The Dos and Donts for your proposal

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

Buying an engagement ring for your fiancée-to-be is possibly one of the largest and most daunting purchases of a lifetime. It’s a precious milestone and the beginning of a new chapter in life for both you and your partner. 

You might therefore be feeling a little uneasy at the thought of taking this BIG step and buying an engagement ring. To help you get it right and to make sure she says “Yes” we have asked Vashi Dominguez, jeweller to the stars and founder of, to shed some light on this romantic gesture with some expert advice.

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

She will say yes if you “Do”… 

Take your time and prepare!

Looking around the shops and comparing different engagement rings will help you find a ring she will love at an affordable price for you. It’s important to get a good idea of the different styles available and to weigh up prices to ensure you don’t end up spending more than you can afford. 

“Browse different jewellery collections online or pop into your local jeweller for inspiration” 

After seeing different engagement rings, you will begin to get a good idea of what you want. 

Plan and save for it!

It’s important to save up for your purchase. Don’t go and get into trouble with the bank for buying a ring you can’t afford. Diamond jewellery can be expensive, but putting a little away in an engagement pot every month will help you prepare for the day you decide to buy. Alternatively, many jewellery houses will be able to offer finance plans which will allow you to pay a little every month, over a longer amount of time. A handy option if the ring you want is too expensive.

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

Get inspired and do some research!

More and more modern couples are choosing the engagement ring together as many women like to select their own. But if you want to surprise her you will have to do a little bit of stalking. First thing to do is to take a look at her personal jewellery collection. Discretely look at what she may wear on a night out or during the day – this way you will get a good idea of her tastes and preferences. Another way to get a little more info is to regularly check her Pinterest or her twitter feed (she may have posted an inspiration photo that will point you in the right direction). 

Go classic!

If in doubt, go classic. There are so many different rings and diamond shapes out there that making a choice can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. There are, however, some easy wins when it comes to diamond engagement rings. The classic solitaire diamond ring will pretty much guarantee you a “Yes”. It’s simple yet elegant and sparkly!

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

Be yourself and make it personal!

It’s very easy to sometimes get caught up in the preparations but remember, there is nothing worse than a proposal that does not feel genuine. Getting inspiration from others is great but make sure you do something that comes from the heart and that feels right for you. Proposing is about declaring your love and commitment to her so make sure that you can enjoy the moment and be yourself, even if it means not getting down on one knee! 

But “don’t” Risk… 

Spoiling the surprise!

Wouldn’t it be silly to prepare a special proposal and to ruin it by leaving the ring where she might be able to find it or leaving your internet history visible!? Make sure you cover your tracks and keep your ring a secret. Buying online may be a good way to organise things without her knowing anything about it. You could then deliver to work or to another address, for example. Stay away from a disappointing surprise spoiler!

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

Forgetting her personal style!

Don’t go and choose a piece of jewellery that won’t match her personal style or dress sense. If she likes big and bold diamond jewellery then you are more than likely going to be oK. But if she is maybe more reserved, enjoys more subtle accessories or generally doesn’t wear any at all, then bear this in mind. There is a wide range of styles out there so you will most definitely find something right for her, that she can wear every day. 

Going over the top!

Sometimes simple is better. As mentioned above, it’s crucial to be yourself and to keep it as natural as possible. Big public proposals may make her feel uncomfortable or uneasy. It’s evident that you will want to impress her but don’t overdo it as it will take away from the meaning behind your proposal. Bear this in mind when looking at jewellery designs also, opting for a ring that is overly covered in diamonds may be too much for a piece of jewellery that she will want to wear every day.

The Dos and Donts for your proposal

Losing the ring!

Finally when you have found the right engagement ring for your proposal, keep it safe. There would be nothing worse than to lose the ring whilst waiting to propose (it’s happened, honest!). On the day of the proposal, make sure the ring is secure in a box or a pouch, ideally somewhere safe where it doesn’t risk falling out of your pocket. 

Forgetting the family! Engagement is all about the both of you. It’s your commitment to one another and should be personal. Some families, however, appreciate being asked or warned to keep traditions alive. Many men will visit their future in-laws to ensure that they happily give their blessing. If you feel that this may be the case, it’s worth organising a little visit. It’s definitely a good way to avoid awkward father of the bride speeches on the wedding day.

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