The Story of Radical Female Surrealist Dorothea Tanning

Dorothea Tanning - Birthday,

American artist Dorothea Tanning refused to be confined by labels. “Women artists. There is no such thing – or person,” she famously declared. Similarly, while she is most frequently categorised under the “surrealist” bracket, thanks to the dreamlike imagery, fantastical landscapes and inexplicable happenings that punctuate her oeuvre, in later life she said, “I still believe in the surrealist effort to plumb our deepest subconscious to find out about ourselves. But please…

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Dorothea Tanning - Birthday, DOROTHEA TANNING - Chiens de Cythere DOROTHEA TANNING - Costume Design for Night Shadow Dorothea Tanning - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1943 DOROTHEA TANNING - Family Portrait DOROTHEA TANNING - La Truite au Bleu 
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