Time’s Up for Ghost Nets: NOAH’s Reissuing Its Timex Watch

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Brand: NOAH x Timex

Release Date: November 25

Buy: NOAH’s website

Editor’s Notes: NOAH cares. The New York brand’s is rooted in founder Brendon Babenzien’s tasteful taste but NOAH’s earnest transparency and optimistic messaging are what really keep fans coming back.

Put simply, NOAH fans like to wear their heart on their sleeve. They want people to know that they’re conscious of climate change and institutional racism.

In light of the former, NOAH first partnered with Timex last year for a special 38mm Waterbury-inspired timepiece that took aim at ghost nets, an existential ecological threat wrought by giant fishing nets abandoned by commercial fishermen.


NOAH and Timex’s latest team-up is basically the same design as the one that launched last Thanksgiving with a few subtle tweaks. The brand’s knife-wielding turtle mascot is rendered pale and the strap is green instead of navy but otherwise it’s the same watch.

But, then again, why alter a winning design?

The purposeful aspect of the timepiece comes into play with the recycled polyester band again created by eco-conscious manufacturer We aRe SpinDye.

NOAH has a penchant for using at least some recycled textiles in its output, as evidenced by its most recent adidas collaboration and “Not Yet Dead” program.

To be sure, NOAH knows that though recycled textiles aren’t perfect (especially when they include some new material) but NOAH has also never pretended to be a “sustainable” brand, either — it’s just doing the best it can.


There’s another charitable angle to NOAH and Timex’s latest watch drop, one with a more marked environmental impact: 10% of the timepiece’s sales will benefit Ocean Defenders Alliance, whose volunteers remove ghost nets and other debris from the ocean by hand.


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