What Does Your Facial Hair Say About You?

There are so many different kinds of facial hair styles out there. You might not realize that your facial hair says a lot about you. Obviously, you can’t really pin down a personality based on the way they style the hair on their face, but it can definitely give you a few clues about them. Want to see what somebody else is like or find out more about yourself? Here’s what your facial hair says about you…

No Facial Hair

If you have no facial hair and a face as smooth as a baby dolphin, you might well be a preppy guy. Predictions say this look will be back in soon, so many people might just say goodbye to their unruly facial hair and go back to the clean shaved look.  

Designer Stubble

The designer stubble look is big news right now. It’s trendy and seems to be the look that many celebrities are rocking, and one that women love. If you have this look, then you likely love your panasonic arc 5 shaver, and guard it with your life. After all, designer stubble is carefully styled to look as good as possible. The look could be considered modelesque and laid back if it’s a little scruffier. Perhaps you’re even a party guy who enjoys this look.


A Full Beard

A full beard has had religious associations in the past, and has even been associated with academics. People with a full beard might be creative and unpredictable, but the beard may just be a temporary phase that they are going through.

If the beard is well groomed, then they are likely a distinguished gentlemen – this requires a high level of care! If the beard isn’t well groomed, then it might be best you keep your distance (they can hold a lot of germs).


Those with a goatee may be a little stuck in the past. The goatee was popular in the 1990s, but many dads and dentists still rock this look today. Tip: if your dad or dentist still rocks this look, find a new one. The goatee can potentially look good on dads, but it probably doesn’t look too good if you’re under the age of 40.

A Moustache

The moustache isn’t the most popular of facial hair styles. Some moustaches used to be associated with swingers, so they tend to have sexual connotations. If the guy you’re looking at isn’t rocking this for Movember, then they are potentially a cocky hipster who want to look ‘unique’ and claim that they don’t care what anybody thinks of them.  

Soul Patch

A soul patch usually belongs to an off beat guy. Hippies adopted the look in the 60s, right after the beatniks did. Usually, this guy is a free spirit.

So, what does your facial hair say about you? Do you think that this is accurate, or is your facial hair totally separate to your personality? Leave your own thoughts and tips below, and make sure you come back soon. Thanks for reading!

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