.

The growth of internet videos, especially through YouTube moved the goalposts further still. Of course, those media platforms are also used for movie trailers and broadcasting of professional content. However, it’s now possible for anyone with a camera to generate a career from creating visual media. That’s only made possible by changing expectations of viewers.

Perhaps more importantly, there is an added sense of freedom. This creates a far better playing field for niche content too. For both the viewer and the creator, those possibilities will only increase over the coming years.




The way we access and consume visual media has changed massively. Unsurprisingly, so has the way we interact with social commentary on what we’ve seen.

In previous generations, you’d watch a show with your family and discuss it with them before talking about it the following day with others. Nowadays, the use of social media allows people to interact with other viewers in real time. In fact, many TV shows even use hashtags and interactive features to actively aid their content.

For some people, the modern way of digesting media is worse. For others, it’s better than ever. Whatever side of the line you fall on, there’s no doubt that the climate is far different than previous generations. And as technology continues to evolve, those viewing habits will surely progress in tandem.

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