Three Ways to Keep Your Finger on Fashion’s Pulse

Remaining fashionable and in tune with the latest fashion trends throughout life is something that we think is going to be easy when we are younger; but as we grow, more often than not, it doesn’t turn out that way. That is because of the fact that as we grow so does society, and so does the world of fashion. Whether you like it or not the youngsters in the world have almost complete control over what is ‘fashionable’, hence why you probably thought you would be atop of the latest fashions all of your life when you were a teen. However, even when you are not a teen, and even if you have had the same coat for the last twenty years, there are still ways for you to get your finger back on the beating and ever-changing pulse of fashion.

Pay attention to the season

Fashion runs in accordance with the seasons of the year, that much is certain. This is both for practical reasons, as you wouldn’t want to wear a t-shirt in the winter or a thick jacket in the summer, as well as the fact that clothing brands need to produce items that are going to present them with the most return on investment, and changes in styles that accord with the seasons make this achievable. So, whatever season of the year it is whenever you begin your plight in tackling the modern day fashion world, make sure to take heed of it and act accordingly from there on. In summer, for instance, brighter colours should be sought in comparison to the more neutral colours of winter.

A summer wardrobe

Ask for assistance

If you really have no clue where to start in the venture of updating your wardrobe then you should never feel too embarrassed to ask for advice off of people who are more fashionably inclined than yourself or just have a better working knowledge of the latest trends. As previously mentioned, those of a younger generation are very much at the forefront of fashion so it is advisable to ask any teenagers in your life for their guidance or even acquire clothes that they have grown too big for (if they fit you, of course). Also, as seen on Only Dope Fashion, asking for advice from the fairer sex may also be a fruitful exercise. It may be a good idea to allow any significant females in your life to have an added level of control over your wardrobe due to a number of reasons: one is that it allows for an outside perspective, another is that it gives a fresh and opposing outlook on the venture. And as well as the positive impact it can have on your wardrobe, it can also have one on your relationship too as it will show that you are very much open to taking their advice and subsequently implementing it.

Always ask for help from those in the know

Look for sources of inspiration outside of the fashion world

Throughout the history of fashion there have always been external forces having a direct impact on the styles chosen; one of the biggest of these forces is music. For as long as there has been a freedom in what people can and cannot wear people have taken to copying their favourite singers; whether it be people of the past copying the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis or Michael Jackson or the people of today copying stars like Kanye West, Lady Gaga or Rihanna. And clothing brands are even looking for inspiration in music too; for instance, Twisted Clothing are a startup brand based in the UK that take inspiration from the music scene that is Grime, a genre of music that is intrinsically linked to the youth culture in that part of the world. So, because of the fact that this brand is finding its inspiration for their produce in Grime, and because dance music has influenced fashion trends in the past, perhaps you can find fashion inspiration in the latest styles of music that are deemed to be popular? The styles chosen by the artists of today are easily accessible too: all you need do is simply put on a music channel on your TV and watch the latest music videos.

Fashion and music are linked

And when implementing these three tips on how to remain fashionable, you should always try to do so with a budget in place because of the fact that the more money you save on one piece of clothing can then be put towards buying the next piece on your shopping hit list, and then the next, and then the next after that. And there are many ways to stay fashionable on a budget; you just have to know where to look, when to look and what to choose in regards to the garments that you purchase! You can get the most fashionable shoes on a shoestring, you can get the best purses without having too much money coming out of your current one and you can add to your wardrobe without adding too much your monthly outgoings — you should most definitely aim to be as frugal as possible when partaking in the venture of remaining atop of the world of fashion.

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