Tricks For Dressing Patriotically Without Looking Like An Idiot

With everything going on in the world, it is always nice to show our support to our country through our clothes. It is a simple and easy way to do our bit and show that we care. The problem that most of us face is dressing patriotically without looking like a walking flag! We have all seen the guys and girls that have gone over the top, and we don’t want to be like them. Fortunately, we don’t have to follow their example. With the tricks, we can hit the tone stylishly and elegantly.

Go Simple

The first rule of fashion is to keep it simple. Simple doesn’t have to mean plain, but there should never be too much going on in an outfit. Otherwise, it hurts the eyes and makes it too difficult to follow. With that in mind, try and tone down your outfit regarding the color and style. No one is saying that it can’t be colorful, but you shouldn’t have too many at once. The same goes for the styling. A simple outfit goes a long way in anyone’s book. In a patriot’s book, it goes even further.

Use The Colors Of The Flag

Nothing says patriotic more than the colors of the country’s flag. The stars and stripes are a symbol of the nation, and they are also easy to incorporate. For starters, blue and red are two of the most popular colors in fashion. And then, you have white, which is even easier. The trick, though, is to put them together so that they resemble the flag. Obviously, you don’t want a flag emblazoned on your jacket because that is tacky. However, a mixture of these colors in the same order will have the same effect. To give the outfit a special wow factor, add a couple of stars somewhere along the way.



Buy Forces Clothing

If the flag is a symbol of the nation, the men and women of the armed forces are the representatives. They are about as patriotic as it gets, which is why they are a good sounding board. As it happens, marine clothes and army clothes are becoming more ever-present in popular culture. The next time you walk down the street, you will see a number of people wearing a marine hoodie or flat cap. And, not all of them are members of the forces. Because of their popularity, the clothes are getting more stylish and reputable. Nowadays, it isn’t hard to find forces’ clothing that looks good.


T-shirts and jackets look tacky when they have symbols or messages all over them, but accessories are different. The whole point of an accessory is to compliment an outfit with a subtle style or message. In fact, it is possible to look patriotic with accessories alone. A cap, for example, doesn’t look out of place with a flag on the peak. The same goes for a piece of jewelry. As long as you know how to do it, you will look the part.

Go and do your bit for your country now that you know how.

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  1. This is wonderful post according to me.Every patriot must read articles like these. Because so many people erase the meaning of patriotism. Glad you found this post useful. Thanks for research on this one.
    You’re such a gem for providing this information!

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