When ActiveWear Makes Active Lifestyle Fashionable

As more and more styles make it to the market, fashion has become an extension of your personality. You don’t also wear red because it suits you, but because it reflects your fiery temperament too. A man who chooses to wear a black suit at the office will not make the same impression that the one who prefers to wear a gray suit – and if you are wondering what works best; people tend to react positively to dark gray suits than black ensembles. Unfortunately, many of us don’t always consider the importance of perception and impression in the choice of clothes. Indeed, it would be foolish to assume that fashion is just about colours and cuts. Behind each trend, there’s a lifestyle to explore. While you wouldn’t expect a trendy hipster fashion to make a statement about eyewear and eye health, you wouldn’t expect activewear to be just only about your sports performance. Activewear is all about your active lifestyle.

Activewear makes you active

It says something about you

The reason why activewear is back in trend is that it has evolved a lot. If you remember the late 90s and early 2000s, activewear was typically used as a way to represent the street generation — which is not only unfair but also stereotypical and wrong. Whoever was seen wearing joggers and sweatpants was assumed to be rough – clichés can go a long way! Nowadays, the revival of activewear and designers’ efforts to make it fashionable and attractive have changed mindsets. Sportswear is not anymore about street fashion. It’s a way of expressing your interest in fitness. Wearing activewear is the ultimate dedication to a healthy lifestyle in the eye of the public – without mentioning the comfortable and breathable fabric which are pleasant to wear.

Make it a hobby affair

The days of the old sweat pants and the golden chains are gone. The best way to accessorize your sportswear is to embrace active hobbies, such as driving to the countryside with your bike strapped at the back of your Saxton 4×4 car, for instance. There’s sense of fashion in your choice of hobbies too, and while most people expect you to be active, they also expect from someone who chooses quality activewear to have exciting hobbies. Riding a bike, surfing, free climbing or even wild camping. Ultimately, while sportswear is replacing street fashion in town, the ideal environment to wear your sports kit is in the middle of nature.

The fashion of being active

Not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

There’s always the big question of what comes first: Do you have to be athletic to wear activewear or does activewear make you want to do more sports. Surprisingly, there’s a sense that your fitness journey starts with sports fashion. Recent researches on Lululemon, the famous brand of leggings for women, seem to reveal that expensive and specialist clothes affect your relationship with exercise. Indeed, the clothes you wear influence your behavior – you feel more confident when you were quality clothes, for instance. Consequently, choosing activewear as your style can reshape your lifestyle significantly.

Ultimately, sportswear is not only designed for your workout at the gym. It’s a new perception of your life that can reshape your interests, your priorities and your sense of style! In short, there’s still a lot of work, but if you want to be fit and healthy, wear activewear!


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