The Slogan Cap Is Not Dead & These Are Some of the Best

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There’s a reason that bands, brands, and gift shop designers reach for T-shirts, hoodies, and caps as their first, and often only, merch, and that’s because these garments hold the power to communicate a message better than most other types of clothing. The slogan cap has long been an ideal piece for saying something, without actually saying it. However, and mostly thanks to Donald Trump, this accessory’s name has been downright tarnished.

First, the ‘90s were fertile grounds for a wealth of cheesy slogan hats that gave the style a justifiably bad reputation. Then, to serve another deadly blow, 2016 played host to the most damning development in the category’s history thus far — the introduction of the Trump campaign’s MAGA cap.

Though no moral-having human should ever sport that aforementioned red item, the slogan cap’s bad image need not stick. Designs of the early 2010s, like SSUR’s ‘COMME des FUCKDOWN’ headwear repped heavily by A$AP Mob or Gianni Mora’s ‘I Think About You Sometimes’ baseball cap, are evidence that it ain’t all bad. And with Timothée Chalamet recently using a corduroy iteration gifted to him by a fan to remind us not to forget about him, as well as shield himself from the rain, the statement-stamped cap is seemingly still alive and kicking.

Aries has made the phrase ‘No Problemo’ its signature statement, printing it across T-shirts, caps, hoodies, tracksuit trousers, the lot. Without any other embellishment, the two-word phrase becomes an impactful and memorable slogan.

Mister Green aims to change the perceptions and demonization of cannabis in America. Part of a growing movement, the label produces apparel and accessories that offer a new, more stylish look at the world of cannabis goods. This pink baseball cap, like us, supports the greening of California.

This super simple cap from NEIGHBORHOOD. is stripped back to the baseball-cap basics, shifting the focus firmly onto the perfect color combination.

Paris-based Carne Bollente is all about sex positivity, allowing expression of sexuality through the wardrobe, too. This cap takes on the brand’s mission to call for more.

Paper Work began life as a location for collectors to meet up-and-coming and established artists. The platform provides artists with a platform to express their vision over a variety of disciplines. This classic six-panel features the impactful logo embroidered to the front.

Balenciaga opts for maximal embroidered branding on this simple cotton baseball cap. A World Food Programme logo embellishes the front panel while the visor features a Balenciaga text logo.

While most slogan caps make use of the front-center for detailing, Liam Hodges flips the script with embroidered ‘FOR ANYONE’, ‘NOT EVERYONE’ text that wraps around the sides of the hat.

NEIGHBORHOOD. Tracker – E / E-CAP[/subine]

NEIGHBORHOOD. uses the classic mesh cap as the starting point for this royal blue slogan cap which features contrasting gold embroidery to the front. A lace runs across the visor for full trucker vibes.

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